Betty the cow

…and Billy the Hippo and Patch the dog are all part of the Bean’s very real imaginary world. They’re her stuffed toys and while she isn’t crazy about them, she does have some long conversations with them.

A few days ago she brings Betty to me while I am having my morning cup of milk.

Bean: Mama?

MM: Uhuh?

Bean: Betty doesn’t have any duddoos. *turns the cow over to show me her sanitised belly* Where will I drink milk from?

MM: *rolls eyes and tries to recall if the Bean has ever needed to drink milk straight from the udders of a cow* I don’t know sweetheart. Why don’t you tell me what you’re planning on doing? Would you like a sip of milk from my cup while you think about it?

Bean: No… *is still deep in thought*

… and then she carefully takes the mug out of my hands, places it on the table, makes her cow straddle it while I watch and wonder if the cow magically produced udders and is refilling my mug. Then picks up Betty, drapes her over her face, makes slurping sounds, smacks her lips, looks at me delightedly and walks away saying, “Yummy, Betty gave me chocolate milk.”

This by the way, is a picture of her hanging on to Heffalump ( the one we warred over) when she sits on the pot in the morning and the next one is of her reading to teddy.



Some of her stories are rather bloody thirsty. She makes up stories as she goes along. For instance she owns this book about Ponni the flower seller who sells malliflowers (sic). At one point a cow eats up some of the mallipoo and here the Bean allows her bloodthirsty imagination to take over.

“Mamma, the cow ate up pooooooor Ponni’s malliflowers. And Ponni got a big stick and beat the cow. And the cow died. And then Ponni criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied.”

By this time her own face is crumpling up because her imagination might have run away with her but her heart is still in the right place. And I hasten to turn the page and tell her that the cow and Ponni are both fine.

Most days if I just sit through her story telling sessions, the highs and lows are roller-coasterish. This girl leaves me emotionally drained and physically exhausted.


25 thoughts on “Betty the cow

  1. And of course, there ain’t a sodden soul in her immediate family who’s as high spirited as that. Of course not, we don’t see anyone, do you? 😛

    Me: nope. I dont see anyone 🙂

  2. Oh how adorable is Bean:):)
    Beat the cow and she died and then ponni cried….awwww!
    and Betty gave chocolate milk..yummmy I want Betty too :):)
    She is a sweetheart!

  3. what fun! its basically non stop entertainment for ya!

    i wonder what are you complaining about?! :p

    she is just way too cute. i tell ya!

    i just whine about how Cubby has taken to singing anything and everything in ABCD tune with “existent only in Cub dictionary” words thrown in liberally!


  4. You have milk in the morning? How healthy is that? And why are you setting such a good eg to your kids?

    *goes back to her coffee*

    Me: I love milk 😦 when I was pregnant all I did was eat maggi and drink milk (see – NOT such a good eg :)) Even at bars and pubs I’ve been known to order milkshakes. What? Some of us are falling apart at the knees inspite of ALL that calcium!

  5. You drink milk every morning??? My mum will try and adopt you! I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 16!

    Bean is a doll, the world needs feisty girls like her:) The Heffalump is darling, I so want!

    Me: can i tell you a secret? can you keep it between you and me? we’re a milk crazy family. my brother can come back after a night of pubbing and alcohol and STILL have a cup of milk before going to bed. our spouses (is the plural of spouse, spice?) think we’re weird.

  6. Oh you love milk, me too loves milk. I pour a tall glass of milk and gulp it down as people near me throw disgusted looks. But who cares, as long as the stomach is satisfied 🙂 Beanie has such brains, of course not the OAs, so must be yours 😛 But you never occured to me as so imaginative. May be she is like her Nani or something 😉

    Me: LOL! probably. I dont consider myself particularly imaginative either 🙂

  7. Adorable!!! Beanie and her stories!
    Hey, remember the year we tried cold coffee at the most popular bars and pubs in Bombay? How fun was that? 😀

    Me: 😀 it was fun for us. and for everyone who was laughing at the teetotallers!

  8. Dude!!!!! No way!!!! I better keep my mum away from this blog, otherwise my whole ‘adults don’t drink milk maa’ reasoning will go down the sewer!

    Chuckle about the ‘spice’, come to think of it what is the plural for spouse??? This may not concern us much, but what about bigamists? How to they refer to their multiple spouses???? Hmmm, but then who cares about them bigamists!

  9. i love Beanie on the potty -adorable!

    yayy!! mik…way to go!
    i drink two cups a day…actually started a few months after my dad’s advice. as you know he is in his 80’s and is in very good health (knock on wood) and he credits his well being to milk..he drinks two cups a day as well.
    milk and a vitamin/day has really brought about this remarkable change in my energy level-i feel pumped and no longer as tired, exhausted as i used to.

  10. love the hair cleeeeeeeeeeeeps.. she is adorable 🙂

    ooo I love milk too :)… When I was still at home ( parents’ home), I used to drink at least 4-5 glasses everyday.. that’s the only thing that I would eat/drink willfully.
    Its so easy for me to drink milk now – since I am pregnant.. every thing else is a chore 😛

  11. Question for you – is Beanie’s hair curly or straight?

    Yeah, you can see… I always have profound questions that leave others dumbstruck! :p

    Me: absolutely. its a matter of great importance and i am glad you brought it up. Beanie has MY hair. So its curly or straight depending on when it was last shampooed and whether or not a dryer was used on it. mostly its a curly mess though because she cant be arsed to sit through it being brushed … and as it grows, its getting straighter.

    • Right! I get it now. The question is important because she has YOUR hair. 🙂 If it were the OA’s hair she had got… well,… what did you say…she had your fingers too? :p

      • if it were the OA’s hair it would be calm curls. one way decided 😀 since its mine, it has its moods! and NO – she does NOT have my lovely hands :-/ gah. whose side are you on anyway?!

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