Birth announcement

For those who follow Mona over at A Baby Story – you’ll be happy to know that Baby H is here! He got here yesterday, after a normal delivery (VBAC, you guys!!!) and weighed in at 3.2 kilos. Of course us doulas are all teary-eyed and can’t wait to lay our eyes on the much-awaited little prince.

For some of us, this was our shot at living vicariously and getting our much desired VBACs through her. Anyway  – mommy and son are safe and healthy and dotty and daddy are much-excited. Do hop over and give her your best wishes.

Congratulations, Mona darling (:p)  – and welcome little Baby H.


4 thoughts on “Birth announcement

  1. aaah i cant believe i m getting mona’s baby news a day laet and tat too not from her! i am much too angry but cant help doing a little mad dance here that baby is here 🙂

  2. Oh No…MM theres so much happening in my life that even though we are just a few miles away, I couldnt follow her pregnancy! Didnt even know untill a few days ago infact that shes pregnant! Imagine! Im now moving to sharjah so will be even more closer to her. Will try and call her etc. Thanks for letting us know!


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