I hope I didn’t scare the crap out of you

… with my posts. This article made me laugh till the tears ran. Now all you girls can blame ‘mommy bloggers’ for putting you off kids! I thought it would be the other way around!


27 thoughts on “I hope I didn’t scare the crap out of you

  1. Not only kids, many of you are successfully putting me off marriage too.

    Please watch out when my mother (along with many other mothers) contacts each one of you for being such a “positive influence” on her daughter. 😛

  2. Oh! Glad to see a new post, you have NEVER gone so long without updating your comments and that was getting me all worried.
    I’m one of those, married-27-no kids, and I don’t read mommy blogs, I do read good blogs though 🙂 🙂

    Me 😉

  3. Maybe you can now tout the blog as effective birth control for horny teens!

    When you get rich making all that birth control money, remember Clueless who gave you the idea.

    Me *seriously makes note of the idea*

    funny you should say so though. i introduced my kids at the wedding as my advt for birth control. not too many people appreciated my sense of humour!

  4. The article mirrors my feelings exactly 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only weird woman without kids in her twenties trawling Mommy blogs. On a more serious note though most of of the blogs I read including yours are not just for the Mom factor (though I enjoy those posts as much as the others) but because there is always so much that applies to women in general not just moms. And of course I enjoy the good the good writing.

  5. the article was hilarious…and yea on a more serious note, personally I feel the honesty around motherhood makes it easier to deal with…atleast when my baby screams his lungs off, I don’t have to feel guilty about my own urge to scream even louder 😛

  6. Erm…have I not already pointed out before that your posts should be titled ‘Why not to have kids’?

    If you find some angry middle-aged people outside your doorstep, sputtering unintelligbly in rage, you’ll know exactly why they’re there, ok?

    And that woman didn’t even get to education and growing up angst.

  7. you know babies and pregnancy are the subject du jour at my office. women seem to be getting pregnant here like it were going out of style. i tell ya its something in the water!!
    so it was quite a co-incidence to find this on your blog today. it is hilarious, some bits resonate LOUD and clear with me but for the most part, it had me clutching my belly and trying to avoid falling off my chair.
    thanks for sharing this :).

  8. No MM, i don’t think any of your posts have scared any of us… at least not me. Rather I must say, that they had an opposite impact on me. You make motherhood sound fun. The responsibility, the warmth, the love, the respect, and the chance to shape life.. that accrues from being a MOTHER. Your blog makes a point of the fact that every phase in life must be cherished… coz every phase in life, every relationship has something unique to offer. And I find that very refreshing, especially today, since everybody nowadays has glorified the 20 something, life-of the-college-days phase of life… Everyone only wants to be stuck in that age… as if there is no joy in living life in all its forms, in all age groups, for what ever it has to offer.

  9. If I have kids some day it will be all your fault. Ditto for not having them too! It’s always your fault MM – influencing young impressionable minds like so :p

  10. The article is hilarious!!
    MM, you and other mommy bloggers sooo do not put any of off kids. What would a woman rather have – forewarned or fainting away from horrified shock?
    Oh and the link does work.

  11. MM, you wont mind i hope if i shared this article with my mates on my facebook page will you? it is much to hilarious and all my single/ married/ mums/non mums girl and gay friends need to read this!!!

  12. OH Yeah…
    Forget babies – Now my mom knows who to blame for my spinster-hood..

    And when I am old and alone, I am coming and camping at your place 😉 Watch out..

  13. MM , which variety is this pink flower on your template? A variation of oleander? Want to get this for the home 🙂

  14. Hey, It made Aneela want to go and have a kid so it doesnt work for everyone.

    PS: I used my 4(especially the 2 boys) as example of not to use cheap made in malaysia contraceptive.

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