A couple of weeks ago Jedi spent a few weeks with us taking a break from his bike trip around the country. And he’s one cynical …errr.. man who has fallen back on Ayurveda and alternative therapies. Which shocked me. The OA and I are great believers in alternative stuff. Mostly because I think its part of our DNA. This is not alternative to us. In India you grow up with ghar ke nuske and the lady next door suggesting totkas. If you ask me, allopathy was alternative when we were growing up and it was sacrilege to pop a pill for a headache. Probably where my own attitude to medicine comes from. I stay away from it.


Jedi’s better half Ananya, is in to pranic healing and she began distance healing on my knee. I have to admit I feel much better. Maybe it works, maybe its just faith. But then thats all that matters, isn’t it?

Anyhow, he watched the OA and me for those 2 weeks and grinned through it as he planned his trip to the hills. We were wiping noses, taking the kids swimming, walks in the deer park, feeding them meals, sitting with them for hours and helping them write their alphabet – and at the end of it he pronounced “So this is parenthood. You are now support staff. Officially.”

He was right. That is pretty much what we are. Our lives revolve around the kids and their needs. And while the Bean is being treated for eczema, we do have occasional outbreaks.

A few days ago a friend of the OA’s (his best man in fact) told him that he’d been coming to Delhi and being treated for his asthma, his wife’s asthma and their baby’s eczema through some alternative therapy. It’s partly accupressure and partly something else. Nambudripaad allergy elimination treatment.

The theory behind it is that there are blockages in your energy path and you just need to open them up for your body to be allergy free. First they test you for your allergies – with no blood tests! And then work on each allergen per day. The way to do it is to make you hold a vial of each allergen and then test your muscle tone and strength. If you are allergic, your muscle tone goes lax. The treatment then begins with accupressure and it’s one treatment per day. It calls for a lot of restrictions and constraints.

The day the Bean was treated for her allergy to B complex we had to empty the house of plants and she could not eat anything after the treatment. The entire process of rushing after work to this centre, treating her and getting back, takes up our entire day.

 We’ve had a lot of people openly disbelieve the Bean’s treatment (we’ve started the Brat too now because he has an early morning dust and cold allergy). And while we don’t care its still damn annoying to have people openly tell you that what you are desperately giving a shot is all crap. How rude is it to openly tell someone that their judgment and choice and hope are all wrong? My life has always been about foolishly learning from my own experiences rather than from others’ mistakes. Atleast it makes for an interesting life!

As parents we will do what we think is best for our child and if we can find some treatment that is non-invasive, gentle, steroid free and the rest of it, we’re going to try it. Because all we have to lose is some money and a lot of faith. If you don’t believe it will work, then you can’t believe it will harm either. It’s a controversial pseudo science called applied kinesiology. Take it or leave it.

This form of treatment believes that there are paths through which life flows in your body. Prana. And if there is a blockage you are prone to allergies. The process is tedious to explain so suffice to say I am the surrogate for the Bean who is kept still through the process by the simple method of bribing her by watching cartoons on the OA’s latop. The Brat, my chivalrous son is told that he has to give mama strength and he manfully sits there holding my hand and not twitching a muscle until he gets absorbed in a fly alighting on the table and lets go accidentally.

The next part is harder because each day brings different restrictions. One day they need to stay away from all traces of calcium which means they can’t brush their teeth and even need to be washed in boiled RO water. The next there can be no vegetation around them and we rush around dragging massive plants out of the house before they come in to the room.  

I am busy with a project at work. The Brat who is struggling at his new school to adjust to the newness needs help with his alphabet and evenings are spent making him practice his writing. And then this. We are truly now support staff and I say it with a wry grin.

We have houseguests as usual. And one maid is on leave while the other is to leave in a month to get married. The thing with running a home on a certain scale and a certain way is that it’s then hard to downsize. I have a house full of knick knacks that needs to be dusted, racks of books, plants to be watered, children to be managed while I am at work and an open house policy with houseguests around at all hours needing food and drink.

