Am I the only one

… who thinks that Niketan Madhok sizzlesssssssss????? Particularly in this Limca Ad?

Koff. Jokes about the seven year itch OR my age will not be entertained.


40 thoughts on “Am I the only one

  1. I cant check the link right now, but i am guessing its the one with Sushma Reddy. I love the jingle and he looks EDIBLE!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. I don’t think he sizzles… he’s great-looking, but doesn’t sizzle. It’s definitely your age, MM!
    That reminds me… don’t you have a wish list for your b’day? Mine’s a month away and I’m already dreaming about a bigger house (to have more puppies in), a double-pay for the husband and joblessness for me (so I can play with the dogs)!

  3. I have not seen the ad and I don’t know who you are talking about! I think I have gotten old. Really depressed now. Today i am going to surf channels and hunt this guy out.

  4. are we over farhan akhtar, then? Can i just say, about time! 😀

    Me: I’m guessing you missed the Mohit Chahan temple I had built, then!

  5. Yes, frankly, I was too busy watching Sushma everytime I saw the ad. I only looked at him after you wrote this post, MM. That shows how “sizzling” he is. Phhbt!
    [Ducks and runs before MM splashes Limca on her.]

    Me: whats with all of you women watching Sushma?!!!! i mean she’s pretty and all that but I’m really not interested enough in a woman to miss a hot guy! 🙂 anyway – more niketan for me. that said, I have to tell you i met him years ago at some show and he’s even cuter in real life!

  6. The )? at the end got merged with the link.

    But I have hunch you won’t find him as hot as Niketan. Must be something about your age.

    (Runs as fast as is virtually possible.)

    Me: you’re right. Am done with long haired, impetuous, wild child, biker types – dated too many of them! 😀 been there done that 😉 you children have fun. I’m happier with the sexier older ones who’ve been around :p

  7. Oh, I’m gonna get there in a couple of years. But I don’t know whether the wild-child loving mind will. I have a good-boy husband, and am already bored. Maybe some wildness inducing training is in order for him.

  8. I CANNOT like someone who is called Niketan Madhok

    Me: 😀 true. achcha call him honeybunch or something less mushy – call him anything you want. You know, he reminds me of that guy who was in third year when we were in the first year of college. the one everyone was in love with…. !

  9. arey, the girl hogs the ad. And its a lovely lovely ad btw. Made me reminisce about the commercials in India. I dont watch TV here.

    If you find something with more of Niketan, do post. I’d like to see a clearer and longer duration shot.

  10. Umm..I cannot look at the link right now from workplace. But I guess he must be sizzling..

    Last year in your wishlist you had ‘Farhan Akhtar’…This year Niketan. Way to go woman!!

  11. Hey. Not all young-types like only long haired bikers!
    Is it strange that I am 21, but find this grey haired man (I do not know his name), extremely hot?
    Check out these ads (One for Lakme, one for KFC) and tell me if you find him hot too. 😛

    Me: oh I guess thats because he’s just greyed prematurely and has a young face. The OA will soon look like that. grey hair on a youthful face

  12. Hmmm decent looking. Maybe too decent looking. For me at least 😛 And maybe am finally losing it, but doesnt he look like a young OA?

    Me: sigh 😦 whadidiyou go and do that for 😦 Yeah , I guess he does.

  13. there were two of them JR and SJ – which one you mentioning – i am in touch with JR – SJ through AM

    Me: you’re in touch with JR?????????????????? *shrieks and faints*
    ohmigod is he still as cute as he was????
    *sits around looking very goofy*

  14. What a fun! I never even realised that there was a guy in the ad… and that too, someone called Niketan Madhok.

    If he has a daughter named Shanti, her full name will be Shanti Niketan Madhok!

  15. yup – he is still as cute as he used to be. lives in london, is married. and oh ya i had lunch with him – of course there were other people there 😀 😀 come, come…save up for that ticket xo

    Me: :s why am i not surprised that he is married ?? let me go die now.
    and you had lunch with him? he doesnt even know i exist..where’s that can of worms?

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