I am my brother’s keeper

Dear Brat and Bean,

I write to you every day in my head. A letter I sometimes remember to put down here, at other times forget to post to the future. Brat, I always worry because rowdy little hooligan though you are, with boundless energy, you cannot and will not harm a fly. I’ve blogged about it enough times and been told that children like you are God’s special little gentle babies. That the world will treat you with fairness. I don’t believe it.Β  The world tramples over those who are too meek. And so I’ve fretted, stayed up nights crying when you come back from the playground hurt. Not for the little scraped knee, but for the hurt in your lovely brown eyes, the little wound on your heart that I am so ill equipped to bandage. Because you cannot begin to understand why anyone would want to push you.

But I guess my worrying days are over. A few days ago you were playing in the park when a child cycling by knocked you over. It was an accident and as you fell over, your grandpa who had taken you down to play, tells me you just sat there looking hurt and shocked. G’pa was walking over to pick you up when a little hurricane flashed past his legs. A tiny little fury, on skinny legs went tearing after the little cyclist – ‘Hey! You! Come back here. Why you dropped my brother? Come back! Say sorry…’ Her little hands balled up into fists, her face twisted in rage. Your grandfather forgot about you and went running after the avenging angel before she did serious damage to the boy who was twice both your size. Or was done serious damage by him!

Phew. So you’re not alone. Now if a truck runs over me tomorrow morning I’ll go knowing that the Bean will take care of you. Will never let you be pushed around, will protect that gentle soul of yours that only sees the best in others and can’t understand why people hurt each other.

But it’s not a one way relationship. You gently hold her hand when we get out of the car on a busy road. You chase after her and stop her before she runs out of our gate into traffic and hang on to her little dress for dear life, screaming, ‘Beanie, don’t go out there. It’s dangerous, you’ll have an accident.’

But the sweetest of all is this.

Beanie, you came to me today and told me that Baba had been in the bathroom too long (little sneak!)Β and I went along to investigate what mischief he was up to. There I found him hard at work on the bathroom floor – scrubbing your crocs clean.Β  He looked up as I walked in and said – ‘Beanie’s shoes are dirty so I am washing them for her.’ And then he bent his head and went back to his labour of love. Scrubbing his precious baby sister’s little shoes.

26072009 019

It was all rather heart warming but for the small matter of him using my loofah for it!

I love you too. Your love for each other just serves to make me love you both so much more. Where does it come from? This instinctive love… I can’t imagine it any other way. I lose sight of it when I sometimes see you almost beat each other to death over a silly toy or rip a book into two because of course you both must have just that very one out of the 400 odd books that you have. And yet, isn’t it true that deep love and deep rage go hand in hand? I’d not trade them in for anything else.

Don’t ever change…

Love and a big huggy,


61 thoughts on “I am my brother’s keeper

  1. You, dear MM, must provide us bloggers with a year long supply of kleenex! Seriously.

    These posts of yours, to brat and bean, are so heart-warming that they just make me tear.

  2. Ah, lovely!

    Must come back later for a more detailed comment. Something very similar happened here today too; different details, but essentially the same :).

  3. What a sweet child he is. Washing the crocs.
    And yay for pint sized terror Beanie.

    Its wonderful to see siblings love./ Really I just love the interatctiong amongst them.

  4. Beautiful post, MM. It made me feel sad that my kid is all alone. Yesterday we were house hunting and the kid was so happy to find a house that was close to his school friends place. ‘I will cycle to his house’, he kept asking.

    You have done the right thing by being a mother of two.

    Its not too late to get him a sister, actually. πŸ™‚

  5. Ahh, we finally live in a world where the men are appreciated for their gentleness and the women for their strength, independence and courage. happy sighs.

    Me: hey! didn’t look at it that way πŸ™‚

  6. Beautiful…so very beautiful. It’s always wonderful to see this deep love b/w siblings…credit goes to you and OA for skilful management…lots of parents manage to tear siblings asunder.

    I have a cousin who was like the Bean, ready to strangle anyone who even looked meanly at her elder brother…they have grown up now, and at 26 she has a fantastic sibling relationship with her Bhaiyya still.

