And finally pigs flew know swine flu? Bad joke? Don’t blame me. Blame Jedi. He’s been with us since he got back from Nepal and there’s only so long you can remain uninfected. Just like swine flu. After that it’s poor jokes and poor sleep.

Okay let me start at the beginning. It began with the kids waking up at 1 am and puking all over our bed (how do they time this shit and coordinate? This sibling bond nonsense is already paling!). Our life headed steadily down the crapper since (About ten days ago). Literally. Because then they started with the diarrhea. And crapped in turn. Then the cough, the cold, the fever – and the big swine flu scare.

It’s alright, you can let go of that breath you’re holding because they don’t have it. Thank God! In fact they’re going back to school today, all healed and thinner. But they gave us some terrifying nights.

In particular the Brat who had some 103.8 degrees of fever and was delirious. God I’m only 30 and can’t deal with this, I cried! The OA and I sat up all night putting ice packs on his forehead as he rambled on about planes and rhinos and Choina (Chennai!). The first time we laid the cold towel on him he writhed and screamed ‘Save me, help! Help…’ All funny in hindsight – or maybe we’re still hysterical. But at that moment the OA and I crumbled. Holding down your burning baby who is crying and trying to get away from his parents is not an experience I want to repeat. We’re obviously ill equipped to deal with their teens and heart break. By dawn his fever had not broken and it was hospital and the pediatrician.

One look at the high dosage she was prescribing and my heart skipped a beat. But we began and his fever fell and her stomach began to mend. And so did his. The OA and I worked alternately from home. He stayed home all morning and did his email and client calls until I got back at lunch and then left for work. And through this all, neither of us got a single night of sleep. Partly because the kids were still puking  and crapping and burning with fever and partly because of the terror that had gripped our hearts.

Swine flu is spreading, the terror is spreading faster and schools are closing down across the country. As I played ringa-ringa-roses with two well recovered kids today, I stopped and thought of the Plague. And who said we’re in the 21st century? We’re still being hit by epidemics. They’re just different ones. Something rather scary about that.

We have iPods and Wii. We have wi-fi and jet flights. We go to the moon and back. But we’re still dropping like flies to a new virus. Amazing.

It’s been an interesting ten days inspite of the kids’ sickness or maybe because of it, because its forced us to stay home and friends like Jedi and Oye Pancho have kept us company through long vigils. We put the kids to bed and sit out on the balcony chatting into the night over a glass of something strong (Oh – I am officially a wine drinker now although I forgot to tell you when I started!) – and kept an ear out for the kids.

From Ayurveda to our duty towards our parents, we’ve discussed everything. And I have learnt that I am pitta dosha predominant – responsible for my fiery temper and my hair loss!

The kids have also got a break from tired, worried parents. The Bean for instance, cannot deal with the fact that Jedi didn’t immediately fall in love with her and worship at her altar. So she began to try to catch his attention by jumping on her father, singing to me and all the while keeping an eye on him. When all else failed she drank a glass of water, handed the empty glass to him and walked away!

To which Jedi told 18 year old Cousin K – this is how you treat women. Learn early  – ignore them and they come running. Yes of course I let them have the rough edge of my tongue.

Anyway  – it’s early morning. I am over worked, sleepy, exhausted and relieved that the kids are fine. That it was only a scare and not the real thing. They’ve lost a lot of weight and are rather pale  – but raring to go back to school and have been declared fit.

 For the rest of you – I have some remedies that seem to be doing the SMS rounds. I don’t know how effective they are so do check with your doctor.

1. Keep a handkerchief (do people still posess those?) with a few drops of eucalyptus oil on it and keep smelling it through the day

2. Give Influenzum 200 pills, three times a day for 5 days  – homoeopathy for swine flue prevention

3. Gelsmium 30, twice a day for prevention. Apparently it was proved effective in the treatment of swine flu in France a decade back and has been reported in the British Journal of Clinical Medicine.

AGAIN – I am not a doctor and can’t recommend any of this with surety so DO check with your doctor before trying any of them.

Here are the symptoms in case you don’t already know them.


Read more here. Stay well, stay safe, wash your hands often and don’t go to crowded places. God bless!


