Your inputs please

Please go here and take this survey for Gypsyfeet, a travel company started by 3 women (friends of mine). They are doing this survey to find out more about the travel interests of women, so that they can design mind-blowingly awesome trips. More about Gypsyfeet


11 thoughts on “Your inputs please

  1. And I thought you were back to blogging again. 😦

    Never mind, I hope you’re having a great time. Let me go take the survey now.

    Me: arrey baba – I barely took a break. there were posts every few days. Anyway – here’s a post coming up now just because you asked!

  2. hey When will u start posting again? I miss ur writing…Please come back with some snaps of Brat and Bean…:)

    Take Care

    Me: alright then. Just for you and Unmana! A post coming up in five minutes.

  3. Done.

    Are you enjoying your blog break?

    Me: hello – i posted every few days. not much of a break πŸ™‚

  4. Hmmm. Yes, you’re right, you did post, but fortunately for us and you, they weren’t in your usual ‘full doses’ :D! (Mad Momma posts packed with their Full Doses of Energy and Emotion have been known to cause palpitations, and, perhaps, heart attacks in sensitive readers)

    Me: ROFL!

    Besides, considering that you used to post daily (and sometimes more than daily), posting ‘every few days’ would count as a ‘break’ for you. That’s what I was thinking, anyway…. πŸ™‚

  5. Done. So when are we going? My bags are packed..

    Me: sure. as soon as i can work up the courage to ask for leave again πŸ˜‰

And in your opinion....

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