It is going to be a long while until they complete the treatment and I foresee endlessly long days ahead as the OA and I fit in the day’s work, sit to teach the Brat for a while to bring him up to the level his class is at (they’re doing cylinders and rhombus – did we learn that at 3?!) and then drive an hour across the city for an hour of accupressure sessions, come back, work some more and fall asleep over our laptops.

In all this I must point out a huge plus – I get free accupressure massages every session! Oh yes – there is a silver lining to every cloud.


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  1. good luck and hang in there!
    cylinders and rhombus????my 5 year old spends his entire day at school finding treasure hunt clues, playing in the gymnasium, creating clay models, drawing numbers and alphabets, listening to music etc.
    not sure which is best…

    Me: *begins to sob* well obviously playing in the gym is better. what a question. I KNEW there was a reason we should have moved to the US 😦

  2. The brat is only 3? For some reason I thought he was older.

    Me: he’s four now, but he turned four after he moved to nursery and plenty of the other kids in class are going to be 3 for a long time!

  3. You know I heard of NAET and wanted to try it for Samar but it freaking expensive(USD$65-80 per session and you have to sign up for at least 10 sessions and an initial consultation fee of $80 sigh This was the last we had checked)

    I know Girl Next door(am lazy to link) has done it and something else called Bioset.

    Let us know whether it works and her allergy is better..

    Me: oh its only Rs 250 per session here. did it work for GND?

    And yes we are the support staff.

  4. Wow! Is all I’m going to say. And yes, once the acupressure treatments are done send the B&B here to me. They will frolic allergyless in California’s sunshine I promise you and You and the OA can go guzzling from vineyeard to vineyard in Napa Valley:-)

    Me: yayy!!! okay dont ask me why a teetotaller got all excited, but I just did. Must be the promise of good weather

  5. Thats really informative!!! Though I am wary of popping pills for any reason,I am not too much into ayurveda or homeopathy.Wishing your entire family good health. Do you know if they have a branch in Bombay? And do you know of any alternative medication for Alzheimers?

    me: Well you can check the website to see branches – as for alzheimers – if anyone knows of alternative therapies please pass them on to me!! I am sure I will need them soon

  6. Amidst all this chaos you took time to blog about the alternate therapies!!!! Wow…i tip my hat to you lady. I am sure the brat and the bean will get better soon. I am a strong believer in ayurveda and alternate therapies. They address the root of the issue than curing the symptoms.
    Talk about school syllabus!!!!! i have no clue why the little ones are forced with stuff they dont need at that age!! Wait until the phonetics appear..while they are good in a way you just cant explain why certan alphabets dont sound the way they should in a word. I still cant explain to my son why U is sounds different in CUT and PUT and why SEE and SEA sound the same… 😦

  7. Oh MM! Hugs. I too have started believing in alternative therapies and stopped taking a pill at every appearance of cough. And I am yet to do some research on which therapy to follow for the ailments and illnesses. As of now it is allopathy, as I don’t fall ill so much. But soon I want to quit english medicine (though my dad is a doctor :P) Herbal and ayurvedic are very beneficiary according to my experience.
    You’re two brave heroes for your kids. You do so much and still have time to post! I am now ashamed to say I dont have time.
    Love to the brat and beanie babies.
    Keep the ball rolling baby.

  8. Has the treatment started to show any effect?
    Have you tried allopathic treatment for the Bean before?
    Hoping the treatment is a huge success 🙂

  9. What’s the duration of the treatment? More than a month? Everyday? I’d like to try. But staying in Delhi for that long a period might get difficult. Will you please tell me when you have the time?
    Hope you all get well. Soon.

    Me: well the duration really depends on how many things you are allergic to. For instance, many of us would break into a rash immediately after eating peanuts or shellfish. But there are certain allergens they say, that work slowly. So that you end up just slowly losing immunity. So you may not realise it, but your allergy will see you constantly having a cough and cold that you mistakenly attribute to ice cream or ciggarettes

  10. Hey MM, please let me know for how long you have been trying this, and if it has shown any results?

    I need to try this, as I have been popping antibiotics every other month. my immunity is really low. Right now also I have flu and throat infection, and I am on atibiotics.

