You are special to me

Dear babies,

This children’s day I just want you to know, that even though I’m too achy and breaky to take you for piggy back rides like your father does, even though I can’t spoil you like your nani and g’pa do, even though I can’t be with you all day much as I want to, even though I can’t give you all the time and money on earth that I want to – you are mine and nothing could make me happier or more proud. I love you and you’re special to me – more special than special if that is possible. Be happy, be free, be everything you want to be.

Your mad mother

04112009 077


12 thoughts on “You are special to me

  1. Very cute! My baby is 2 and 2nd due in Jan. I can totally relate and mainly to the not able to carry her bit since I am so huge now and dont want to hurt my back.

    God bless your family….and Happy childrens day to the kids


  2. Lady, you HAVE to get OA outta those cargo pants. I’d pull them off myself, but you might misunderstand and he’d be too happy!;-)

    Otherwise totally awww inspiring gurrl you are, hunny! Hugs to the edible leetl uns.

    Me: well if its you I cant see him being anything but happy 😀 and hell – you ‘re telling me? but he LOVES them. he has them in every shade of beige and brown and short of divorce, i cant see myself being rid of them 😦

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