It’s not quite so amusing

…when your 18 year old cousin asks you in wonder, “Did you know Whiskey in the Jar is not a Metallica original?”

What is quite funny is looking over your specs like a wise old owl and saying, “Err.. yes child. I can also tell you that the song is originally a traditional Irish number that was made popular by The Dubliners and then more famously by Thin Lizzy and is closer to my pop’s time than mine.”

That bit of trivia was met with silence.

Gah, kids these days. How musically illiterate do they think we are?!


13 thoughts on “It’s not quite so amusing

  1. LOL 🙂

    Silly cousin – the sooner these kids realise that they know NOTHING and we know EVERYTHING, so much the better for them!


  2. LOL. No no, you aren’t illiterate. Merely ancient 😉

    For a second there I wondered how Joyce’s “Dubliners” entered the picture 😛

    Me: good Lord child, get your nose out of your books! and let that boyfriend of yours teach you something about music 😀

  3. Rofl.. my 10 yr old was shocked that I knew how to play Cat’s in the Cradle and that gasp we did jump rope in school and I can do a mean cross rope thing.

    Did that make u feel like u need to knitting or something.

    PS:welcome back

  4. OH! we kids do it all the time..Just the other day

    I went up to my mom and excitedly told her about this one song- Lathe di Chaddar- by Rajeshwari, hoping that she will burst in excitment and remark that some songs of my generation are actually not that bad.. but before i could even finish the first line of the song.. she completed it for me.. and said.. yes.. its an old punjabi folk song made popular by surinder kaur… I was STUMPED!!!!!

  5. Hi MM! This just has to be my lifestory…or anecdote! haha! My 3 teen brats look down at me on this often enough…I feel you!!BTW nice blog…added to my blogroll! 🙂

  6. I am not able to read your posts or access them directly .The last time was via OJ’s blog.I tried giving a user name but it doesn’t accept the password.I do so enjoy reading what u write although I don’t always commment.

  7. Not at all!:)my 2 teens look really shocked when I can actually sing along to “their”songs…how’re the B&B-enjoying school??

  8. I agree with Perakath…I thought the same too.Until my dad suddenly started sining it and telling me it wa sone of his favourite songs by the ‘Beegees’.

    And when my aunt and my mom burst out singing ‘Seasons in the Sun’,my cousin and me almost had a heart attack.

    I also had another heart attack when my 7 eyar old cousin asked me if I was born when ‘Yeh kaali kaali aankhen’ came out. i couldn’t figure out how he meant it – good or bad 😛

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