The lessons I learnt from money

..or what I learnt about money the day we broke the Brat and Bean’s gullak (desi piggy bank made of clay!)

1. Money can turn father and child against each other. The OA and I were counting the coins and stacking them up and the Brat and Bean were steadily knocking over the stacks of coins the OA put up. The OA kept yelling in vain – I could almost swear I saw a tear ;). Miraculously  – neither of them touched my stacks of coins!!

2. Money can make you cry. Again – it made the OA cry – because the kids then helpfully tried to put up the stacks again and mixed up the coins of various denominations in his towers!

3. Money educates. Well in this case the Bean heard us counting the coins and this morning she told the OA that she has One thousand eight hundred rupees! Yes, my two year old heard it somewhere, understood that 1800 was a figure used in the context of money, retained it and spouted it at the most appropriate time!

4. Money brings much joy. It does. The gullak was broken open with much fanfare and the kids screamed with laughter when they saw the coins come rushing out.

5. Money makes people flatter you. The Brat kissed me in exchange for the privilege of being allowed to be the one who dropped and broke it!

6. Money can make your daughter throw you out of your own house. The Bean for instance wanted to run away with the shiniest coin and when we foolishly tried to just count what she had in her little palm she turned around with a  – ‘Shoo away, shoo… go away.’ Yes, just like that. As though we were flies.

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55 thoughts on “The lessons I learnt from money

  1. I have one too! As in I STILL have it back at our place in Bombay.

    Only difference is mine is this really pretty tin container that was previously filled with Lindt chocolates. I collected a lot of five ruppee coins in it over the years and now I have a tough time opening it cos’ it has gotten all rusty! Gah!

    NOW I understand why everyone uses those piggy banks made of clay!

  2. You words strike a chord.. I mean I was just away for a few days.. Your Fight the fight is making me cry. There are quite a few lines which I have read more than 10 times now…

  3. Hey MM, that s a lot of lesson coming from the piggy bank.It’s a joy to kids to break the gullak and see the coins going to every corner of the house. Then going beneath the cot to fetch them can be exciting. so what did the kids decide to do with the dough?

  4. too cute. 🙂 methinks time for another round of ‘suthi potu-fying’.

    i loves the beans cutesy frock. your kids are always so well dressed and i’m guessing you’re not dressing them up before every round of pics :D. and if you say these are ‘just ghar ke kapde’ – i’ll have to hang my head in shame cos it will mean my kids are dressed shabbily inside the house and out. heh.

    Me: okay lets put it this way. I am just plain anal and anyway before clothes become too shabby I send them off to either the orphanage or give them to friends’ kids so that we get enough wear out of it. Now my kids will grow up and need therapy for having to be dressed decently all the time while yours will be free spirited and creative. really. See – its so simple to blame it on my anal retentive ways na?

  5. So you’ve given up on protecting your face, is it? The snaps over the past three months or so keep showing a bit more each time.

    Me: LOL! its too common a face to be recognised! I defy anyone who doesnt know me to recognise me!

  6. awwwww. this is so much fun! it brought back such fond memories of my childhood! we had a plastic one- we called him the motu seth. motu seth was the cause of much anxiety between my bro n me. he wanted to use the money for his baddie racket and i wanted to buy ma a gift. I won finally. i remembr collecting 50 bucks and then giving the motu seth to an uncle requesting him to please buy my mom- ‘kulfi moulds’. i had heard ma tell one of her friends that she’d love to make kulfi for us, but never had the moulds…so there..:). very sweet post.

  7. 🙂

    hehe! thats just so perfect!

    i remember having one for meself and then i would take all the coins to the kirana guy to get notes! 😀

    later on the money that came from raddi sold was my brothers and mine. i would demand my share even after i started earning! 😀

    so what gonna be done with this pile of money?! 🙂

    Me: well right now they dont care for money. so its going into an account for them. lets see how long we can get away with it!

  8. Like the pics! I remember my gullak days, so much fun! What innocence it is to get joy and be surprised with one’s own savings. Much love to both your babies!

  9. Ahh, the tricky ways of money. So money is how sneaky mom’s buy their kisses? This post is making me go ‘Aaja aaja dil nichode, koi goodluck nikale, koi gullak to tode!’

  10. truer words were never spoken :). I love the way you turn a simple activity into a fun story. I guess that’s what differntiates the writers from the wannabe writers. I will state the obvious : are your kids adorable or what?

