Hey, Brat

…guess what?! My salwar tore in office today and I had to hold on to my kurta so that my bum didn’t fall out…” says MM

A woeful OA standing by says – “No wonder they don’t greet me so riotously when I get back from work. My news is never this interesting.”

Edited to add: I do seem to be making a habit of this!


53 thoughts on “Hey, Brat

  1. LOL!!!!!!!! Seriously, how can the OA possibly compete with this kind of adventurous work day anecdotes?!!!

    But did you have to hold down the kurta all day??? Poor you, I would have had a panic attack or used it as an excuse to go out and immediately buy a whole new outfit ASAP!

  2. hey

    whats it with u and ur wardrobe malfunctioning 😉
    salwar ripping now…
    and didn’t your pants rip during the parents athletic run in Brats school on his sports day???

  3. Put chewing gum on his chair, at the breakfast table. He’ll have QUITE an eventful day at work!

    (This is, of course, the schooldays-memories that are at work. Oh yes)

  4. That was funny…but how did you manage to hold on to the kurta? It must have been one difficult situation! It happens with me, mostly the nada going in and sit in the toilet and take ages and almost cut my salwar to take it out!!

    • it was sheer willpower and the fact that it was anyway time to go home! yayy! and damn yes, that nada getting lost in the salwar business happens too often to me to write about it

      • Thats why I always insist on nadas that are long enough to dangle below the hemline of the kurta 😛 (you can fold and insert them back into the salwar/churidaar no?)

  5. I know of some people who’ve switched to elastic in their bottoms instead of naadas, just to avoid such situations. But the downside I always thought was-elastic tends to lose its elasticity at some point too. What then?

  6. one riot of folks you all are!! LOLLLL!!! :-)) Thank goodness they have those leggin’/knitted tights. Chappal tears have happened to me so many times…in the most unexpected of places and time. 😦

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