42 thoughts on “And finally pigs flew

  1. glad to read about your kids recovery…hope they stay fit and healthy.
    i enjoyed reading the part about how bean tried to grab your friend’s attention.
    get some sleep and rest!

  2. I got another one for you…They said a black man would become the President of US when pigs fly…100 days after Obama became the President, swine flu! 🙂

    Glad the kids are alright, a couple of pounds lighter but they will get back soon enough. Just feed the Bean enough chicken and none of those damn veggies.

    Me:LOL! yes – she is asking for chicken only! and I love the joke. good one.

  3. Gosh, all this swine flu business is very scary. Here in Australia, we have been through the worst of it (I think), and I guess now its repeating itself in India. Take care guys, and glad to hear the Brat and the Bean are doing better 🙂

  4. Tell me about it…we were packing our bags last night to take Divya for testing..she managed to have a headache, fever, running nose, wheezing, fast breathing and generally making my heart stop cold. Talk about panic.

    Yes, we’re all on homeopathy too. Glad B&B are better. And that you survived the terror. I didn’t think I would able to hold up if we really had to go in for testing. Take care MM.

  5. Hey Ram! They flew…

    But are the schools working there? I mean time in and time out the news channel reports of school not working at almost all states now!

  6. Good to know the kids are better now… u really scared us with the first few lines.

    So, is that what even i am supposed to do when i meet Bean (whenever that is) .. on second thoughts i think it would be very difficult for me to ignore her 🙂

  7. Awww my heart goes out for you both. It’s good you had company else you’d have gone crazy seeing the kids suffer. Feels like I’d be in trouble in future 😛
    Thank heavens it’s all done now and the babies are back to school. *anti jinx*
    I’ve got so many SMSes and emails suggesting a different variety of prevention that I got confused and decided not to follow any of that. Of course keeping oneself safe and washing hands and all that has become a daily routine now.
    But still, a scare is a scare! Take care of yourselves and the kids.
    Love. Hugs.

  8. been there MM recently.

    my 16 month old had fever 101-103 for more than three days and the poor child just clung to us. Burning and quietly suffering.

  9. glad the little ones are feeling better. i do know the heartache of watching over a fevered child. hunter is our fever champion…his high to date is 105.5. scary stuff.

  10. Dear MM,

    Glad to hear that your kids are fine, I am also at Delhi so understand it a bit more.. regarding the scare. My younger daughter is also having viral fever I just was so terrified. But she is a lot better today so I am a bit relieved.

    take care

  11. Hi MM,

    No maid around so been away from commenting for quite some time. Yohaan doesnt give me much free time. Many of us in my christian circles have been wondering whats all this epidemic business…strange kinds of virus’ and mutations…and we have been wondering if it is the Bibilical end times!! Food for thought, for me that is.

    Me: 🙂 could well be. and hey – no harm having a glass of wine !

    Am glad the kids are better. Btw, I ever drank and just started on some wino myself…hubster is worried now…dont think a glass or two will make us alchoholics tho!!


  12. Gawd. A dozen people in the country dead and everyone goes mad about it. Noone points out that most other communicable diseases EACH kill hundreds of people in the country on a daily basis. You’re more likely to get TB or cholera or be mowed down on the road than you are to get swine flu.

    Hurrah on the wine drinking!

    And you DON’T carry a hanky?! I never leave the house without one.

    Me: perakath – you’re a pest. Are either of them spreading as fast as this? and i quit already – I gave it some thought last night and figured I liked the nice contrary image I have 😀

    and no I DONT carry a hanky – thats what I keep a man around for. to carry hankies and to throw his coat over puddles for me.

  13. Phew! That must have been SCARY. Glad that the babies are OK.

    Here’s a gem I received yesterday:
    500 people get swine flu and the whole world wants to wear surgical masks
    …20 million people have AIDS and no one wants to wear a condom!

    Me: LMAO. you and perakath are the pits. Although I am loathe to lump anyone with him!

  14. Of course, there’s no need to comment on the irony of linking to two ‘foreign power’ websites, is there? Has the Ministry of Health even issued official ads on TV and in the newspapers there?

