Cinderella has nothing on me

… I have spent days hunting for a pair of flat gold slippers to go with the dress I’ve eventually decided on for the wedding. It’s the first one – the coppery halter neck. I think it got in the most votes and it suits me beautifully because I’m not as toned and thin as I’d have liked to be for the others. This has a nice, fuller, very Spanish feel to it when I wear it.

After two weeks of keeping an eye out for suitable gold flats, I gave up. Everything is either too shiny or too heavily embellished. I even found a pair of gold gladiators, just what I was looking for, but they were in this shiny almost foil like shade of gold that hurt the eye. Very cool with something casual, but just not right for the dress.

Just as I was giving up hope and planning on sticking with a saree, I found this.Β  They’re the exact shade as my dress (haan, I didn’t want it to be so matchy-matchy but I seem to have no choice) and while they ARE heels, *looks ashamed* I hope that all these days of medication, rest and care will carry me through the evening.Β  I really couldn’t bear to ruin the way it looks with a pair of flats. I honestly don’t have the legs for flats unless I’m in casual wear.

29062009 040

So now it’s this, with simple gold hoops in my ears, bare neck and back, these shoesΒ and a clutch (colour yet undecided- something to break the monotony) and my hair up.


41 thoughts on “Cinderella has nothing on me

  1. you are going to be an absolute “yummy mummy”in the outfit you describe…pix pleeeease??:)

    Me: not after having all you guys drool over it πŸ˜€ the last thing we want to do it ruin the image by showing you the real thing! πŸ˜‰

  2. Yay! I loved the first one!
    It will show off your tattoo very nicely. And the shoes are sexayy! You will be one hot mama!

  3. And the OA on your arm? ;p

    The entire effect sounds stunning! Enjoy loads!

    Me: yep, my handsome old grey man on my arm πŸ˜€ and err.. two little brats hanging off our arms. We’re taking them along eventually.

  4. MM, shoes – you went shoe shopping. Now if only you’d told me, I’d have given you plenty of ideas πŸ™‚

    But this one is also very nice (I however cannot manage slipons – I need a toehold or a backstrap πŸ™‚

    Just one small thing, plz carry a different coloured clutch or it will all become montoned.

    Btw, I just realized you might run into some rader of yours who has never met you and she might recognise you by your dress and shoes since you’v put i up for all of us to see :p

    Me: sigh. too late. somebody recognised me at a press event, in full sleeve shirt and jeans (so no tattoo on show) and no babies either. I dont know how!! she said she recognised my hands. I had palpitations for an hour after that. now i dont care. honestly i dont blog anonymously for anything but the fun of it – otherwise i wouldnt be making plans and meeting so many of you off the blog, would i?

  5. More about the hair?
    A French roll? No, no please – a little more casual?

    Me: well its shoulder length now so I cant manage a french roll anyway. any ideas? was thinking of putting it up somehow and pinning it there with a flower. casual enough? no major jewellery so hopefully it shouldnt clash. what say?

  6. sorry for changing the topic…
    there is a party on at MiM’s blog, you might want to be present, even preside πŸ™‚

    dipali, if you are reading this… forgive me

  7. You would look lovely. You have a great sense of how to put yourself together! Would love to see your pic in the dress and the hoops and the slipons, and the hair taken up with a flower πŸ™‚

  8. :O I have the same pair of heels!!

    Well, mine has another thin strap that acts somewhat as a toe separator. But other than that, it’s exactly like this one; same color and all! πŸ˜‰

    Now that we have seen the ‘before’ pics, we definitely need to see the ‘after’ pics as well! Come on…or else I’ll go all “aami khoob dramatic” on you AGAIN! πŸ˜›

  9. πŸ™‚ Great choices!! Pls do post a pic with you all dressed up..What flower will you be wearing? Will you be matching the flower colour and clutch colour? have a blast!!:)

    Me: i think i’ll take a gold or white clutch and maybe a white flower. what say?

  10. Wowza.. You will be saxiest woman at party. Well, aside from the bride of course..

    *Two thumbs up*

    Me: oh honey its going to be full of sexy women and the bride is a stunner. but thanks for the confidence vote. this old lady needs it πŸ˜‰

  11. Where’s your fairy godmother? Have a ball, be good and get back home before…umm…DAWN!!!

    P.S. High heels, halterneck, OA on arm and two lil’ pumpkins? *Applause for the balancing act*

  12. πŸ˜€ Lovely. I like this choice too. (altho’ I had voted for #3). Wish I could see you in this outfit.

