Bean, get out of the kitchen!

…yells her father, as the Bean wanders in to take a peek at the brownies I am baking. “Girls in our family are not encouraged to enter the kitchen.”

I nod approvingly, because I am a disaster in the kitchen and amazed at my foodie husband coming up with something like this. Until I hear his next line.

“They must study hard, work well and make lots of money so that their fathers can retire and become beach bums.”

Oh. I see. So it’s still about the men!


58 thoughts on “Bean, get out of the kitchen!

  1. Chuckle:))) Bean sure has her work cut out for her. In my family, I am supposed to hold on to a job so I can buy my parents a holiday home in Goa while my brother saves up to buy them one in the hills. My folks have a pretty specific and according to them simple needs from their kids.

  2. I recommend a youtube video of swami nithyananda, the divine feminine, for anyone wondering why they are born as women.

    Two guysd watched this video yesterday, with unvavering attention.

  3. I couldnt get past ..where I was baking brownies…’ you never cooked when I was there!!! i wont believe you do now, until I see (or taste) them.

  4. i lurve brownies…
    is it easy to make? bakery somehow is very intimidating to me. I find recipes, but lack the confidence to make it…

    is it just me that I find lil Beanie soo adorable even if the post is about her father’s remark!?

  5. Are you *sure* you’re not a foodie, though? Few non-foodies respond to banoffee pie like you did. Are you quite, quite sure?

      • you bet we dont! like i was telling my mom, i do it, and i love it some times, but not all the time. in fact moms meals are always so interesting that i feel guilty just counting off “carbs-check, proteins-check, fibre-check…we eat out/take out for the “interest” factor. else there’s mom!

  6. “They must study hard, work well and make lots of money so that their fathers can retire and become beach bums” – AWESOME!!! I love him!!! ROFL!!!

  7. Is a paavam girl away from home, who has to eat the crap she cooks for herself everyday, eligible to get some Brownies couriered? Parcels from India reach Ireland in 5 days. If not brownies, anything that is homecooked and has a good shelf-life would do.

    *shows her starved puppy-look to MM*

  8. I am your supporter here MM … I remember many posts on baking. I know you bake. But strictly baking only I must add … 🙂

    Does only OA get to stretch out on the beach or you are included in his grand plans as well ? If you are … are you still complaining??

    • phew. you’re my only pal CA… And no, I’m a hill person. So Bean’s going to have to buy two places if she wants to keep us happy. one for her father on the beach and one for me in the hills

  9. Hee hee … the debate about you cooking and all the requests for brownies are vairy funny 😀 To me anyway.

    You know, I think the folks’ve been lyinf to me. Apparently I am a capricorn but I think I must be Libran. I too am ‘appreciate good things but can’t be arsed to work at making them’ type. Hmmm …

    What did Bean have to say about the brownies? In the oven and after?

  10. Girls in my family weren’t encouraged to enter the kitchen either! But only coz the girl in question (koff koff) had the dishonorable reputation of turning out rotis in the morning that could be used to play frisbee with by noon.
    Am better now tho, maybe I should try baking too.

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