17 years and Rs 700 lakh later

… they tell us it was ‘premeditated’. You don’t say!

Would it have helped the commission to hurry things along if I had mentioned that on the morning of 6th December ’92 our neighbours hopped over the little picket fence between our houses with a request that put up a whole new wall between us. They said that at 8 o’clock that night the masjid would go down and the whole city would come out on to their balconies and gardens and beat steel plates with spoons, ring bells and shout slogans. They wanted us to join in.

As the cheer went up that night across our little locality (barring a few silent households including ours) something broke inside me.

I do think it would have been difficult for the aam junta or the mango people in our sleepy small town to hear of it and prepare, if it just happened in the heat of the moment.

I also wonder how this man can claim that it was the proudest day of his life. How little one must have in their life if a moment of destruction of culture, sentiment and history is all they have to be proud of.

And then I hear of such grand reconstruction plans and I can only shudder and pray as I imagine the blood and gore that might bring with it.


43 thoughts on “17 years and Rs 700 lakh later

  1. Another sad example of justice delayed is justice denied! I wonder what was Justice Liberhan doing for 17 long years? Its all gonna turnout into a lot of yelling and shouting and blaming each other losing the whole point!!

  2. And again it is of any use only if the ones responsible can be convicted. I would really love to see all these ‘BIG’ names being brought to justice. If that happens then India has really arrived else its a shame.

  3. such awful memories from that night! a 6 yr old me, 8 yr old sister and a 70 yr old granny all huddled up in the house as we watched slain bodies being dragged right below our apartment.

  4. And if your neighbours knew there was to be a demolition and were planning to celebrate why didn’t the Centre? Why couldn’t the government at the Centre have done anything? They need to be held responsible too… they were doing more than “daydreaming” as the report says.

  5. you know… i just got a job offer from bombay, and the offer is excellent. any other time i would have jumped for it, but when i read stuff like this… i just want to stay away! i don’t want to live in a country where if i fall in love with a muslim, i’ll be ordered by the courts to return back to my parents (horror of horrors!) or in a place where people are so uncivilized that we, an apparently secular nation, cannot respect other cultures and choose to destroy what our forefathers have built up in the name of religion. But these individuals will go outside the country, work shoulder to shoulder with people from all religions and races in perfect harmony to build up the host country’s infrastructure with no qualms at all. why not do that in your own country eh?

    • Err… No offence but somehow these two statements conflict – don’t you think?

      “I don’t want to live in a country where….”


      “But these individuals will go outside the country, work shoulder to shoulder with people from all religions and races in perfect harmony to build up the host country’s infrastructure with no qualms at all. why not do that in your own country eh?”

        • MM, thanks, that is what i mean. And FYI Poppy, I’ve been in dxb for most of my life except for 4 years of engg (in an awwwwful college in tamil nadu which i HATED!) and 2 years of pure bliss in delhi. Even now, if i got a good enough offer from delhi, i’d move, cos i love that place so much!

            • dxb = dubai. πŸ˜€

              awwwwwwful college in tamil nadu, whose name i will tell you if we meet the next time i’m in lovely delhi! I was there in April btw. and will definitely return again to my fav indian city, and inshallah, i shall meet the lovely Bean and Brat and their cool parents too! πŸ˜€

  6. has it been 17 yrs- my god- you know i have nothing to say when you post stuf liek that because i just dont get it- its horrible and people out there taking credit and being proud of something that hurt so many is just so..not right.

    i agree with sonias last two sentences- applying it to my own people- why cant we foster that kind of tolerance- the one we exhbiit abroad when we marry hindus or jews or anyone by falling in love with them as people not religions and cultures- in our homeland?

  7. 17 years… there is no justice and it is still being used to get votes. it just makes me sick.

    i had friends who argued saying they had it coming. the mughals razed our temples, what about that?

    and i kept thinking is this really progress we are talking about a 100yrs later perhaps?

    and yes, like your neighbors, the friends lost the respect i had.