    Much love to both brat and bean!

    Me: yeah I thought of you when I heard of it. Will definitely tell you if it works. as of now the kids have had about 3 sessions each. another 20 atleast to go before they’re declared allergy free. and the proof of the pudding will be once winter sets in

  11. there is a silver lining to every cloud and the light at the end of the tunnel :)I know you are a strong woman n family.. n here are some warm (((hugs)) .. it isnt easy seeing your loved ones in pain.

    all the best MM.. you know it feels great to know that amidst the busy lives there are parents like you, open to trying out something different for the kids even though it quite tedious.

  12. Hi MM,
    Mimi had eczema since birth and she has more or less outgrown it ( she is 3 and a half now). However, both the kids have asthma- they have been on homeopathy since their birth and are far stronger now. However after reading through your post – am a bit confused abt whether there is a better way out for the kids. I naturally thought (and was told) that they would outgrow it. Their attacks are far less now so I thought I had almost sailed home. I am sure you understand what I am saying? Whaddya think?

    Me: well i was told that they would outgrow it too. and she is on homoeopathy. but the point is that there’s no deadline. when will she outgrow it? at 4? at 5? 10? 15? already in 2 years i’ve broken my heart watching her struggle to breathe. It just didnt seem worth it to wait more and let her suffer if there was a painfree way to do it. If it were allopathy and injections and pain – I’d not have put her through it. you know what i mean?

    Also, there are schools in NCR which are ok- I pay 5k a month as Ta’s fees so that he can go and observe bugs in the school gardens and he can read story books but the school dont believe in writing in Nursery. He seems to love each day of school!

    Me: is this in the suburbs? because the schools around our area are a little more expensive. although if you ask me i dont see why we should pay even 5 k for nursery!! sadly though, even this school as well as the awful school we pulled him out of, have been teaching them writing since age 3

  13. girl that sounds like too much work. you guys will need a vacation after that… but, good luck. these therapies do work if you believe in them (I think), and also as long as you believe in them (in my experience).

    and please, you are not their support staff, dont they water your plants and clean glass and stuff (i have seen pictures ok, dont deny it). getting all the credit. hmph.

  14. wow!! that’s a lot…. information, action, anxiety and hope. alternative may be slow, but i too think its a better choice than guzzling medication. i moved to alternative therapies after being a compulsive pill popper. i recommend it to everyone. having said that, good luck with all of this babe. More power to your kind.

  15. hugs and god bless MM. i was one of them allopathy people. still am, though was never the kind who popped pills for periods cramp and headaches. but i have yellow teeth to prove i was given too much tetracycline as kid!

    so with Cubby i am willing to wait it out and try other stuff. right now its mostly homeo and home remedies. a sek with flax seeds and laung and honey for cough types.

    even he seems to have this dust allergy business and a cough that really comes up during the night thanks to that. lets see…

    I hope the treatment works for the Brat and the Bean. its not nice to see kids in pain of any kind.

  16. I hope the kids get well soon!
    On a more selfish note, thank you very much for the NAET link — been looking for something non-invasive, non-steroidal etc for my dad who has developed a whole range of allergies! This sounds ideal. Thanks!

  17. Oh ye of much faith.

    Here’s some open skepticism. Not because I think the technique is pseudo-babble and seemingly made complex only to sound reasonable (which I do), but because I don’t think they have a clue about allergies either.

    You know I’ve done a fair amount of research about this too, and at the end of it, my simplistic conclusion is this –

    Nobody understands allergies.


    If they claim they do, they’re frauds. Or well-meaning, but totally deluded people.

    Yes, there are some obvious allergens (gluten, shellfish, dairy), but stuff like eczema is just random. It is very individual, and it is very, very complex.

