The latest addition to our family

…is slim, black and 10.1 inches in size. And from Lenovo. Before you start wondering!


It’s been the best thing I could do because my damn PC crashed yet again. Anyone who dares to remind me that I should have backed up my pictures and data, is so asking for trouble. I would have if I’d remembered, no?! You think I want to lose all my pics?

Anyway, earning member of this family as I am now, I just went out and picked this up. It’s taking me ages to type this post but I shall persevere. Just to prove my husband wrong because he did suggest that I take the 15 inch one! No thanks to this traitor (hey! I knew him well before the OA did!) who told the OA on a total man to man level, ‘Dude, women will choose colour over specs.’ Err.. thanks, but I didn’t buy the pink laptop after all that! Further inputs were taken from the big burly friend my kids worship who said – ‘Well I’d waste my time telling you what to buy except that you’ll do exactly what you want anyway!’ Err.. okay.

It was rather useful immediately of course because a couple of days ago the Bean fell ill and I worked with her in my lap with the laptop on top of a cushion on top of her. And then finally with her on the floor as I worked. But I’m so thrilled to be able to come out of my room and work in the bright living room that I’m like a five year old in Disneyland!

Both kids have been sick for a week now. We panicked and thought it was swine flu (!!) but it doesn’t seem to be so. The OA and I are working alternate halves of the day from home. It’s also why blogging is slow around here.



44 thoughts on “The latest addition to our family

  1. 1. That was just so plain dumb , Mad Momma. You should have backed up your pictures and data ;). (Sorry; it was very hard to resist … when you throw a dare out like that….)

    Me :p you wait till I see you!

    2. You can schedule backups, you know. More tech-savvy people will tell you how.

    3. Congrats on the new laptop. Tell me, what’s it like typing away on a 10.1 inch laptop? Aren’t the keys crowded too close together? I really wanted to get one (it was sooo bloody cute!!!) but my husband and the salesperson ‘persuaded’ me that I would be better off with a larger one, especially if I really didn’t need to lug it around everywhere – which I don’t.

    Me: well in my case my old PC will be repaired for daily work. This is just for crisis moments. i hope not to spend too much time on it.

    4. Hope the kids get better soon.

  2. Hugs, kisses and prayers from me that the lil ones recover soon.
    Congratulations on the new acquisition πŸ™‚

  3. Oh man.. Take care of the babies… Was wonderin how com no posts.. and posts in the weekend… figures..

    Enjoy your gizmo..

  4. Hope the Brat and the Bean get better soon!
    By the way, lucky you, being able to work from home… I positively loathe my office space with the fluorescent lighting and the lack of windown and blah cubicles!

  5. A laptop’s great! With my desktop I was sort of stuck in the study, but it crashed, and I hadn’t backed up either – so welcome to the Club ! My PCs never last more than a year 😦 not sure why. With the laptop it’s nice to be able to put my feet up in a roomy chair, watch TV and keep an eye on the cooking and the kids at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking, yeah ? πŸ™‚

  6. my 17″ laptop crashed and the husband replaced it with a stupid 13 inch and I am so frustated. He says I ll get used to it, of course not I am so buying a desktop now, 19 inch monitor this time πŸ˜‰

    ahem, this in no way tells you that you got the wrong one, just that I cant get my head around this stupid tiny laptop!!!!

  7. I hope your kids are fine now….seems every other kid is suffering from this virus these days……My daughter and my brother’s son, both had to bear this for a week or so!

  8. How do you keep the kids away from your little toy?
    It looks cute- you’ll get used to the size soon enough, I’m sure.
    *Says she who refuses all offers of laptops from the spouse, as her fingers just don’t enjoy such small keyboards*

  9. Just a bit of caution….. that these small laptops do make it difficult for those who have some sort of joint related problem…..I had to discontinue using one as my spondilytis problem aggravated after using it for 4-5 months…… infact my finger joints started paining right after that……So my unsolicited advice would be -do not use it for long hours!

  10. Strange buncha fevers goin around…H1N1, typhoid, hand-foot-mouth (which I thought was a cattle disease!!), glad B&B are recovering.

    I long for a laptop too…for some reason I feel it’ll help me get mobile around the home (mainly to keep an eye on those kids o mine), but hubby thinks it’s too mobile…as in kids will wave it about and jump on it. Bah! I never win.

  11. Congrats on the new toy:)
    And lots of wishes for the Brat and Bean:) Hope they recover soon:)

    They look quite happy with themselves though πŸ˜€

  12. aw – the poor babies, though their bed on the floor looks lovely, so cool and breezy!

    10″ laptop? but WHY? You have wrist problems already don’t you? Why would you go for the small keyboard?