    It’s incredible to see the comfort my son and daughter get from each other. And yes, they also both want that one book in 400:)

  7. Wow MM! what a cute story:) Love to the Bean and Brat! And yes, they probably make only a few ‘Brats’ like that, he’ll grow up to be a fine man!

  8. sniff sigh! The babies made my heart warm on this chilling day. And I had moist eyes throughout the post. *anti jinx* on your kids. Bless them.
    And looks like Beanie is just going to be a junior MM πŸ˜‰

  9. I loved this post. My elder brother is just like your brat. A good and a gentle boy. And my second elder brother is just like your bean. Full of fury and protective. My mum says’ as kids when 1st bro got hurt or pushed by a kid, my 2nd bro beat the shit of the kid!

    Hey brats’ still got baby feet!! πŸ˜€

    Me: πŸ™‚ well that is because brat is still a baby! In so many more ways than I can describe.
    So anyway, that is both your brothers out of the way, but what were you like?!

  10. Love and a big huggy from Aunty Sue. And yes, maybe now you’ll admit us younger siblings are ze bestest.

    Me: yes aunty Sue. I supposed you missed the part where the elder sibling is scrubbing filthy shoes, huh ? :p
    selective comprehension. humph

  11. that was so so cute… when i read the first part for a few mins i thought it was the brat who had learnt to give it back and had gone behing the other boy… did not expect that teeny weeny beanie to be behind it … πŸ™‚

  12. πŸ™‚

    i cant decide whom i love more! i dont have to naah?! they both are just so perfect! hugs!!!!

    Me: perfect? come spend a day with us before you make that call. gah. yesterday i was on the verge of killing both and throwing myself off the balcony!

  13. LOL And how sweet. In our house, Poppin tries to mop up Sweetpea’s accidents on the floor (Ewww). While we’re washing sweetpea’s bum, Poppin will be fetching the towel to mop up the floor. Thankfully she’s caught on time πŸ™‚

    But yes, this sibling love is rather remarkable, I’d have been despairing had I read this a few months ago, because in our house it’s taken a few months to happen but yay that is has and heartwarming to see the tigress Beanie.

    Me: oh ho. this is so you. why would you have been despairing when the younger one is barely old enough to show her love?! silly girl πŸ™‚ em>

  14. Oh MM – so sweet! So much like KB and KG here…she acts like his elder sister sometimes…and if we yell at KG, then KB gets so upset and yells at us saying “‘She is a baby, why are you yelling at her?”.

    Me: you and I always find our babies behaving alike, dont we!

  15. this is my lucky day… a good post like this makes all the day for me… πŸ™‚ Thanks a ton!

    And here’s a little prayer for ur 2 angels. i hope they stay that way too…

  16. Aww that’s soo sweet!! my brother was busy beating me up as a kid….and i fought back just as hard…. thank god we quickly grew up and became thicker than thieves!! touch wood!! only thing we rue is all that wasted time when we could have been thulping someone else!!

  17. The love between siblings… so much like that of parents, yet different! Hugs to both your little ones from anjali masi!

  18. Loved the post, so reminds me of my sister and me..and the younger me being the feisty one.

    Totally recall having taken down a mean big guy when he threw a small rock..hmm..big stone at her. Remember my sis hurrying to get our mother to break up the fight before I hurt myself..memories memories πŸ˜€

    Ahh..love brat and beanie..bless them both.

  19. How come I had to protect my brother and scrub his shoes? Maybe because I was the one beating him up and stomping all over his belongings πŸ˜›

  20. I felt as if you had entered my mind and written out my thougths!
    Though the incidents are different, my son and daughter are almost the same. He a gentle soul, in fact, the teacher in his playschool used to entrust him with the little kids! The daughter is another story altogether πŸ™‚
    God bless both your kids!

  21. Oh these kids of yours! They prove that angels exist. Both the gentle and the revenge-seeking-protecting types πŸ˜›
    Hugs to them both.

  22. yep..it is heartwarming to see their special love, this solid unspoken bond. my kids have their moments when they cant see eye to eye but their love for one another is what we see as parents everyday. its truly amazing how one stands behind the other when hubby or i yell at them.

