Gang wars

MM presiding over study table. Brat scrawling unintelligible alphabets. The shape is fine, but he seems to be conserving his crayons as the lettering gets smaller. MM squints at it, convinced that her eyesight is failing.

“Write them” she says.

But he ignores his mother.

Simply because the pint size creature sitting by them, observing it all, is hopping up and down like a bunny on LSD screaming, “Good job, baba. Beautiful. What nice ABCDs you’ve written!” and clapping away.

Erm – whose approval do you think mattered more?


We pass a toy store and the Brat presses his nose against the window and wistfully looks at a helicopter. Since he rarely asks for anything I walk in to the store. The Bean trails behind, not really caring until she sets eye on a Heffalump (for the uninitiated, this is who and what he is). Her eyes widen with excitement. Obsessed with elephants of all kinds, Heffalump is her dream come true.

The helicopter, it turns out, is for children who are 12+. I turn around regretfully and explain it to the Brat, expecting a full scale tantrum  – after all its the first time he’s asked for anything major. The Brat looks a little deflated but shockingly, nods in what might be called an understanding manner. And then grabs his sister around the middle,  shoves her up ahead, glares at me mencingly and says in a don’t-mess-with-me tone  “BUT YOU HAVE TO BUY BEANIE THE HEFFALUMP! OKAY???!!!”

Err… yes boss.

Need you ask? Of course I bought the damn thing. I certainly wasn’t brave enough to take on their combined force!


40 thoughts on “Gang wars

  1. hahahaha. life comes a full circle. i am sure you must have ganged up with your brother all the time. 😛

    Me: hush. did my mom put you up to this?!

  2. a bunny on LSD…damn that is a happy animal!!
    But I think your two animals are sweet…dont start dividing and ruling now OK.

    Me: Christ. What other way is there to win?!!

  3. That settles it. I am NOT having kids. Ever. I am only going to keep visiting friends who have cute Brats and Beans and get my daily cuddle-fix.

  4. it was more of a combined effort in my case..we brought down the tv thrice till the finally brought us a big new one..the old stil survives after 15

  5. I can’t wait to have a second kid now! Aww! Aw! Aw!

    Me: Holy shit! you can’t wait to have a second? when did you have the first? Rohit has a baby?!! Christ! I can still remember the first day I bumped into him, almost flunking an RI exam!!! Ohmigod.Congratulations!!!!!!!

  6. Full circle in the circle of life my friend … the only thing you can asy to yourself is that they will endure the same “pain” when they have little ones of their own 🙂

  7. I am shocked at Brat’s maturity! I can’t even comment on the cute aspect of the sibling love…I am just too blown away by Brat and his understanding nature!

    Can I please, please, PLEASE send my boys to you for a boot camp?

    Me: well send them to me because they’re adorable… i dont think they need to be any sweeter 🙂

  8. Thats so sweet of Brat. I am definitely going to have a second baby. But the problem is I already have a ‘Brat’…a very naught one and I dont think he would be so mature as yours.

  9. I love the brat! He’s so grown up already, it makes my eyes tear. I hope they have each other like this for their whole lifetime. May their bond become stronger with passing time.

  10. the sweetness of it all! 😀

    and yeah is it a crime for 2 YO mother to NOT know what the darn Heffalump is? terribly cute tho! 😀

    i will just wait for Cub to discover it. right now he doesn’t ask for anything!


  11. Awwwwwwwwwww, this is the cutest thing ever! This reminds me of my brother and myself, we were usually bought things at once- being twins we were given boy/girl versions of the same thing. But I would be the one bullying my parents for things and making sure my brother got something as well, that way I was less of a bad guy for wanting a dollhouse or somesuch!

  12. heh! it used to be the exact opposite for me! my sis used to go out with my dad, say she wanted candy, and buy two bars instead of one. Apparently she wanted me to have one. Dad used to come home to me saying ” aww! look how much your lil sister loves you”. My sis would end up eating ALL of it!

    Thingsare different now of course, she’s not the terror she used to be! she’s awesome! Now! :o)

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