RIP Patrick Swayze

You *did* give me the time of my life. And thank you for that immortal line. Nobody puts Baby in a corner. I loved Ghost, but you’ll always be Johnny to me.


Sigh. When your childhood crushes start dying you know you’re growing old.


30 thoughts on “RIP Patrick Swayze

  1. Oh, i didn’t know! This is so sad. He could have lived longer. For some reason he was more real than reel for me, as i absolutely loved him in that film, and his dancing.

  2. Mad Momma,
    My heart sank when I read about this. sad for him but sadder for myself for just the reason you said. God he would make my heart flip over, and his dancing and expressions from Hungry eyes is deeply etched in my mind.
    May he RIP.

  3. One of my ALL TIME favourite scenes is the one with Oda mae and Sam in ‘Ghost’.

    Sam: Tell her to send this to the third-floor file because you have a transaction to make.

    Oda Mae: Can you send this to the third-floor file? I have a transfusion to make.


  4. aftee a really great party, where that guy finally looked at you and smiled/asked you to dance/told your best friend he liked you, i would come back fall back on my bed- with that drumroll of “never felt THAT way” and think i knew exactly how they felt in the song 🙂

    youre right, when people like MJ and swayze start to go- its a sure sign we are getting older 😦

  5. Not just sexy, he is pure sex especially in that dance you linked. The moves, the look, the chemistry…I always, always feel so jealous of Baby everytime I see that dance. Very sad today. R.I.P

  6. you know of my all time favorite songs is ‘she’s like the wind’ sung so soulfully by Patrick Swayzwe…everytime i listen to it, i turn into mush – his voice..ooh so sexy!
    he will be missed!

  7. Oh, I missed mentioning that I linked (and quoted you) on the above post…

    could not resist putting up the line:
    “When your childhood crushes start dying you know you’re growing old.”

  8. I am shocked when I read it in the papers today…did not know he was sooo ill and he fought so long against the disease. He starred in the film ‘City of Joy’ too, does anyone remember that? That was his Indian connection.

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