Dear Gopika

… I wanted to thank you.

Growing up, I was taught to write thank you notes but I seem to have dropped the habit somewhere along the way. It’s been ages since I wrote one and I might be a little rusty but this seems like a good time to resurrect the habit, so do forgive me if it doesn’t come out right. I’d never have met you if it hadn’t been for Manju, so I really owe her.

You see, I don’t believe in organised religion. Yes, I enjoy hymns and reading Bible stories to my kids, but thats more because of the familiarity it brings. I say my prayers in the way I was taught again, because its the only way I know how. I am one of those people who are rather confused and don’t know where they stand on the Religious – aethist – agnostic scale.

I was quickly reaching the stage where agnostic seemed to be the coolest and simplest thing to be, but something didn’t ring true. And then I met you.

I followed you through your search for the truth. Up hills and down valleys, through ashrams and gurus. Through quasi motherhood. Not because I imagined you’d give me answers and I’d end my search through yours. But because I wanted to find, even if only on paper, someone who was as keen to find an answer as I am.

And I did. Now I know it isn’t important to have answers. That I don’t need to accept what is commonly believed. That like you, I need to find my own path and my own answers. And I must thank you for the courage you gave me. And for the hope.

Much love,


PS: No, I don’t do reviews of books if I ‘know’ the author. I feel very uncertain of my opinion and I wonder how much of it is coloured by my friendship. I usually only write if I totally hate a book and want to do my good deed for the day by warning off potential buyers or then if I want to discuss something I read in it.

And I definitely don’t comment on structure, form or any other such thing because I don’t believe I am qualified to until I write a book! 😉 Which isn’t ever going to happen.


15 thoughts on “Dear Gopika

  1. ooh The Grashopper’s book. Been visiting her lovely blog lately and chanced upon the book. Will order, then. If u say so, MM. 😀 Also because I am as muddled in the upper storey with religious matters. No clue where I stand and what to believe in. everything seems like the best answer.

  2. ok not to miss the point but “aethist” ka spelling fix karo.

    me: argh. spell check spell check spell check. why dont i ever just do a spell check?! thanks 😀

  3. i liked gopika too. even though i am a confirmed atheist, being an atheist did not alienate me from gopika’s free spirit and her search for the core she believes in.

  4. This post struck such a chord in me my dear, because I feel so lonely on my spiritual path. I have so many, MANY questions, but nobody to help me find the answers.

    I need somebody I can go to with my questions, who can argue with me, help me think, give me answers or at least set me on the path to find them myself. I need someone to help me look. There’s noone I can discuss all this with and it makes me feel so lost at times 😦

    I few days ago, I think, I THINK, I may have met just such a person.

    My thoughts are still to jumbled for a post, but I will be writing about it soon.

    Me: all the best with that… let me know if you figure it out!

  5. I am conveying your thanks to the Mountain, as it was His grace that wrote the book.

    But since I sent you the copy, I accept a part of the thanks, you are most most welcome, darling. It was the least I could do as a token of my appreciation for your wonderful blog.

    You give us hope too, you keep our spirits up, and you inspire us to clean our houses and be nice to our kids.

    much love,


  6. I so want to read this MM, Grasshopper. Is there a way to buy this from US?


    Me: ask manju on her blog … I have no idea how its available there.

  7. I will check out the book as well. Thanks for recommending.
    A small confusion…Manju is the author of the book and also has a blog. Who is Gopika? The main character in the book?

    Me: yep. the main character

  8. But isn’t that exactly what agnostics are? Someone who is doubtful or noncomittal about the existence of God?

    Me: umm… I do believe there is a God. Or a supreme force. I’m very doubtful about the rest of the rigmarole. the ritals, the stories, the myths, the restrictions, the laws

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