A moment in time

The car drew up to a traffic signal and came to a halt as the light turned red. A truck went by leaving a cloud of smoke and dust in its wake. As the dust settled I saw them standing on the divider.

She was dressed in a brightly coloured salwar kameez, an orange and silver sweater and worn chappals, alta on her feet, looking around, bored. He wasn’t looking around at all and I didn’t notice anything about him except the bundle he held in his hands, swaddled tightly in a grimy blue blanket.

And right there, in the middle of the road, with traffic whizzing by on either side, he bent down and kissed the little pink chapped cheek peeking out. Again and again and again. He couldn’t stop kissing his baby and he didn’t care that he was in the middle of a busy road. And he didn’t care what the world thought about a man so openly smitten by his baby.

The light changed to green, the car jerked to life and sped off. I turned around, craning my neck to keep them in my sight for as long as possible. It’s always beautiful to watch a father falling in love.


44 thoughts on “A moment in time

  1. Babies make us child like. Many a times people around a baby behave so babyish themselves. Without any self-consciousness, they too look cute! I guess babies make us more genuine, better human beings πŸ™‚

  2. I feel blissful when Aditi declares herself a puppy and jumps over Sri to lick him all over his face. He is ecstatic and I just wish they love each other (not lick :P) more every day.

  3. I so agree babe… and you miss it so much when you dont see it in your daughter’s life…

    Thanks for your post… it reminds me of what my little one will miss, because of a whole family that doesn’t care…:-(… but her mom and all of hers is what she will always have…

    • c’mere you.*hug* you have us don’t you? i’m sorry little T will miss out on all this but its his loss. and dont you ever let her think she’s any less for not having him around. you hear me?

  4. beautifully written..i read it twice to soak in the beauty of the scene..u have written it so well, it was like i was almost there… it is so beautiful isn’t it?? to see expression of love…

    oh..and i cant stop kissing my son too….

  5. I am just watching my husband of 5 years fall in love with our almost 3 month old. Each day he falls more deeply and it just is so beautiful that it hurts

  6. Sweet! Isn’t it wonderful that dads are now ‘allowed’ to show their love openly for their kids? I know so many adults (not me!) who’re hurting because their dads were and continue to be distant and unemotional.

  7. Lovely! At times, am green with envy watching my 9 month old crawl upto the dad when he is back from work and nudge his soft cheek against the stubbled chin, holding each other in a tight hug:-)

  8. Smitten fathers are the best, your post made me miss my dad so much. I can’t wait to see him in less than two weeks and spend time being Daddy’s girl- which in my world means daddy cooked biryani and butter chicken and of course a long talk about my driving and credit card bills:)

  9. Awwww! My dad calls every now and then to check on me whenever I fall sick. When they were visiting he made rotis for me every day and insisted I eat more than 2 because according to him I had become very lukhi!

  10. My mother-in-law always told me that my pa-in-law never had time for my husband and he was always busy. Even after coming home he never played with him.Its just that he was never really involved in his child’s life(especially when he was a toddler).He is a very good person and even today he is always there for us willing to help if we have any problem. But I never understood why he behaved that way. My dad was not like that. he took complete care of us(feeding, bathing). So I guess we cant say that generation was like that. I was afraid that my hubby would also behave the same way and would have problems bonding with him. But to my relief he completely adores him and I feel so blessed when I see him putting my son to sleep or feeding him. Awww…MM, I always end up posting a looong comment on your blog. Sorry

    • I think it was a strong statement for any man in that generation to make if he went ahead and played with his kids anyway – my dad used to do my maalish and give me a bath too! but they were really discouraged in those days so its more credit to the dads who did it.. and well, something of a neutral feeling towards them!

      • My dad fed and ‘maalished’ us and bathed us and got us ready for school and dropped us off everyday as well! He was the one who cut out fancy sandwiches for us for lunch and packed us attractive tiffin boxes. (Ma did the awesome cooking). He picked out our frocks and shoes and took us for our haircuts and played catch with us. And now when i call home, he is still the first person that asks me what i ate and still critiques my clothes. My friends found my dad’s involvement in his daughter’s life, strange, but now that i grow older, i realise just how lucky i am! πŸ™‚

  11. Awww…missing my daddy too. Btw, changed my coordinates, will mail you, cos it seems i am here, for a year to go! Which is what the doctor recommended, for getting over relationships, but not so much when i see posts like these and realise my poor Daddy is far, far away! 😦

  12. Thanks for the lovely post :). I’ve been smitten by how big boys explicitly care for young kids all the way from my teenage. Wonder whether men feel the same when they see big girls with babies or has this become a bit too common and lost some of its charm?

  13. Tears in my eyes moment…Of course I have so many of them now, specially when I see my most undemonstrative husband picking up our sleepy baby,not bothered about getting drool or other messy stuff on his uniform and doing EXACTLY the same thing before going to work.I dont have the heart to remind him that I’ve just finished feeding the baby to sleep and that he might wake him up.

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