Ecosphere Spiti

I’ve had the privilege of meeting Ishita of Ecosphere Spiti and I truly believe in what she does. I just keep wondering how the poor folks at Spiti must have felt about this young girl who turned up from nowhere to help them and support them when they didn’t even realise that they needed it. In ways they’d never imagined.

In case you’re wondering what she does there – well, she helps create sustainable livelihoods for the local community, linking it to conservation. In simple words, she helps to conserve the ecosystem of the area and encourages the local community to do so by helping them earn their livelihood from it. Be it suggesting that they grow seabuckthorn that flourishes in the area or encouraging the locals to take tourists for wolf trails so that they don’t kill the endangered animal that attacks their cattle.

It’s simple. It’s workable. It’s brilliant.

I’m not requesting you to donate any money to any charity. I am not asking you to skip your child’s birthday party and send the contribution here. I am simply requesting you to go through her site, see the work she is doing for a marginalised community as well as the ecosystem and vote for her. She did it on her own.

A single young girl went into the hills, leaving behind family, friends, movies and pubs to work in an area that no one had heard of, to work for a community that no one cared about. The community no doubt worships the ground she walks on today but fortunately her efforts have been recognised and she’s up against names and issues who have a lot more fame and support on their side.

I’d request you to support her simply because what she is doing is different – helping a community as well as the environment. It helps the community to be self reliant unlike other NGOs that depend on endless pouring in of funds and outside help. And mostly, because  I hope it will inspire other young people to go out there and do what she’s doing.

Ecosphere has been nominated for the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year Award in the Public Service category. Please vote by following these simple steps:

1. Follow this link
2. Register
3. Go to the public service section and find ecosphere
4. click on the round tab below ecosphere and then click on submit at the bottom of the page.

The voting is open till Dec 11.

You can also vote through your mobiles by sending the SMS – IPUB<space>4 to 51818

From Ishita and myself, many thanks.


22 thoughts on “Ecosphere Spiti

  1. the tag “Long life for the Earth and its people”. I just voted for her. Thanks MM, for letting us know about this wonderful project

  2. I notice how when you post about something your readers have to really think about the number of comments just seems to drop, it’s as if we only want all the juicy details of your life but not about the issues you think about. I’d like to say thanks for bringing this to our notice. I would have never known about them if I did not read your blog and I think they are doing a absolutely fantastic job and I would love to be a part of it in any little way I can.

    • 🙂 its really sweet of you to say this but i’m going to give the readers a little credit here and hope that even if they didnt comment, they went to vote. as for personal details – for every detail i give, everyone who comments shares their own personal life and details so i guess its all good. thanks for being a sweetheart 🙂

  3. Went ahead and voted. Spiti has been on my list of must holiday there places in India. Wanted to go there for Durga pujo but was beyond broke:( I will hopefully save up and make it there soon.

  4. Hey MM, I voted for her. I had read about this initiative in a magazine, and had thought what a meaningful, worthwhile thing to do!

  5. This is brilliant, MM.

    We were supposed to visit Spiti Valley from college, but we didn’t get to go. We watched a presentation about its problems and the place itself and stuff and I’ve always wanted to go and someday I will. What this girl is doing is amazing. It’s a tough place to live, and the cold can get unbearable, so hats off to her.


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