  23. beanie is chota pack bada dum. I love the fact that girls at that age have the natural confidence to take on the big bad world πŸ™‚

    and brat is such an adoring big brother. watch out boys, when beanie grows up you will have clean crocs coming your way if you try to mess with his little sister.

    Very cute and well-narrated.

  24. Ok, so I’m finally posting a comment… (after years of knowing You):

    Din’ I say You knew better?.. and that you needn’t worry about how they’re turning out?

    ok, ok. So this WAS just another “I told you So”

  25. I was not sure, but I had to say “See, I told ya”.. the little bull is a perfect gentleman.
    But yes, be kind/meek and people will use you as a door mat. I see that door mat in the mirror each day.

    This was my comment on your post..

    “March 20, 2009 at 12:02
    Clap! Clap! MM! Its takes a lot of patience and endurance to do what you did (preparing Brat’s costume).
    All I want to say is, this little bull of yours is going to turn out to be one of the most grounded, heartwarming and patient young man you’ll be so proud of…
    When he’ll grow up you’ll say β€˜is this the same stubborn bull i knew?’
    Believe me, it comes from a true blue raging bull herself…

    Me: :p aha. taking up for your own kind, huh?”

    Me: ROFL. and you even found your old comment?! kudos to you. And thank you for having faith in my son. I worry about him all the time. and to see you say you’re the same and doing well, is such a comfort πŸ™‚

  26. I always thought that little girls should have an elder brother to look after them. Looks like I am totally mistaken πŸ™‚

  27. OMG that’s so heartwarming… You’ve been blessed with such loving children MM! It usually takes years for some siblings to develop that kind of rapport. *sigh*

  28. oh! lets us not forget that i have a little brat at home too! :p and today when we went to cut a cake ta his school for his 2nd, i was shocked to see 20 kids sitting quietly and listening to their teacher and eating food without dropping and messing around!

    sneaky l’il scoundrels all of em! raise hell at home and be sweet n obedient at school! gah!

  29. This is so lovely.

    using your loofah to clean crocs. lol.
    ” deep love and deep rage go hand in hand … ” has set me thinking..

  30. Thats incredibly sweet and provided my daily dose of sugar albeit before lunch. I hope they always stand for each other like that. And you know, good guys are not always trampled over. The other day while brushing my teeth at night, I saw a BIG spider in the wash-basin, my first instinct was to switch on the tap and flush it away, then I thought since I am carrying my first baby s/he will see mum is being voilent, so I asked my husband dearest to come and have a look at what we got. He came and saw the spider, before I even knew it, he ever so gently picked my a tissue, grabbed the spider, walked down one floor to the door and kept it outside. This ever-so gentle baby of mine is tough on the outside, he wont harm anybody but wont take crap lying down. Moral of the story, there are people like brat who are gentle as a mango mousse and know when to stand for themselves. Sorry its a long post, pls dont publish it if u think its taking too much of space. Have a good day ahead.

  31. The Bean rocks and the Brat rocks even more.

    Why do you think I’m waiting for him to grow up so he can marry me?

    And you with your talks of wanting to give them away.


  32. thats a lovely post,MM.. looks like i missed out on a lot because of being a single kid..not that i’m complaining..

    and yes, i did notice.. u havent really gone slow on the blogging!! work on that will power, lady!!;) i am not doing too great a job between the two blogs i write, but im doing better than u! hehehe !! on second thoughts, if the reason to be on a restricted schedule no longer exists, u can chuck it all and post everyday! so does the reason still exist?

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  34. Hey,

    It’s the same with me also , my younger daughter is just like the Beanie, a kick and a punch is always ready from her side, but the elder one is the soft, meek and forever ready to forgive others.

    God bless both your lovely kids and their love forever.

    take care

  35. Hey MM, Have you seen the Future Generali Rakhi ad? When I saw it, I picturised a grown up Brat and Bean having the conversion and felt a surge of love for the 2 kids I have read so much about though never seen. God Bless them!! and you !!

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