Good parents discipline their kids


… mean parents sneak out and click pictures of them during their timeouts.


39 thoughts on “Good parents discipline their kids

  1. awwwwww 🙂 thats the cutest thing ever!, btw I have been reading ur blog for a while & this is my first comment, just cudnt resist this one 🙂

  2. poor beanie! what possibly could she have done to deserve this?

    Me: man.. you have no idea. She’s driving me to an early grave. My son is a saint compared to her, and that is saying something 😉

  3. What did she do?

    Me: I have no recollection. I know I was too busy kicking the OA for heartlessly clicking pictures (err.. that I am heartlessly displaying)

  4. A moment ike this deserves a better camera, just saying 🙂

    Me: you’re going to be as evil a parent as I am 😀

  5. awww…too cute . you are lucky she at least goes and stands in the corner, mine simply refuses to go, have to literally drag her to the timeout spot.
    girls really are so much harder than boys!

  6. LOL! I’ve done this too…snapped the pouting, wailing faces and trembling lower lips…evil mom I am!

    PS Mean parents also laugh their heads off behind the kids’ backs!

  7. No, MM, this is not a good idea. Specially not if this is the only time they have to stay quietly with themselves. If they associate ‘punishment’ with being quiet with themselves, they are never going to learn to be with themselves without some activity or the other.

    Life is about being, not just doing. Kids these days are just not taught this.

    A better way of discipline is brain yoga, make them cross their hands and hold their ears, and do ten sits ups. My kid remembers his tables after doing brain yoga very effortlessly. 🙂

    Me: 🙂 oh they spend lots of time being quiet by themselves. I work from home so I dont have the time to entertain them. And yes, I have heard of brain yoga.. but on the contrary I try not to associate that with punishment. I have horrible memories of it from my school days and it makes me cry 😦

  8. OOOHHH I love my mite’s face when he is scolded and is about to cry…I have thought of clicking a snap many times…I am just not quick enough!! Hee hee…I just burst out laughing! That makes me a meanie too…
    The bean looks sooo endearing how can you bear to see her standing like that and not take her in your arms immediately!!??

  9. Good work, guys! Both for the time-out and taking the pictures.

    If parents weren’t ‘mean’ every now and then, they would certainly be insane!

    (P.S. I have been known to bring out the videocamera to tape a few memorable temper tantrums. I plan to replay these clips to my kids to torture them when they’re older 😀 *insert evil wicked chuckle*.)

    Me: *heaves a sigh of relief* phew. if mummyjaan endorses it, it cant be all that mean 🙂

  10. Looks to me like she is deep in thought; probably conjuring up schemes to get back at mean-mommie when she is off the hook!

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