    What triggers it and what soothes it is so different for so many people that anybody who claims they’ve found a link (without proper scientific double-blind trials, involving a large study base) is talking nonsense. I’m not saying they’e all out for the money, but they’re talking nonsense.

    That said, I can understand why you’d be willing to try this too, given that you have to deal with a 2-year old who can’t possibly deal with this. Heck, I even tried washing my face with diluted apple cider vinegar, because somebody said it helped. I hope it works, I really do. But don’t go about not trying the other methods.

    And for how long you should expect this to last? Well…maybe years. Maybe decades. Yes, it’s a crap deal (no pun intended), but at least she’s got all her limbs and senses and faculties. Sometimes we’ve just got to take what we get.

    Me: *stuffs her fingers in her ears and glares balefully*

  18. Rhombus discovered America.He was looking for India.But he was too drunk on rhum.
    5000 per month for a kid’s tuition fee is cheap???????My masters in JNU was 150 rs.per month.
    Babies ARE expensive proposition…I can’t afford one. 😦

  19. I personally have no issues with “alternatives” especially when it comes to skin problems-allopathy just doesn’t have anything apart from symptomatic treatment.
    I believe that anyone who comes up with a “cure” for asthma will make his/her millions as there is nothing worse than seeing a child/adult struggle to breathe and no parent will spare any expense if it worked.
    And I agree with Kenny above,a more helful/earning their keep pair would be hard to find!:)

  20. MM,

    I hate to rain on your parade, but eczema and asthma are such a crapshoot – I’m wary of *any* single treatment that says it cures these conditions…especially as the Bean is not allergic to obvious allergens. Not sure what to believe re: pranic healing – I know several people who swear by it, but as an outsider, I think I can see a placebo effect – but hey, if it works for them, I don’t want to change that!

    Me: zackly!

    I don’t believe that allopathy has all the answers any more than ayurveda or homeopathy do – my experience with homeo has been less than stellar, but Ayurveda, when I was able to follow all the rules (diet/medication schedule/various extracts etc.) did help to some extent – to me, it boils down to how long it works, and with what modification of your “normal” lifestyle – while I can see that doing yoga and pranayama and leading an overall stree-free life would be great for my asthma (I have stress and activity – induced asthma as well as allergen-induced), quitting my job or moving cities isn’t practical.

    In that sense, I see the recession as being a good thing – overall life has slowed down in many places, and I even noticed that in India this trip – so maybe we all will feel a little healthier soon!

    Good luck and God grant you strength to do the needful!


    P.S. geometric shapes – introduced in the 3-6 year classroom in montessori, as also letters/reading/writing – is Brat’s school montessori based? My kids came out of montessori aged 6 (I kept them there for their kindergarten year) reading and writing at public school 2nd grade level – with no effort from us, apart from usual reading to kids at home etc.

    Me: No, I wasnt complaining about what is being taught – so much as pointing out that I wasnt supporting the poor child because I only taught him simple shapes. had no idea so much more would be taught in the other school

  21. MM, I had bad childhood asthma and had to be admitted at the hospital at least once a month. I was on all sorts of restrictions,diet, exercise, and suffered throughout my entire childhood.

    It suddenly disappeared when I turned 12, had a realllly bad attack on my 16th birthday and *touch wood* havent had a attack since then. However I always have a inhaler somewhere in my house till recently.

    So it does go away..but no one knows when! And GND, I think she said it worked initially or something..

  22. MM, dont know how helpful this would be, but i’ve had a long standing problem of swollen/ painful limbs/ knee joints and swollen face due to water retention. I am currently on R20 drops (Dr Reckweg). This is Homotoxicology, which is some simplified homeopathy. Been on it for 4 months now and see a marked overall difference.
    This R series (it goes from 1 to 90, i think) covers cures for lots of illnesses, including asthma and eczema. Have heard of it to be effective, if you find a good practitioner who can prescribe this, you may want to try it. It does not have too many restrictions and consists of drops (in an alcohol base) to be had before meals, 4-5 times a day. Hope you find a permanent cure for the Eczema.
    Hugs to the babies.