  15. phew! u scared me there.. Glad it was not swine flu n the kids are all ok now 🙂 *hugs*
    Lil p’s school has shut down for a week.. n i don’t see any respite.. really scary.. I can’t really imagine what u n OA must hav gone through. n the poor kids. Just real real glad that every1s ok!

  16. I am glad to hear they are feeling better!The swine flu joke- might be pc but I found it hilarious :)My niece is down with a fever and cold and my cousin is terrified. My friend lives in Pune and she’s going crazy entertaining her sons the whole day,she’s not sure when they’re going to reopen school.

  17. We had a really nasty scare too as soon as we came back from India – whole family in quarantine and what not..the drama!

    I couldn’t really breathe right till we got the test results back.

    So glad the two angels are fine! and LOL at the Bean’s seduction.. you SO taught her the glass trick! OA, back me up here!

  18. i m glad your kids are fine. this is just a request- do not try to use or promote neem-hakeem type remedies. they do more harm than good .
    i agree tht the pandemic is spreading fast but many more people die of diabetes or even walking on the road ! so no need to panic.WHO has issued guidelines which should be taken as the last word.

    Me: Oh of course – I should hunt them down and link them up then. Naturally the WHO Guidelines will be the best. That said – its not so much panic as spreading awareness. we really do need to protect ourselves, never mind how many people die of accidents! unlike diabetes, this kills faster!

    as for the medication – you’re right – which is why i put a disclaimer. check with your doctor and dont go by my post. i too cannot be sure of the source. finally – having checked myself, both homoeo meds are just immunity promoters, nothing stronger or harsher. and the eucalyptus oil is a simple remedy we’ve all grown up using to ward off flu.

  19. gosh MM – my sympathies and huggs…i can never forget those 8 days when jia was down with an unexplained flu..the fever would never go below a hundred degrees even with medication..and no antibiotics from the doc..who believed he should fight it himself.

    i never slept in those 8 days.

    and one tip – tap water sponges are as effective as ice packs and less stressful than ice to a kid..that’s what the doc told me then..


  20. Read the first few lines and I was holding my breadth … thank God the kids the fine now. It must have been really scare.
    We just came back to the US after vacationing in India and Junior promptly fell sick … I was really worried … she is doing better now.

  21. Glad to know the kids are okay. It’s terrible when they get sick.

    I just wanted to let you know that we should use tap water and not ice packs or cold water to get the fever down. If it’s cold their bodies will shiver.

    Take care!

  22. Sorry for completely unrelated and probably stupid comment but the “thing” in the picture you put up for H1N1 seems to be vomiting out of his ear!

    I hope Brat and Bean put on the weight they lost soon…kids look so weak when they go through these bouts..

  23. Going off on a tangent here…strong tasting and strong smelling foods/oils/beverages tend to counteract homeopathic medicines. So eucalyptus/nilgiri oil should be used with a sufficient time gap after taking the homeo doses:)

    Me: good point!

  24. Oh boy that sounds horrid. I dunno how you guys did it with no support system. Here’s both kids are sick and I have my mom over and still I’m going nuts.

    Thank God they’re fine now ! God Bless. Keep them safe.

  25. Hey there,so glad that B&B are better-I did think of them while watching NDTV and the panic in India.
    Take care and don’t worry-if they have no underlying health issues,they should be able to overcome this.

  26. So glad Brat and Bean are fine. Boy, it was scary at first, reading the 1st paragraph. Everyone should take this epidemic seriously and start taking precautions by asking questions. Thanks for the info and god bless:)

  27. The MOST difficult thing in the world is seeing one’s children sick! It is then that we feel most helpless. Glad your kids are alright MM!

    But if there is anything more scary that H1N1, it is NDTV. They do all they can to increase the panic!

  28. Hey, This comes a bit late but I have to tell you….dad said a total of 842 people die almost EVERYDAY in india of the common-flu related disorders. And Swine flu is not something that new, just one of the 25000 odd flu viruses already in existence. In all probability, some of us might already have contracted and recovered before the TAMIFLU people came across the discovery (does remind one of MI:2) So, quit worrying and stay healthy. Also, try to take, and tell everyone (that is every adult for this is not meant for children AT ALL) to please take homeopathic Arsenic med, once a week (4 pills) for at least the next one-two months, anyways Gelsimum is always taken in combo with another med, usually arsenic only

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