Inter-faith meeting on Peace and Disarmament in New Delhi

On Saturday 12 September, 2009 Control Arms Foundation of India in collaboration with The Baha’i Community of India is organizing an inter-faith meeting for peace and disarmament at the Auditorium, Baha’i Information Centre, Lotus Temple, New Delhi.

The purpose of the meeting is to make the faith leaders in India be aware of the United Nations process for peace and disarmament with particular emphasis on the current process for an Arms Trade Treaty. India is a country of multiple faith and the proposed meeting aims is to send out a strong message to the government of India and the people that religious leaders have always been deeply concerned with the ongoing armed violence around the world and hence the collective call for peace and disarmament.
The key note address at the Inter-Faith meeting will be delivered by Swami Agnivesh, Founder and President , World Council of Arya Samaj. The other speakers include Mr Shatrughun Jiwnani, Director, Baha’i Community of India, Maulana Mansoor, Sadhivi Vidushi Om Prabha Bharti, Mr M. D. Thomas, Rev. Gyomyo Nakamura, Father Nithiya and Rajyogini Brahma Kumari Shanti. 

Please find attached invitation card and programme schedule of the event. Please do join us if you are in town.
For more information, please contact: 

Control Arms Foundation of India
B 5 / 146, First Floor, Safdarjung Enclave
New Delhi – 110 029

India Inter-faith meeting on ATT Page 1


India Interfaith Program Page 2


7 thoughts on “Inter-faith meeting on Peace and Disarmament in New Delhi

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  4. Psss.. I hope the interfaith meeting gets an excellent turnout. Uhmm I am too far or else I would have attended. :)(though the 3 hours of sitting down and listening to speeches..:))

  5. AHH! I wish I could be there for the interfaith meet! Another church was vandalised in Bangalore and not a word from the Chief Minister against the act! I have that ominous feeling…will Karnataka go the Gujarat way? MLAs donating crown for deities worth crores of rupees, land assigned for playground being given to religious trust by the CM….Mangalore (a breathtakingly beautiful place) marred by incidents of moral policing….intolerance is rising its head! Why can’t we love our religion and respect the faith of others at the same time? Why does one have to be at the cost of the other? These are the questions an inter-faith meeting needs to address…

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