Dress your home

… is a new blog I’d like to introduce you to, by a bloggy pal, Lakshmi.Β  She recently did a post on my planters. So go over and take a look at them on her page. And oh, here’s one of them along with a vase I created to go with it for the day.


Both are shells I picked up in Kovalam. One holds a cactus while the other holds a couple of carnations like a vase.


21 thoughts on “Dress your home

  1. Nice idea abt the shells. Nice blog as well.
    Hey do you get spider plants(I dont know whats it official name is) in India? It has become my favourite plant and it send out so many offshots which I cut up and replant in tiny pots all over the house again.

    I have a recent picture on my blog if u go see it.Or I will email it to you!

  2. thats a great idea to use a shell as a planter. a cuctus is just the right plant for it too..

    Me: you think so? i’m a little worried about the drainage.

  3. no post on friendship day ?

    Me: i didnt even know it was friendship day πŸ™‚ although friends will tell you i’m a good one. πŸ˜€

  4. I’m stealing the cactus idea, please!

    Me: be my guest. Although after further thought, I think it should be something like a money plant that will be able to handle the fact that the water doesnt drain out.

  5. awesome asusual! I have a shell that size bought at Kanyakumari but it is sitting in my showcase and it never occurred to me that it can be put to any other use!!proof of empty space between my ears!

    Me: uff! i’m sure you have better things to do than sit around thinking of what to do with shells πŸ™‚

  6. You are so generous with your creative ideas, it’s refreshing! Lovely decor and great site.

    Me: Thanks. πŸ™‚ I try to be. In the good old days when I gave a shit I used to get really annoyed by people who were secretive about their recipes. Arrey – as if to say sharing my prize biryani recipe will ruin my shine as a hostess! Cant handle such insecurity so refuse to fall prey to it either.

    Besides I honestly believe, the more I share, the more ideas I’ll get!

  7. Great idea!!! How do you manage to keep the brat and bean from breaking these delicate beauties!!!

    Me: by planting cacti? πŸ˜‰

  8. Hey, I have a cactus planted in a coffee mug and the water does not drain out. Its not an issue really. Just make sure you give it water very rarely, like once in 2 weeks and that too just a little.

  9. After getting much inspired by you i bought couple of colorful pots and some different varieties of cacti and succulents. But since i potted them directly in the pot without the hole at bottom to drain the water i saw they were going bad. I read on Lakshmi’s blog you used half cut bisleri bottle for lining. Will try repoting now.

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