Shubho Bijoya to all of you

We went pandal hopping to every pandal but CR Park (I couldn’t brave the throng there!) and the kids had a blast. Durga Puja is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Delhi and the OA dressed up in his favourite bong kurta to take us out.

Here he’s telling them the stories of what is going on stage ….


And here they join their hands and do pranam. The Bean who is hugely influenced by yoga at school insists on breaking into a loud Ommmmm whenever we tell her to close her eyes and join her hands – with no regard to place or time. They looked gorgeous with little red teekas and I had helluva time getting them to brush and wash their faces at night!


I was in my usual place behind the camera.


13 thoughts on “Shubho Bijoya to all of you

  1. hi mm

    shubho bijoya to all of you….the scene is very much the same at my home also….rai insists on going up to the stage to touch the lion and the asur…while ganesh was her favourite last time this year asur has beaten everyone hands down….can u imagine what she is growing up to be…

    Me: LMAO. Go rahi… !!!
    Annie – can you imagine YOUR daughter being afraid of anything? what birthday plans?

  2. Shubho Bijoya to you too :). Amar pronam niyo!

    Those two are ADORABLE!

    Wow, everyone’s seen more pandals than I have this Pujo. It was all work/laze/drink/eat/recover from eating – in short, a total blast!

  3. The Bean who is hugely influenced by yoga at school insists on breaking into a loud Ommmmm

    MADE ME LOL and LOL and LOL non-stop. 🙂

  4. Shubho Bojoya to you and your family too MM. The OOOMMM bit was totally adorable, and they look as adorable too! Much love and happy thoguhts your way this Bijoya!

  5. awww adorable!!!!
    LOL!!!@Beanie’s OMMMMMM…
    When I tell aadi to say omm..she trying to say the gayatri mantra!
    Love the OA’s kurta!have been looking for a batik kurta for S..for a long time now.

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