  23. I completely agree with alternative therapy! My husband had carpel tunnel trouble and we solved the issue with massages and exercises.Take care!Hugs to the babies…

    Could you share the ‘name/number’ of the perfect red shade of lipstick? Thanks!!!

    Me: oh i feel awful now – the bottom has just rubbed off the lipstick case and i cant read the name 😦 all i can tell you is that it was an aviance colour – blue and gold case. but the thing is, you need to find the right shade for you. not what i use. and the first time i used it i thought it looked awful. then i realised that i just think its awful becaues i am unused to seeing red on my face. i barely use it even now – but when i do – it makes a world of difference

  24. About a few years back, I developed allergies to a specific type of pollen.

    The first couple of years, I was on anti-histamine drugs popping one every day. I hated it but had to do it to avoid a lot of achoo’ing. Then I tried homeopathy med called Allium Cepa, which supposedly was an extract of onions. It slowly induces the irritable sensation, lets the body gets used to it, and, then when pollen occurs, avoids the allergic reaction.

    I am told allergies are a way body tries to protect itself albeit in an extreme way. So subtle ways to develop immunity it seems infinitely better than popping pills.

    Me: exactly! I am told this just builds the immunity and keeps a lot of allergens away.

  25. I completely understand the whole concept of “allopathy was alternative when we were growing up and it was sacrilege to pop a pill for a headache” 🙂 Homoeopathic it is for me.. for my migraines to hurting my knee… Allopathic meds are only if there is no other way to heal my body.

  26. Came back thrice…didn’t want to be the drop of skepticism:) But anyway, I hope it all works out…this is a good time to try it since they’re so young. And yes…belief and positive thinking gives power to whatever you’re trying:)

    I went thru’ all the homeo route and the Reiki and the Pranic healing (courtesy my mom). It didn’t work for Divya’s asthma, altho’ homeo did cure me, both in my childhood and 3 years ago. Two hospitalisations and a general downturn in her quality of life and all the restrictions we placed on her finally broke my heart. She’ now put on the preventive inhaler for the monsoon and winter and does fine. She’s getting to participate fully in sports and we don’t have out hearts in our mouths at imaginary or real triggers.

    What I’ve figured is, that if we don’t put her on the steroid inhaler, she ends with with at least 4-5 courses of antibiotics and oral steroids anwyay…so in my mind this is waaaaay less medication.

    Steroid is not a bad word. Like ?!! above, I agree that nobody understands asthma and allergies who hasn’t lived with it. My dad is a severe asthmatic and I know how steroids have saved him, and how he manages his medication with the least amount necessary. I also know that he’s improved amazingly recently with allergy injections and more alternative therapies from my mom (past-life regression, pranic healing, affirmations, visualisations and breathing exercises), at the age of 64!

    I’d suggest that anyone trying alternative remedies always keep a allo back-up ready…kids can get into trouble pretty fast with their small lungs. Alternatives do work for lots of people, but there’s nothing heroic in witholding drugs for someone struggling to breathe.

    For Divya I’ve decided that we will try out alternatives sometime when she is 8-9 and able to recognise her own symptoms and participate more fully in healing.

    Me: actually we have a family full of asthmatics and like I’d done a rather guilt ridden post long ago – the bean gets her eczema from my side of the family too. everyone deals with it through alternative therapies. my brother learnt from yoga to control breathing and some weird system of swallowing water and throwing it up as a cure. worked like a dream. we DO have inhalers for emergencies but we’d prefer to stick to allo for emergencies and find gentler methods of dealing with something so regular

  27. MM, 500 bucks in cheap???????? My annual tuition for my law degree wass 6000 bucks. See there’s a good reason why we’r postponing kids as of now…too expensive. How on earth would I ever buy shoes? I need to stock up on a lifetime supply before we get to kids me thinks 😛