  11. ” ‘Shoo away, shoo… go away.’ Yes, just like that. As though we were flies.”

    ROFL! She is cuteness personified.

  12. Are they going to buy anything special with it?

    Money makes the world go round!

    Dude didnt someone recognize your fingers.
    I am telling you the paparazzi is going to hound you and once they see the swing, all is gone.

    Me: yeah – I am convinced it was more than that 🙂 someone must have told her !

  13. <>

    Do not challenge, MM. Incidentally, there was a girl on the plane who had such an uncanny resemblance to you that I wondered if it *was* you. But of course it wasn’t – she spoke fluent Telugu and you don’t. (At least I think you don’t).

    Anyway, nice post!

  14. Me: LOL! its too common a face to be recognised! I defy anyone who doesnt know me to recognise me!

    Do not challenge, MM. Incidentally, there was a girl on the plane who had such an uncanny resemblance to you that I wondered if it *was* you. But of course it wasn’t – she spoke fluent Telugu and you don’t. (At least I think you don’t).

    Anyway, nice post!

  15. Awwww… you know, were i to be living in Delhi, i would have become the Brat and Bean’s favorite baby sitter by now! 🙂
    In a world filled with increasingly precocious kids, the Brat and Bean and their adorable-ness is sheer awesome-ness! 🙂 Hugs and god bless, Babies.

  16. Why do u look so different from every angle.

    Me: psst.. because its not really me. I use random pics lifted off the net to confuse people;)

    First i thought that was not you. Then read the post and found out that was indeed you. I had a certain image of you from your earlier pics now that is gone.

    BTW the gullak concept is so cute. We had one too while growing up. It was read plastic bear initially which had to be cut open and next my parents brought us a plastic shoe, like the one at hanging gardens in Mumbai.

  17. reminds me of those old Donald Duck cartoons where Uncle Scrooge liked to swim in his swimming pool full o’ money…

    Except he only really seemed to enjoy it when he was around the ppl he loved
    (that was a regressionist flashback!)

  18. You know MM, growing up I had one of those “Handiplast” piggybanks. I guarded MY money so religiously … and there were those last few days of the month sometimes when my mother requested for some money … and lending her MY money made me feel soooooooo big and responsible.

  19. A pome for you:

    You are so thin
    You still have a chin!

    Me: LOL! A pome! I haven’t heard that word in ages! And honey – all I have is a very determined chin. When I was really thin, it had its own pincode.

  20. “And honey – all I have is a very determined chin.”
    Hey, let’s not forget those flashy white teeth. My eyes still suffer from afterimages thanks to that header snap you once put up.

    Me: well of course I have all the relevant bits and pieces that most humans do. my point merely was that I am not thin. that determined chin will stay on even when I am a 100 kilos and growing! 😀

    as for your eyes – they suffered? 😦

  21. ‘Gullak’!! We used to have one right through our childhood and even now my mom drops odd coins into it. Its better than the piggy bank specially because who breaks the piggy bank and hears the coins crash and go running all around !

    Eh ! 😛 This comment might turn into a post..I shall take this away to my blog. 🙂

    Love the pics !! And I am sure I could not recognize you if I saw you !

  22. You know what I did,
    all their money from the gullak ( they get fancy ones thesedays- I used to have a pink piggy!). They money was neatly organised into coins of 1,2s are 5 s- seperated and stored so that they could buy gifts for one another. But obviously, we forget to take the 2 kg pack with us when e go out and there it lies!

  23. Thanks for the pic. i have a similar top (gifted by a friend from lucknow), but it is pretty loose so havent worn it yet. please tell me if u wear such tops loose? i tried getting it altered here, but the tailor said it will spoil the top if i alter it

    Me: What nonsense – you can definitely alter it. but you lose the embroidery on the shoulders.

  24. hmmm…. thanks. let me have a second look at the top now… u have reminded me of a top that has been in the wardrobe for nearly 3 years 🙂

  25. Hubby dear is a banker yes? Maybe you should think about securitizing your piggy bank.
    “You know, For kids!”

    So may I interest you in a new SIV my company has floated..

  26. What a great post!
    You’re right – money does teach so many lessons. I only realised a few weeks ago that my kids don’t know much about managing physical money because we use credit cards for everything! So my youngest daughter handed over half her money to her best friend because she “wanted to share the pretty shiney silver coins”! I have failed!

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