The Lion in Paris

Yes, it is kiddy book review day…

Katha has launched a lovely range of books in their Katha World Library series and I happened to lay my hands on one of them, A Lion in Paris. Written by Beatrice Alemagna, the English translation is by Mariette Robbes.

I think it’s a brilliant idea simply because it teaches kids of this age about the Bartholdi lion in Paris even before they recognise it for the big deal that it is. To be honest, I started the book without really making the connection. The story is about a lion in the savannah who heads out one day in search of pretty much everything anyone of us would – love, life and a future.

Read the rest here…

7 thoughts on “The Lion in Paris

  1. question…do you buy all these books or you get them from a childrens library. I have loads and loads of kiddie books..and running out of place to keep them. Was wondering if there is a good kiddie library where one can borrow books. Most of the libraries i know dont go beyond tinkle, amar chitra katha and the regular comics fare 😦

  2. Thanks MM, my brat girl has finally begun to read!! I want to give her stuff other than the usual Enid Blyton routine…these will do great!!I will look out for them here.

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