The big green umbrella

Dear Brat and Bean,

You keel me (to quote Achmed the dead terrorist). It was raining cats and dogs this morning and you, my little Bean, were dying to get out and go to school simply because you wanted to wear your raincoat. I’d forgotten how simple the joys of childhood are.

And you, Brat, simply sat and looked at her with all the calm of an adult. And then just as I was packing you off with your Donald Duck umbrella you looked up at me with those gorgeous brown eyes of yours, looking like a beautiful puppy and asked me with all your soul in your voice, “Mamma, please can I take the big green umbrella?”

I handed you the plain green adult sized umbrella in shock. Your wants are so simple. I go to pick you up from school and listen to the other kids demand treats, Ben 10 and all sorts of paraphernalia, while all you want is the pleasure of carrying a plain big green umbrella.

You guys really do keel me.



31 thoughts on “The big green umbrella

  1. Awwww. When and if I have kids, I hope they turn out to be exactly like yours!

    On an aside, heard about a stampede at a Delhi school where 5 children were killed. I hope it wasn’t the Brat’s school.

    Me: yikes. where the hell was that? I missed it. Let me go hunt in the newspapers

  2. Loved this post……as kids do open us to all the possibilities of finding joy in doing small things…..

    The other day, I saw my 10 months old enjoying “neem” leaves…. she was all smiles while chewing those leaves…… I told my wife not to stop her …….simply because I know that soon she will start hating that taste……as we will impose ours on her!

  3. That tragic episode at the school is so Indian – the ‘me first’ approach to survival. I see where it comes from but we can all see the consequences of that. Less sad, but equally tragic are the daily traffic jams – exactly the same behaviour patterns.
    A bit of discipline,a bit of order, a bit of commonsense and we would ALL be better off.
    I’m not turning into a discipline nazi. I will not deny the self-discipline nazi allegation.

  4. Lol. . Ur kids sound super-cute. .just chanced upon ur blog 3-4days back. And that reminds me of my childhood. . Used to wait for it to rain so I can wear my new raincoat. . But invariably, either it used to stop raining or the school declared a holiday! Sigh!! Still cribbing about missing the fun 😦

  5. An adorable and warm post. It is quite a long time since I’ve read something so touching. It brought back simple joys of my childhood.

    And I ain’t saying ‘Stop touching me’ (to quote Achmed the dead terrorist) any time soon 🙂

  6. A pic/video of brat & bean with the raincoat and umbrella would have been awesome!! 🙂

    I loved playing in the rain/mud… i still do.. 🙂

  7. Lovely – Hope they stay that unspoiled always!
    I must admit to a sneaking fondness for huge umbrellas myself – have been known to take a walk (and I ABHOR walks) just to use a new umbrella 🙂


  8. for a kid, ben10 = adult umbrella = rs.100 morpher = rs. morpher = rs.1 chewing gum = wearing mummy’s shoes for a while.

    i think we should stop judging. all their wants are genuine. it is up to us to indulge only their needs.

    Me: ?? how is it judging? It’s definitely not the same according to me. Use of my umbrella or shoes costs me nothing and i am happy to see my children learning to appreciate small pleasures. Constantly whining and pestering me for new Superman/ben 10 gear/new crocs is a different thing. I’d have to spend money on those. I appreciate their appreciation of little things. You dont have to 🙂

  9. You make me want to have babies. All the time. Even with no man in sight! 🙂
    Have i told you just how much much in love with B&B i am?
    Firming up my Delhi plans, yayyyyyy!!!!!!

  10. what i meant to say was that to you there is a price difference. to the kids its all the same.

    when you think like a child, all wants are the same. the cost is an adult worry.

    we can’t say that a child who likes something less expensive is somehow superior to one who wants something more expensive. it is a judgement.

    Me: Very true. Cost is an adult worry. And yet that is a worrisome thing. You see kids asking for expensive stuff all the time without realising the value of stuff bought.

    I didnt make a judgment in my post Maya. Unless you did. I’m simply counting my lucky stars that I have only to supply simple wants and pointing out that the kids show you how much joy you can get out of simple things.

    And yes, I do think its awesome that despite studying with very rich kids who have and want a lot more they manage to keep their wants simple. Its easy to fall prey to marketing gimmicks when you’re 4. nothing about better or worse kids.

  11. Little joys of childhood spreads joy everywhere!!

    It is funny that you mentioned Achmed here…my daughter who is 3 loves that video so much, she picked up on some unwanted stuff, so I had to teach her to replace words. So for eg she will say “Silence, I see you” and rolls her eyes funnily 🙂

    I never wanted her to see videos, but her Dad who is a techie guy knows to keep her engaged only this way!! That is his style of babysitting.

  12. i tell nadi that all the time- that he keeels me. 🙂 and he says i see you momma 🙂

    simple wants are amazing- and even in their “expensive” desire, if you look past the item itself what they want is simple.

    Me: I’d like to eat your son up. I can give you a baby in exchange. Deal?
    and yes – desires are always simple. i am just glad it doesnt cost me anything right now!

  13. Which rock am I under that I have never heard of Achmed?

    I hope your babies stay that way.

    Me: what? *gasp* shock*faints*

    As for the babies – well, they’re bleddy villagers if you ask me 😉

  14. Can I eat them? Please?
    My bro’s kid also loves to go out in the rain because he gets to wear his raincoat.
    Kids.. as holden caulfield would say.. They kill me.

  15. I have never heard of both Achmed or Ben 10! No babies for me…

    Me: errr… pssst. Achmed is for big babies. Click on the link and you will see what I mean. I was introduced to him by my 22 year old cousin!

  16. Its an amazing video and I so love it ! Specially that about how do you spell your name “A, C, Phlegm…” Roflmao !!!

    Back to your post, the Brat is in a world of his own, even while he is in class, he is there and not there. I kept watching him and wondering what he must be dreaming about…sometimes he smiled in between, to himself.

  17. MM, accept my condolence…scarcely do you utter a word and people are lunging at your throat!! Don’t answer them!
    I have the same feeling when all the kids want to do is sit with me in the balcony (rather than going to the mall nearby), or a simple alo paratha gets a comment like “khub bhalo hoyechhe, mamma”…(rather than asking for pizza and burger all the time)…

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