  8. I’m not at all shocked by the destruction of Mosque in the first place because these things happen (ok. happened) in every other country at some part of time.You see, when a stupidity called Religion eats over a Man’s( and Woman’s) brain, the result is incidents like Babri, Bhamiyan, Pagan temple destruction etc.
    For me what is most shocking is, we Indians are still unable to leave the demon called Babri away.I mean common, there is no point in constructing a temple or reconstructing the useless mosque.(Mosque was locked since 18th century).
    A Memorial should be constructed on the site by future generations which says ” Beware of Religion,It’s stupidity will kill you and every body”.

    ( Sorry for barging in, I don’t know if males are allowed to comment on all Mommy blogs πŸ˜‰ )

  9. It’s so sad that nothing is done about it. I am angry at the perpetrators – yet, if many people are like your neighbours, they are only going by popular will. *deep shudder*

  10. I was living in Lucknow then. We believed that the state government would honour its commitment to the Centre. More than a monument was destroyed- a nation’s trust was damaged forever.

  11. Do we even deserve democracy ?? And what is it about India being secular and tolerant ??? No wonder we are still a third world contry…we are just not able to look beyond the devil called RELIGION.

    • you know… i sometimes feel that there is such a thing as too much freedom! then again, there is no easy answer! who would limit the freedom anyway? should you choose to live in a country where people won’t dare molest a woman cos “she wears jeans” cos the sharia law will just chop your privates off (UAE) and make peace with the fact that they can build a whole airport and get away with not paying the people who built it cos they’re sheikhs?

  12. I reflect your voice MM. It’s really dumb and actually very shameful to be proud of such a thing. And bringing it now after 17 yrs! Something makes me guess it must be the green papers.

  13. i still remember that uneventful day. my locality was inhabited by both the communities and we hindus were dead scared that something might go wrong. something did go wrong, someone apparently tried to break some parts of it, but to our relief, neither of the communities took offence and nothing happened. the curfew was there but only for a day. i never understood what good it did to mango people. how does it matters?

  14. You have conjured up from your childhood a deeply disturbing image of a divided and hurtful society. I wonder if the children of those households got sucked in to the frenzy of celebrating a polarized, xenophobic society. Really really sad.

  15. I sometimes wonder whether justice delivered eons later hold any value other than making it to newspaper headlines and with a recount of ‘what happened on that night’.

  16. My Dear Children,
    I was in college and that also in History department in Miranda House…we had heated arguements in the class…there were students who felt it is the right thing to do..inspite of the fact that we as students of History knew very well that there was no histoical proof of the existence of Rama. We also knew that it was common practice in the 16th century to destroy places of worship when one warrior king attacked another and to build one’s own over it to establish supremacy, that is part of History. Now if it were the 15th century and Advani and co. were a conqueror trying to establish control over the Ayodhya region then there would be no debate about this but this is the 21st century!! (it was 20th then) That delapidated structure is a part of our history…there is no proof that Ram existed leave alone being born in THAT VERY SPOT…is it possible that the place where Kaushalya went into labour was chronicled??? So what were these people mobilising foolish and gullible kar sevaks for?? For the political power they were to enjoy for a few years that’s all…they have received the public mandate in the last election…which is a resounding “No THanks”. But we cannot relax yet…a strong secular ideology must be formed and who better than you MM and all those who can identify with 2 or more cultures in this country can form it. By just being you can say to us “look, we are happy, our children have received the best of our cultures, we represent what is country is actually meant to be, one in spite of having diverse cultures”.

  17. Your description of that day reminded me of tremors felt here in bangalore as well. Some miscreants broke into my uncle’s apartment complex and set fire to a few cars. Thank fully the apartment residents were able to save most of the cars.
    Man , how we let ourselves manipulated by these parties for their own agenda.

  18. the first we heard of it (in Bangalore) was when somebody heard the news post facto
    and the hospital where I was working then started buzzing with the news..what surprised me then was that while (as far as I can remember), all my women colleagues were shocked at the turn of events, many men colleagues came out with Hindutva style explanations. That was the first time I heard those kind of conversations (which is so commonly heard these days)

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