Esha – People for the blind

I’ve been wanting to talk about Esha for a while now but with a lot of work and personal committments I didn’t get the chance.  I kept delaying it in the hope of writing a fresh post but time is running out and I’d rather you get to know more about it while you still remember, so I am using Ki Jaana’s entire post here. You probably remember the awareness poll I put up a few weeks ago. Well here’s the rest. Do go over to her blog with any queries you might have.
Esha is an initiative that works towards employment for the visually disabled. What sets it apart is that Esha does not make contract workers – we are in the business of creating blind entrepreneurs. All our sevice offerings are such that they can be best delivered by a blind professional. In addition, we groom the person to take on additional responsibility for the other aspects of running a service setup independently.

The current service offerings of Esha are:
1. Braille enabled visiting cards – our flagship product. Your regular visiting card, gets a distinct identity with a few raised dots.. Braille.

2. Theater Workshops – These versatile workshops help in sensitisation, team building and a general good time. They are available for office teams, teachers, others in a work environment. Personally, methinks the ppl who benefit most from these workshops are kids – gives them a total change of perspective that is VERY good for their general life coping skills.

3. Tactile Maps – These, alongwith the braille enabled visiting cards, are the quick fixes that get you brownie points with very little effort. For a visitor to see your braille enabled cards, and then to see tactile maps being available.. is very impressive. They don’t have to know it took less than 2 hours of one person’s time to get it all in place.

4. Accessibility Audits: These are for the really involved. Any facility – public or private, can get an audit to figure out how well a blind person would fare in your space.. its an eye opener. But the real eye opener is the simple steps that come in the report. Imperceptible changes that make one realise how easy it is to make a space accessible for everyone.

5. Braille Greeting Cards – Any card with braille added to it, or a special card made all in braille with words of your choice.. perhaps even an embossed image.. they’re fun things to send to a blind school on the New year.. or on the birthday of a child.. The Blind never get greeting cards.

 To know more, go to

And if you are interested in partnering with Esha for your corporate social responsibility initiatives, contact Esha at

The Esha blog is here.


4 thoughts on “Esha – People for the blind

  1. thanks, MM ! useful like for the work i do. (i used to read on and off; gotten really busy now. lovely blog !!)

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