The men in blue

I’ve never enjoyed cricket. Never understood the fuss over it and slowly grew to dislike the way a cricket match made life come to a standstill, delayed buses, cancelled parties and so on.

Until I read Anuja Chauhan’s The Zoya Factor and fell in love with skipper Nikhil Khoda. A lifetime of my grandmother gently guiding me away from M&Bs towards loftier literature and I regressed at 30 to fall in love with a dark, brooding, cricketer! Anuja sure did a good job of giving us a lust-worthy hero!

A few months down the line I go to watch Dil Bole Hadippa against my better judgment and let Shahid sweep me off my feet. There is something about men in uniform!!

I wondered how I could fall for two cricketers and then I realised it’s simply because sportsmen are so masterful!! Yeah I know, I’m easy to please that way. All the regular formulas work. Give me someone tall, dark, brooding, cocky and watch me have fun bringing him down to his knees (sometimes its the other way around). However this only seems to work with fictional heroes. None of our desi cricketers are really hot and articulate. They’re good at their job I suppose (if I am to believe what the OA says) – but they don’t really set my pulse racing.

I have had friends who worshiped Dravid and truth be told I did think he was cute in a certain way, but that’s about all there was to it. As for Dhoni and his kind *shudder* – inarticulate, uninteresting, cocky bunch who are just not my type. I remember one of my earliest assignments when I had to interview Irfan Pathan. I didn’t want to take it up because err… I didn’t recognise him. And the editor insisting on me doing it because the other girls were drooling far too much to get a decent interview. I had a tough time wriggling out of that one.

Anyway all this to just bring myself to acknowledge in public that I liked two fake cricketers so that I don’t go back on it.  Hey, it’s a start!

Dil Bole Hadippa was a decent watch. If for no other reason than that it’s inspirational to see the amount of weight Rani has lost! And if you want to be caught up in the whole Punjabi wave – I’m a Punjabi-phile, I am! On the other hand, you’d have to be deaf to tolerate the music. It was beyond awful and the lyrics were a string of gibberish. Ugh

Speaking of music, these two are my current favourite bollywood numbers.

And this one. What does Sanjay Dutt think he’s doing with Lara? He’s old enough to be her pop and the worst part is that he LOOKS it. And what is he wearing in the water? Is he in such terrible shape under it all? Ugh. I think Lara is looking awesome and I LOVE the song. On the other hand, I can’t help but ask – how many of us go to the beach covered in junk jewellery, hot though she looks. The OA freaks out if I put on sunscreen and wants to know why I am wearing ‘makeup’ to go to the beach!


32 thoughts on “The men in blue

  1. Non-cricket-lover here. *raises hand*
    My flatmate in the U.S. would routinely call me “Angrez ki aulaad” because I don’t drink tea or watch cricket. I did try to remind her that it was the Brits who were responsible for both. Didn’t work, though. So from angrez ki aulaad to another: you’re not alone!

    Me: oh I know that …we’ve had this chat before 🙂

  2. oh man…as weird as it sounds,Nikhil Khoda actually made me lose my marbles. i was so damn smitten with him for about a week after reading the book.
    as for the men in blue, i find the sachin and kumble quite decent and amongst the younger lot – dhoni *sheepish smile*

    Me: okay – i shall ignore the real ones and agree… nikhil khoda did give me some happy moments!

  3. Ooh I loved Nikhil Khoda too 🙂

    Me: what? you too? but.. but..but you’re such a no-nonsense type. there is hope for me!

  4. I like Fiqraana more though I would not mind watching Aaj Dil Gustakh on the big screen for Lara Dutta! 😛

  5. On a completely different note (the song reminded me), did you watch Wake Up Sid? And if you did, didn’t you covet Konkona’s flat and wardrobe? Or is it just me? 😐

    Me: let me see – I own every single piece that Konkona wore in the movie except that camel kurta/shirt that I totally want. And my house used to look like hers before we grew up and bought furniture 😦 So many people who watched the movie thought she reminded them of me when i was young and enthu journo type. on a diff note, did i ever tell you she was in college with me?

    p.s. Also, don’t you think that the usual A R Rahman magic is missing from ‘Blue’s music? I mean, that Chiggy Wiggy song with Kylie Minogue sounded like something Pritam would come up with! I am so waiting for Ravana, because Rahman always seems to save his best for Mani Ratnam.

