The Kodak sibling moment

Two pairs of siblings, spanning three generations, all piled on to the famous big bed that is constantly host to different people. My mother and her brother (the Chhota Nana) and my two babies, all sleeping around each other. In their own way each set has taught me something about sibling love. Now all I need to do is wait till December and see if Tambi and I can squeeze in somewhere in between to complete this picture!


The other day a friend dropped by simply to sleep at our place because it was ‘peaceful’. And with that he stretched out on our couch, threw all the cushions off, covered his head and slept peacefully while other friends who were over chatted over cups of tea and the kids ran around the living room talking in stage whispers. Hmmm… that felt nice.

PS: He also introduced me to a desi band called  Junkyard Groove that I have a feeling you guys might like. I missed their last gig and I will not make that mistake again.


13 thoughts on “The Kodak sibling moment

  1. That blanket at the far right in the pic, is that a ‘katha’? Like the bengali version of a blanket? Looks like one. I might be wrong! 🙂

    Me: you mean my mom’s saree? :p

  2. I love that constant hal-chal in a house, people coming, going and in-between all that lots of laughter and good times. It is not about grand meal plans and infringement of personal space but about the love that helps us create space & the enthuthiasm to share and care. It is very difficult to explain or help someone else see it that way unless you genuinely feel for the people. I just love houses like that. Have fun. Get togathers rock totally in our household too.

  3. Btw on the header what kind of a chatai/rug is that ? Will love it for my place too.

    Me: Its our living room rug from Fabindia. Just put it out to air it once in a while

  4. That was a beautifully painted picture. Obviously you have made a very warm and welcoming home for your family and friends! I

  5. I’m always amazed when you chose to (somewhat) publicly associate with me in any sort of public forum.

    (and as much as I shudder stepping into such an oestrogen-soaked environment)…
    this song goes out to the Bean for not trying to poke my eyes out with that balloon-on-a-stick, until AFTER I’d woken up:

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