Young people think they know everything

For instance I was trying to tell the Bean that her summer school was taking them to McDonalds. But I didn’t get past the word Mcdonald because she just kept breaking into song loudly… “had a farm, ee ai ee ai oh”

She is also convinced that Old Ma Donna has an elephant hidden away someplace and nothing I say can convince her that an elephant belongs in a zoo and not on the farm.

Young people these days think they know more than their elders and betters.

The Brat on the other hand is suffering teenage angst and each time I said “You’re going to McDonald’s” he frowned and said ” No I’m not. Nobody takes me anywhere. EVERRRRRRRRR”

Dear God – will I survive their teens and live to tell the tale? Please keep in mind that I am already the mad momma before you reply to me.

And for the trolls who can’t stop bitching about how I ramble on about how cute my babies are, here’s a crumb for you (You can’t say I don’t give you  the attention you’re craving!) and for my other music loving readers –  Have you heard this version of She will be loved? Or this one of Still haven’t found what I’m looking for? or damn.. but this???


24 thoughts on “Young people think they know everything

  1. This is a reminder to me as much as to you:

    ‘Your children are not your children.

    They come through you, not from you.

    Try not to make them like you, rather try to become like them, for they live in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.’

    –Khalil Gibran, in the Prophet

    Me: yes, I love this one. But I still like to sound all archaic – I mean how dare she sing ol ma donna without letting me finish the sentence.. ?! 🙂

  2. “Dear God – will I survive their teens and live to tell the tale?”

    Hee Haw Haw !!! :DDD

    That’s the insanity that’s affecting me in parts, btw !!

    And yes, you will very much be around to tell us the tales in all their glory. 😀

  3. hey….

    have been waiting for soooo long for a blog abt the brat and the bean….enjoyed reading this…

    older people at all stages think that the young ones think they know everything… ask thy parents/older people and they will go on abt their younger ones… its ur turn nowwww…. hi hi…

  4. Yeah, adolescence is setting in faster and senility is coming on sooner over us…difficult to survive. The other day the mite asks his father- ” what have you learnt today in the office and which uncles teach you?” Yes dear, we have to join refresher courses to raise you! So far so good!

  5. Isn’t it amazing how little kids pick up on key words and start thinking in a completely different directions.
    I like to listen to music, only am not aware of the vastness of it all.. Thanks for links to the different versions of the Maroon 5 song. Especially the last link, I have been listening to it over and over and…

  6. love that you consider your kids as PEOPLE! Most people consider them as something less than:(

    You WILL survive their teens…only that you’ll morph into Ol Mad Momma!!! Ee i Ee i OH!

  7. hahaha yes i blogged about Old McDonald who had a burger instead of a farm. waisay mm, they really DO know everything 🙂 we just know a bit more!

  8. people bitch abt you writing about your kids?! You’re the mad MOMMA! What do they expect your blog to be about? And you write abt everything, as well as your kids. When people want to bitch, they will FIND a reason. Don’t you bother!

  9. *I like the elephant in the farm.*

    ~With a trumpet here, and a trumpet there.
    Here a trumpet, there a trumpet.
    Everywhere a trumpet.

    Don’t you like?

  10. I am back….

    so he has still not forgotten his “NEVERRRR” 🙂

    and are you sure there are no elephants in old mc donna’s farm? I think the Beanie and i saw two there 😉

  11. oh well! if Bean thinks there is an elephant on the farm, there shall be one!

    i mean Cubby after seeing all wiild animals at the zoo when asked said he saw a cow! maybe he did, and we didnt notice! :p

    and why do I have a feeling when Bean grows up and own a farm house, there will be an elephant too! 😀


  12. Loved to read about Brat and Bean after a long time. Love the kids. Bless them for having a mind of their own 😛 Of course Brat can decide not to go to McDonalds, me neither likes it 😉

  13. Whaddayamean “they THINK they know everything”? They DO know everything! At 14, my son knows words like “digg”, “multitap”, and “POS” – which, I learned to my chagrin, is a chat acronym for “Parent Over Shoulder”. And I thought I was cool 😦

    Me: damn. now even i feel uncool!

  14. Uhm can\’t you uhm \”know it all\” adults just realize that its all your fault because you \”adults\” must raise us we can\’t raise our selfs
    P.s. – Pure Stupidness \” to you all

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