    And yes, I know I’m risking life and limb, but I will show you how to schedule backups for this PC – I assume you have an external drive of some kind?


  13. Hi Mad momma,
    Hope your kids are in the ‘pink of health’ now!! My 4 year old is just recovering from a rather bad attack of viral flu(yes we went through the swine flu scare as well!!)..hope to hear from u soon.

  14. Tell me about a small laptop-company replaced my 15″ with this 10″. I guess they dint figure in all the movie watching I ll be doing!

    *women chose color over specs*
    *shamefaced* bought 320Gb ext hard drive over 500GB because it was in this chic red color!

  15. Get well soon bnb! My vaio changed my life! Must buy: an external HDD to backup and transfer between your pc and laptop. No, bluetooth isn’t always the answer! And I COMPLETELY agree with Alok… mind your wrists!

  16. hi, i went to J-school with that traitor and can assure you theres nothing remotely traitorous about his comment…he’s just being true to himself there πŸ˜›

    Me: I know that. you interned together when I was old and retiring, remember? :p

    and yes I know he didnt mean to be treacherous but its such an chauvinistic comment. I plan to poison his dinner the next time we meet. which we do quite often now that they live in our city

  17. Depending on what the crash involved it should be possible to recover your data. I’ve seen it being recovered from pretty dicey situations so you might want to look around in Delhi to check if anyone does it for a reasonable price.

  18. The 10.1” baby looks cute to me. Can we see a close up please? To be more precise in our praises πŸ˜›
    And LOL you put a pillow on top of bean and kept lappy on it? Hehe reminded me of the baby-sitting joke.
    Awwww the kids are ill. I hope and wish they both get well soon.

  19. Hey MM congrats on your new arrival..convinient as it is it can also give you terrible shoulder and neck pain. Have been suffering with it for a few years now.. wherever you are make sure that you have your laptop at eyelevel so that you dont have to hunch or bend. Easier said than done i know…coz i dont do it myself πŸ™‚
    Hope the kids get better soon.

    Take care

  20. Hey! Hope the kids get well soon ! I have a Lenova too same size its a bit tough intially but once you get used to the keys you will do fine !
    cheers !

  21. The kids are cute and the laptop’s cute too but I WANT THOSE CUSHIONS. IN MY BED. NOW.

    *tries to remember she’s married and a mother to boot*

  22. I hope the kids get better soon. Its so scary now with the swine flu around!Congrats on your new laptop, good you picked black, I am a sucker for pink:)I asked my husband to get one in pink, he looked at me like I was crazy so we settled on blue πŸ™‚

  23. I bought a laptop for myself too. Its a Vaio and its golden in color with metallic keys. And it looks stunning! πŸ˜€

    Btw, how’s the bean and the brat doing now?

  24. Why didn’t you go on and get a tablet PC instead. That way you could save the trouble of typing on a miserly keyboard, turn the screen around and “write” on it. Of course the writing can be stored as typed text!
    And yes, you should have backed up pics πŸ˜›
    Hint for the next time: whenever you have a big enough set of pics, burn a CD or DVD keeping the session open so that you can add more later to the same media. Your techie friends can help you with that for the first time Then on, it’s pretty easy.
    [If I stood right in front of you, I wouldn’t be able to complete my sentence, would I? Ah, the wonders of the virtual world!]

    Me: arrey nahi yaar pallu – you can say anything you want, in front of me or behind me or standing on my head!

  25. Congratulations! I love small laptops too – and they are so affordable..

    Hope the B&B get well soon. Poppin is sick too and it’s so scary!

  26. MM, I bought an Acer Aspire One, the same size as yours, two months ago, and I absolutely dote on it. I carry it with me everywhere – most useful in the car.
    Good choice!

  27. So now we’ll have posts about how your eyes and fingers are giving way as well? New crisis laptop my foot – all excuses to find more reasons to post.

    PS. I can so imagine Abhi saying that. You *should* whack him for it.

    Me: he’s twice my size you know! so what if he’s half my age?!

  28. If you find the laptop keyboard keys too small, just plug your PC keyboard into a USB port and use it. You could also plug in your regular monitor and feel as if you are using your PC of habit.

  29. [Holds MM’s comment in her hands like a bunch of flowers, and skips away humming contentedly to herself]
    But seriously, MM, do write those pics onto DVDs; you click beautiful Kodak moments too often to lose them to a dumb computer crash.

  30. congrats woman!! though i have no idea how you guys work on those tiny tops! thats what M used to call his 15inch inspiron when we had one!

    enjaay maadi!


  31. hope b and b are fine now ? enjoy the new lappie..


    Me: they’re better – killing each other over that dino book! i think we need some of your healing directed this way πŸ™‚

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