Sue and the scary man

So the mad house was graced with Sue’s presence over the weekend. She and Vicky fit right into the guest room and although I’ve met her a million times before, this was fun. I finally understand how people meet online, fall in love and get married. No, this is not my coming out post. I don’t love Sue in that way at all.  And Rads came too. And it was like we were in school. We were noisier than both my kids put together. Who were rather shocked at how loud their mother could be.

The OA took us out for lunch to eat chaat. Rads was most upset at being fed hygeinic chaat. I guess it just doesn’t taste so good unless the chaatwala blows his nose into the jeera jal. We then shopped at GK N block at where else, my favourite place, Cottons. The OA parked and slept in the car like all the other drivers. He only perked up finally when Vicky arrived and he had company.

There’s something to be said for a man who doesn’t care when his wife gets on to a Bullet with a relative stranger and goes off for a ride. The OA belongs to that category and so does Vicky, who just pulled his jacket around his ears, went brrr… and settled into the warmth and comfort of our car on a cold winter midnight, as we followed Oye Pancho and Sue on the bike. Apparently I hadn’t fed Sue enough because she wanted a hot dog at 11.55 pm and apparently she hadn’t made enough fun of me for the table being laid with napkins and cutlery because I was still feeling kindly towards her.

It was a typically Delhi situation. Midnight but that part of town awake. Music blaring out of open car windows. Fancy aunties in fancier outfits. Funny how self-conscious you get and how ‘aware’ you are of the over-dressed girl in the knee length boots when visitors are in town! Every flaw is glaring and in your face. But you also feel this surge of pride everytime you pass the endless green belts and lovely broad roads.

The next morning was to have been a buffet at Nirulas but that didn’t happen and Beq turned up, all sleepy after a night of partying and we decided to do a buffet table ourselves with stacks of pancakes, toast, salami, sausages, juice, preserves, flasks of tea and eggs to order and lots of conversation. Much fun.

Sue and I shopped at Sarojini after that and left the place rather heartbroken although Sue promises to be back in  a month or so, when I hope to be less broke.

It’s rather easy to tell the real fathers from the fathers who say they can’t come for their game of tennis today because they’re ‘babysitting’. Vicky who didn’t seem to be enjoying his break away from the Bhablet fed my kids their porridge, carried the Brat on his shoulder and in passing settled his pants and hair. He did try to scare the Bean by following her around making funny sounds, but he cracked up when the Bean looked him up and down and then came to me with a “Excuse me mamma, this man is scaring me.”  In my defence, I tried to scold Vicky but I wasn’t very successful. She finally figured that Sue was the person in charge of the scary man and took it up with the concerned authority – “Excuse me Maashi – that man is scaring me.”

Yes, you can accuse the Bean of a lot, but you can’t accuse her of being ill-mannered.

It was a fun time and it was nice to hang out with parents who are as up for fun as we are. The OA and I often come up with wild spur of the moment plans and it seems that no one else is up for midnight drives and dancing. I really wish these guys lived closer.

The kids wish so too. The Brat cried piteously for Vicky after we dropped them off at the airport and slunk down between the seat to sulk on the floor. Looking at pictures of the weekend he points to the screen and goes, ‘Hey, there’s Vicky mesho, I want him back.’ And then as an afterthought – ‘And Sue mashi too.’

So do I, bratty, so do I. 



45 thoughts on “Sue and the scary man

  1. Oh that buffet sounds so scrmptious!

    I just love it when kids go goggle-eyed when they see us behaving like our true ‘adult’ selves (and that moment when they realise Mom and Dad never really grew up and can still have fun, thank goodness!))

    Glad you had so much fun, and hope it’s even better next time!

  2. Sue fact of the Day: no matter how much I’ve eaten, I can always eat some more. Also no matter how cold it is, a bike ride is always acceptable.

    I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, thanks for a great trip.

  3. that sounds fun really. there are times when i wish i am back in Delhi to have those late night outings.. here in this place lights go of f by 10 in the night. people have lovely balconies…. no one to sit there, even the Mall shuts down at 10:30 p.m. the friends i have around go to sleep by 10 coz they are working (what the h***). after reading this post i realize how much i am missing.

  4. Once you complete their training in manners, could you please send them over for me to adopt? You can then proceed with having more of your own. Since you miss “babies” so much, y’know?
    [peeps from behind the curtain to check whether MM even gives a thought to it]

    • ermmm… *looks sheepish* poppy finally sent me screenshots showing me how to do it. Its simpler than adding my comment inside your comment .. and come na. weather is lovely. and i just placed an order for this year’s sweatshirt

  5. Fun times!
    Note to self – must visit delhi and have a mid night snack with full music blaring cars and with ‘fancy aunties’ around 🙂 .

    ‘mesho’ is uncle in Bengali(i hope its Bengali) right?

  6. I can’t imagine Vicky scaring anyone, least of all, Beanie. He’s one of the gentlest, kindest men I have seen. Now, Sue is another thing altogether 😉

    Btw, did make an unscheduled stop at Delhi during transit as our flight from DC was cancelled due to engine prolems and we were routed to kolkata through Delhi after a delay of 24 hrs. Promise to catch you all next time maddie 🙂

  7. Such fun you guys did have:-)

    Is it really that cold in Dilli right now? We’re coming down mid December and are a little non plussed whether it will be “Northern California” cold which means light puffer jackets and slightly blistered red lips or “East Coast” heavy, ankle length woollen coats and me telling hubby “I hate that that you moved us up here”(no, we live on the other coast now).
    Yup, we haven’t been to good ole’ D since we were both kiddos and much, much looking forward to it.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and all the comments!! Yeah, it reminds me of the earlier posts you used to write when I spent the morning laughing out loud or weeping in front of the computer and my daughter couldnot figure out why!

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