A little information

1. In India, is it possible to get Braille on your visiting cards? Yes/No

2. Do you know of an organisation called Esha – People for the blind? Yes/No

Do leave your answers in the comments section … go on all of you. Lurkers too – this is for a good cause.


89 thoughts on “A little information

  1. Hmm, I hadn’t heard of Esha before but now that you mentioned it a quick search shows that they do visiting cards in Braille. Very innovative and a really nice idea.

  2. I just saw this on someone’s blog a few days back!

    Whose blog was it? :S

    Me: Ki jaana main kaun? she’s asked me to do this for her..

  3. Oh ok.
    Well in that case,

    1) Don’t know.
    2) Yes. Because I read about it on someone’s blog last week or so. I think the blogger was involved with this organisation. Right now I just can’t remember which blog it was!

    Me: arrey it must have been ki jaana main kaun. how do we know – was it her blog? because she’s involved in it and she asked me to do this awareness post for her

  4. without googling, I’d say no to the second – for the first, you can do it if you know Braille printers in your city.


  5. 1. Yes (but that’s only because you asked that question).
    2. No, but if that’s what they are doing, more power to them!!!

  6. 1. I know there is a braille printing place in Bangalore, because we were introduced to a bright and amazing visually challenged young man who met us in connection with some books published which he wanted to get done in Braille. I suppose they could do visiting cards too if needed.

    2. I have not heard of ESHA.

  7. Yes

    This has been there from past 2-3 yr. heard about it but dont know f it was the Esha organistaion. infact my company had made it too

  8. 1. no
    ggod to know of this. will pass on info to parents of this kid who is severely impaired visually.

  9. umm pakistan may tau hosakta hai…i had a friend who was involved with an organisation which worked on similar issues but yeh tau aap ka sawal nahee tha. Khair.

  10. No to both.
    Of course that just proves my ignorance, and I’m sure that both the things very much exist.
    Happy to spread the word when you are out with it.

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