    Me: Yes, yes, yes. Such a bloody crap song

  6. I loved Nikhil Khoda!!!! And because you do too, I shall v. politely ignore the bit you said abt not liking cricket.

    Iktaara has beenplaying non-stop in my head after I saw Wake Up Sid. And I didnt even know you in your jorunalism days and still she reminded me of you 😉

  7. Really? Even that awesome black dress she wore for the jazz date? And that orange wall with the telephone wires on them?

    Okay fine. Now I am jealous of you then. I want a place just like that when I finally manage to finish studying and find a job. Sigh. 😀

    Me: no ya – I dont wear dresses too often. Its mostly formal wear and I prefer sarees if I have to go formal. or black trousers if its pubbing. And maybe not exactly the orange wall… but a lot of the feel without Fabindia sponsoring the set 🙂

  8. LOL – Another cricket hater here…Dravid was my brother’s classmate through school, and I still think of him and the current crop of cricketeers as kids 🙂 I did my share of drooling over Imran Khan in his prime though
    🙂 🙂


  9. “As for Dhoni and his kind *shudder* – inarticulate, uninteresting, cocky bunch who are just not my type.”

    Look at it objectively – you’ve admitted you don’t enjoy cricket. So could it be your lack of appreciation of the game that makes Dhoni seem an uninteresting person to you?

    To most people who appreciate the game, Dhoni would come across as a fairly well balanced, confident individual. Definitely not uninteresting.

    Irfan Pathan – I watched him being interviewed by Farah Khan recently. He seemed an interviewer’s delight – answers to the point, witty and confident, and never hesitant.

    My point is that this is pretty subjective.

    Dhoni would come across as an extremely interesting individual to many who appreciate the game and many cricket loving journalists would jump at the chance to interview Irfan Pathan.

    Me: LOL! Well of course its subjective. Arent all crushes/likes/dislikes subjective? If I have to interview I’ll take an author over a cricketer anyday. I do find them inarticulate and uninteresting because yes, they don’t interest me! Ali Sethi anyone?! 😀

  10. Um.. would this be a good time to reveal my secret M&B addiction ? And the fact that I own the entire Georgette Heyer series? And that I re-read Daddy-Long-Legs every few months?

  11. The Zoya Factor is a treasure. It’s so good to have high calibre chick lit written India-style. Nikhil Khoda is our desi Mr. Darcy.

    My all-time cricket crush is Wasim Akram. I remember being erm crushed when I realised he had a wife, and I hated the poor woman with a vengeance. I had minor stirrings of guilt for crushing on a Pakistani cricketer until I noticed his name scratched out on every second desk in school.

  12. yay!!! i finally found some one who does not understand or care much for cricket. Terms like googly, doosra sounds like latin to me (i think i can undertsand latin better!!!) and even my 8 yr old nephew has better cricket sense than me. What is bad in this country is that it never never trated like a game, people live and die for it. If your favourite team loses’s absolute mayhem and if they win they are paraded like gods..come’s only a game. Winning and losing are a part of it.

    Talk about trafic jams, banaglore is famous for it and with cricket matches going on these days, makes it a nightmare to get back home after work.

  13. MM,
    That’s a book now I need to pick up when I head for Mumbai in a day.
    I’m a complete cricket freak – not the drooling kinds but the kinds who can watch matches even when they do not involve India – the more technically inclined to the game. But most of my friends express exactly what you say here so I’m used to it since I’m the outsider:-)
    Read in the comments konkana was in your college? I admire her a lot! She is so unconventional – I’m yet to see the movie though:-(

  14. Oooooooh Nikhil Khoda…sigh!!!!

    A tru Indian hero…I totally totally loved him and re-read the book every couple of months just for him. I am one of those true-blue MB lovers. Forget the inanity, I totally love the formula of Boy meets girl.Boy & girl fight.Boy-girl relaise they love each other and then they live happily ever after:P

    Ooooh and my rom all through school & quite a bit of college was plastered with posters of Rahul Dravid & Hrithik Roshan.