    Me: wish i could see you! period

  13. loving em!! wear a thin chain like anklet on one ankle if you want!! and take loads of photos!!

    Me: have it. permanently wear a very delicate one πŸ˜€

  14. my vote is for cream or toffee coloured clutch. a structured silk/ satiny one like this one by Jimmy choo ( ) will work really well.
    and if you have a vintagey silk satin one with a jewelled clasp that would rock too!

    God, woman, dont get me all worked up!!

    Me: ooh I LOVE this. have one similiar to it in a brown snake skin. but can look out for a cream one .

  15. Someone receognised your hands? Wow. Sounds stalkerish πŸ˜›

    Anyway our coffee is still pending, so get back fromt he wedding and then we’l make some plans πŸ™‚

  16. heels?!




    as long as you share the pictures!! πŸ˜€

    Me: vanity is my middle name. been so since I was maybe 5?!

  17. wowie!! good choice MM, i was hoping for the first one or the last one. with OA and the lil ones, you’ve got all the accessories you need πŸ˜€

    where did you buy that last outfit from? me wants too! please don’t tell me you got it stitched…..i’ve spent my entire life trying to find a good tailor and am still looking. sigh.

    Me: no no – nothing tailored. mostly picked up from little Delhi boutiques and stores and very inexpensive.

  18. I feel white clutch and white flower would be great:) No gold clutch please…too monochromatic..and the flower might look out of place then na? Have a clip with artificial white flower with you just in case real flowers dont work out in the last minute πŸ™‚ And check out the web for some short hair + flower ideas, I saw some fab ones πŸ™‚

    Me: yeah – I was thinking white too. it will lift the dress up a little. and yes, i’ve picked out an artificial flower already!

  19. Err…you need a particular kinda leg to wear flats? I mean I honestly don’t know, that’s why I’m asking??!!

    me: yes, yes. skinny legs look okay in flats. more worked out legs like mine (used to be a little athletic) have to be in heels. there you go .lesson for the day!

  20. Such puurty shoes, but now that the Bean-Brat are in too, I want to see what they are wearing. Do ppl recognise you by your hands?! Sheesh!

    Me: Spooky, huh?! I’m sure there was more to it!

  21. MM, don’t publish this – it’s a pointless comment, just wanted to say it all looks Lovely….sorry, no comments otherwise, as I’m so swamped…


    Me: you know its okay to leave comments saying lovely.. right?

  22. Yay!! the dress I voted for :D… and very purty shoes….. though like one commenter above.. I cannot manage to walk in footwear without a toe hold/ back strap…

    Also the hand thing is freaky…. πŸ˜€

    Enjoi the weddding… and post some pics please πŸ™‚

  23. Wow… that’s going to be one hell of an ensemble! Although I’m sure your knees will cry bloody murder! Have a good time and more pics of the brat and the bean please…

    Me: you bet! am already resting my knee and begging forgiveness in advance!

  24. You went with my choice!!! yeah!! and the hoops too..

    Oh! Do put your hair up – shows off the neck and the hoops.

    No gold or white clutch please… go for dull copper or cream. :)black satin will do too

    what are the kids gonna wear?

    Me: yeah – i was also thinking that white would be too stark. cream is better. kids are part of the shaadi troupe so they wear the bridal colours.

  25. White flower would be good, I think – just don’t pin up all the hair. Let it be a little Hawaii … just a little …

    Me: Chennai humidity, open hair, high heels, broken knee, two kids = recipe for disaster. my hair up seems to be the only thing under my control!

  26. Your costume and accessories and hair style sound great, have been silent because my fashion sense and style quotient is notoriously bad/low! Have a wonderful time!

  27. Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change a girl’s life!

    Am in a profound mood MM!

    do share pics if u can…


    Me: LOL! you’re so right Harshika!

  28. Hello yummy mummy, you have been awarded the OJ Award for First Blogroller. Please to come over and floor us with acceptance speech, thank you.

  29. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee tell me where you bought the gorgeous heels from πŸ™‚ just chanced upon your blog and fell in love with the shoes… and your writing, too!

    me: D&A, South Ex, Delhi .. and thank you!

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