    Me: smart idea 😀

  28. Dear MM,

    My daughter is couple of months older than Brat and is enrolled into Jr. KG. Theirs is a CBSE school, but their approach to teaching is very very different as compared to a lot of schools I’ve seen. Its neither montessori nor any pattern I’m aware of, but whatever it is, it seems to be working fine. They spend more time outside their class than inside – and that too only when they are doing indoor games or eating, sleeping etc. as theirs is a day-boarding school. They don’t start writing till the second half of Sr.KG. The only writing they do is writing alphabets on sand, or making alphabets using their fingers, or drawing alphabets using crayon – they don’t do any disciplined writing. But, they do start reading early. Aru has been so thrilled since she discovered that she can read words in the newspaper, on billboards, in her story books that she just can’t have enough of it. I’m quite happy with the school and Aru also loves her school. But, I do have moments of self-doubt. Academically, every child her age, in the neighbourhood, seems far ahead of her. I mean kids her age have been filling up pages and pages writing alphabets and more recently writing words like ‘butterfly’, ‘today’, ‘story’. I wonder if I’m doing the right thing and I feel confused. I tell myself that this whole schooling is a 15-16yr long process, so we probably don’t need to stress too much on yearly milestones. At least, not initially. So, we are probably okay. Dunno!

    Btw, I don’t think she knows what a rhombus is, may be a cylinder, but not a rhombus 🙂

    Me: I think that is brilliant. would you please mail and tell me which school she goes to? is it in the suburbs?

  29. MM,
    the school is in Gurgaon. And the kids are both down – 1 with fever and the other with a sniffy nose, I refuse to give in and start panicking…
    Even i thought 5 k was a lot, delhi schools scare me – do you know that when Ta had to get admission- there was no interview at all? The school believes that children are all equal, they just learn differently- so the hubby and I merrily strolled in , learnt some diff ways of learning and then hoped that it was Ta’s lucky day coz the admission was by draw of lots. Cool na? ( why do you think I went there) Now Mimi will also go there so I chill for some time atleast.

    Me: oh poor babies 😦 dont worry. mine were there too – with all the symptoms – flu, fever, vomiting, upset tummy. but they are okay now and yours will be too.
    about the school – how awesome. so is this big school too or playschool alone? because i know they’re still interviewing kids in the NCR region because the ruling is only for Delhi schools

  30. 5K for nursery? *faints* How are you people affording it, esp those with two kids. I am going to do a post on living expenses very soon!

    Me: honey, i love you but i must disillusion you. its about double that!

  31. Whoa! I just felt tired reading this through 🙂 Hugs to Brat and Bean.. and more power to you and the OA.

    BTW, is there a way to find out if there might be an alternative therapy for Lactose Intolerance as well – a website maybe? The doc asked me to pop pills endlessly, so I gave up on that. Please let me know if you know of something..the internet has varying information.. some sources say that popping Lactase tablets before you drink milk each time is the only way, some say that the body can be habituated back to lactose. I’d love to find out how to make the latter happen.

    Me: this is the place for it dude! its an allergy sort of thing. the body reacting against something you are feeding it. see if you’d like to give it a shot. see the way i look at it, its only the loss of a little money and a little faith. no great harm done unlike popping pills that have side effects

  32. LOL! Kenny’s got a point. You make those pore chillun work for their keep and I know for a fact Bean has to sing a lot so there you go, she’s singing for her supper.

    I don’t believe in such treatments but I saw Reiki work amazingly on Esha in front of me so I don’t knock them either. Whatever works, babe. And in the meantime you get massaged. Hugs.

  33. For Neha:

    This may be a little difficult in India, where doodh is such a common part of the diet. But there is hope.

    The problem most lactose-intolerant people have is with milk in its purest form. Byproducts, like curd or cheeses, are generally digested better by the body, because they have some form of bacteria in them. You might try eating just those, starting with small quantities every few days, to see if that helps.