    Men in uniform are just something aren’t they. I still say noone can beat my dad when he was in his full white dress uniform. My daddy bestest 😀

    PS: You haven’t been replying to me in a while and I’m going to go on strike now 😛

    Me: ooh! Calcutta type union baazi?!

  15. I dont enjoy cricket anymore but I was madly in love with Jadeja once upon a time 🙂 I’ll read the Zoya factor if its available here. Wish you and your family a Very Happy Diwali!

  16. I can barely understand the game. When I was stuck at my inlaws house back in 05, I had to watch cricket with them. The cutest of the lot was the west Indies player, Chanderpaul.

    Need to watch Wake Up Sid

  17. Hey MM
    I second you on cricket being a waste of time 😉 By the way always wanted to ask you this. You had mentioned that you were in a music video – which one? And Happy Diwali to the mad house!

    Me: hah! that is one dirty little secret I am not letting you guys into 😉

  18. Give me someone tall, dark, brooding, cocky and watch me have fun bringing him down to his knees
    – In the beginning, always.

    sometimes its the other way around
    – In the end, always.

    Story of my life. Sigh.

  19. Totally…I haven’t spent 7 years in Cal for nothing you know w/o learning a few tricks of the trade from the comrades 😛

  20. I loved Nikhil Khoda too! And also Hansie Cronje, tho for a very short while. Which brings me to the end of my ‘things I like about cricket’ list. And now I’m off to see if I can get my hands on a DVD of ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’.

  21. I remember somebody replying to me sometime last year….
    “Cricket, on my blog.. Never..”

    Me: aapki yaaddashth badi tez hai :p

  22. From a 9 year old Cricket fanatic in 83 (I heard the entire commentary of that famous 175 run assault of Kapil Dev)……to one who didn’t miss even a single match during my class 10th and 12th board exams (yes….I scored good marks too); I have come a long way now……I simply dont watch cricket anymore….it has become a tamasha and a way to rake in moolah while whole public wastes their previous time watching it……..I can tell you that you will see much sadness on ordinary man’s face after a loss than on any of our much famed cricketer’s!

    I don’t see any reason for Dhoni to be the biggest brand pull than any one of stars! Absurd!

    Now, that reminds me one of my recent conversation with a friend where in we were debating about performer’s not doing enough for their fan followers……Amitabh is a case in point- after ABCL’s fiasco, he has reached to a point wherein earning money and amassing wealth seems to be the only aim of his life, SRK is no different and so are not others!

    As compared to our desi stars, big names in Hollywood are certainly doing some good charity work- giving back to the society that made them what they are!

    Doing a social ad here or there isn’t much!

    Heard Tendulkar has started something for poverty eradication…..anyone aware of it?

  23. Ok, here’s a dirty little secret of mine…just promise you won’t call the men with straight-jackets to come and take me away…

    While everyone around me was swooning over a music or movie god, I used to go all hot and sweaty over…no! No! I can’t tell you…it’s too embarrassing!! I’ll jsut say this…my crush was so all-consuming that I actually used to rip to shreds picture of his famous-actress girlfriend.

    And while today, I am proud to say my taste has improved GREATLY, I still can’t quite help but hate her…go figure!!

  24. I’d just have to agree. Nikhil Khoda is absolutely dishy.

    Also, I loved Rahul Dravid. He was my first big crush. And Irfan Pathan, really? He’s my favourite one in the younger lot. How did you enjoy the interview though?

  25. Oh I loved Nikhil Khoda too!! I just love M&Bs so I was an easy target. I loved cricket too but now just can’t keep track of what league and what team and anyway got no time as well.
    I used to like Zaheer Khan in his initial days but none now 😦
    And Happy Diwali to you and all at home

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