    And seriously, you don’t need to drink milk. The human body only digests about 20% of the nutrients from pure milk, so you’re better off eating calcium tablets. That said, see if you can source rice milk. It’s enriching, it’s good to taste, and it’s healthy. I’d suggest soya-based milk, but there’s a whole bunch of protein-related issues with that.

  34. “My life has always been about foolishly learning from my own experiences rather than from others’ mistakes. At least it makes for an interesting life!”

    I wonder why people never understand that his/her experience is a lesson only for them and that it can actually never fit for the rest!

    Me: *standing ovation* I agree. 100%

  35. MM, I know you have talked about very serious stuff in this post… But I just couldn’t concentrate on your post cos’ I kept getting distracted by your blog header!

    Toh while I know you talked about bean’s eczema, brat’s school, you getting accupressure massages for free, ALL I can think of is- even I want a house with a super big humongous BIG TERRACE!!!

    (Mine was probably the MOST irrelevant comment on this post!)

  36. Keep the faith! My dad who is a PhD scholar(technical field) studied Homeopathy because when I was 6 months old the doctors suggested my tonsils be removed. He wanted to avoid surgery on his little girl and here I am today. And no, I never had to have them removed. I also give homeopathy to my son for most ailments as well! Hubby is slowly starting to believe in it too. 🙂
    PS – Love your blog!

  37. MM, at long last I have proof for what I had suspected for a long time…YOUR DAY MUST HAVE 36HOURS! if not more! How do you do it?? But let me tell you..your hard work is going to pay! Antibiotics and steroids are bad news, It is great that you are working so hard to keep your children away from ’em. God bless you and help you to be successful…you will raise a pair of love healthy kids with robust immune systems!! Best of luck!

  38. My little one’s eczema magically vanished when he stopped milk and moved on to pediasure instead. I thank god for that terribly expensive alternative everyday!! This was after he had just turned two. Till then, there were even days when the husband and i have just wept – we didnt know where to hold him coz he was just oozing all over. Hang in there…i know how frustrating and helpless you must feel. If you are already on homeopathy, light in the tunnel is just around the corner!

  39. MM,
    no wonder i look up to you always… one thing for sure, me and my hubby would have succumbed to that kind of pressure. i just pray to God that all four of you remain happy together always.

    Me: LOL! Don’t worry babe. When the pressure comes, you ALWAYS stand up to it. Thats what parenthood brings – a sort of strength na?

  40. long time lurker here. my 18th month old son has eczema, but its much better after we avoided top 8 allergens. have you tried avoiding dairy. nuts etc? anyway, please do post about this NAET results. i want to try it on my son.


    Me: Anju – hi! Yes, we have tried avoiding but that just makes life so sad. So much better if we can find a cure na? For instance the Bean and Brat seem to be allergic to Vitamin C and B Complex. If we were to avoid those completely, they’d have lacking diets. I’d much rather find a cure if possible, than keep eliminating food groups

  41. Babe, as I told you, if it works, if it gives you hope, go for it. Ive given up being scientific and practical since the brat. Dammit, I even do the black cord round neck and panchdhatu kada on wrist and nazar utarna, whatever works to keep them healthy and well….

    And no, I am not support staff. I am slave and serf.

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  43. hello MM, i am priya living in CA. My daughter has severe eczema and has milk allergy. can you please share your experience with NAET. i am looking forward for your reply. please reply me

    • Hi Priya,
      The lady who tried NAET on us moved away before completing the course, so I will never know. I do know people who swore by it and put us on to it, so I assume it works. I wish you luck with it and I hope your daughter outgrows it.

      • thanks for replying MM. we have lot of NAET practitioner in california..but when i went for the first consulting couple of things scared me.
        1.they said the after effects can be worse that means eczema can go bad..before it gets better..we already have that experience it hoemopathy.

        2. they said if you don’t complete the treament. it will affect you more than that cannot be cured..

        we came out saying we need time to think about it..

        anyways thanks for replying…

And in your opinion....

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