So you thought the last hospital was bad?

What do you think of this?

This hospital paraded a woman with a STICKER ON HER HEAD declaring her HIV+ status. To warn other patients about her status. I don’t think the government needs to waste any more money on AIDS awareness when we have such brilliant methods at hand.


I think the staff should all be lined up and shot. Or injected with a needle used on her. That should remind them of the oath they took. What was it called again? The hypocrite’s oath?

Wow – and the spotlight goes off Wockhardt.

Oh, and they refused to treat her too.

Damn – it’s hard to take a break and sit back quietly watching the world stew in its own filth.


43 thoughts on “So you thought the last hospital was bad?

  1. What the hell? This is even against, basic humanity? Do we put up stickers on someone with heart disease, cancer and parade them around??? I know that this is communicable, and so is the common cold, flu and such…and I don’t see stickers on anyone who is coughing. This is atrocity. How did she allow this to happen in the first place?

  2. I really wonder where these ridiculous ideas come from? Someone ought to have an extraordinary brain to get these ideas! They have long forgotten their oath in the run for money…

  3. Outrageous…What kind of sick people do this?
    Really feel bad for the women.
    Patient’s privacy is of utmost importance for any medical institution,This is a very strict law that they should abide by at any cost.
    These people should be paraded with similar labels on their face for their bad behavior.

  4. What the hell is wrong with people in India?
    If it was a westerner, they would have done quite the opposite.
    Damn, no wonder we were ruled by Britain once, I see that day not so far again.

    Note: I know some of you might say, not all Indians are like that. Yes, you are correct.
    Let me remind you that not all indians were slaves during pre-independance days nor did all indians collectively sell this country.
    It just takes few morons to do the wrong thing, but it takes way more than a handful intellectuals to do the right thing.

  5. Just when I was thinking that hospitals cannot go any lower, they have!

    So much for awareness about AIDS…if hospitals themselves treat AIDS patients as untouchables, what hope is there for the rest of the people to actually get some valid and pertinent information about the condition?

  6. Hey MM – this is painful to see – almost wish this was from the national enquirer and not in your blog which means it is true. Man this is utterly ridiculous. We live so far away from this kind of human suffering…can’t imagine how it feels to be treated like that. I shudder to even imagine…
    I have been reading your posts. How have you been? Just read your post abt the govt doc. So you believe you have a bone infection? I hope something helps and your knee starts feeling better…love to bean and brat.

  7. Shocked beyond words! Do they have no humanitarian concern? Agree with you – they should be given a needle used on her! Even that wouldn’t be enough.

  8. This is unbelievable! It is one thing when uneducated village idiots do something humiliating like this. When a (Somewhat) educated medical practitioner does this I think it is worthy of contempt. WHY? What did the nurse achieve by doing this? What gave her the right to judge this woman? what if being HIV + was not her fault? It’s depressing to watch the world stew in it’s own filth and it seems like some jaded souls need a lesson in empathy. That’s what’s missing…a simple human emotion.

  9. Seems we have descended to the dregs. Maybe the novel idea now is to parade “examples”…why, we could use this for all kinds of awareness…AIDS, sex education, rape…ugh.

    Oh, wait a minute…let’s not get emotional…after all the Jamnagar doctors have taken the famous oath. “Science should come before emotions.” Bah!

  10. I too wanted to write about this. Thanks for bringing it up here. This is such a nasty thing to do to a poor lady. How come she obliged for all this? Are they even doctors? I mean what kind of world do we live in?

    Me: I dont think she had a choice Lively. They’re so poor they dont even know their rights. 😦

  11. 😦 I dont think even education is doing much to change mindset. I wonder what kind of reception the child is going to get. I cant imagine what would prompt someone to do something so mean.. Sometimes i think even my granchildren would probably not be born into a better world 😦

  12. Funny how the man Hypocratus, or whatever the guy is called has a name that sounds so similar to hypocracy and they decided to name the oath on him!! Which means that they did not want to honour it in the first place!! MM one could spend a lifetime writing about hoispital horror stories…just to see the milling crowds around AIIMS makes you shudder at the predicament of our poor countrymen. If hostipals and medical men have such prejudices then one can completely forget about empathy from common unlearnt folk. TV ads with Shabana Azmi etc have also dried up. However yesterday I read in the papers about an HIV + lady who is living a normal life and has found acceptance in her village. Such stories are heartening amidst the gloom of general apathy!

  13. yes you are right, Government shouldn’t waste taxpayers’ hard earned money on AIDS awareness coz this clearly shows that it is failing in doing so, and that too miserably.

    or maybe it should divert the attention towards creating AIDS awareness within the medical community itself.

    people in my small town are aware and i know a couple of families who have AIDS patients, women, and they are living happily with them, taking some precautions though but giving full respect, and by the way they belong to lower middle class strata.

  14. I agree that well read bloggers like you need to publicize such events and bring about the awareness, however was the photo here absolutely necessary to drive home your point? It only brings more scrutiny on the poor lady. Given that you mask your own photos much better, such a trick here too would have been appreciated.

    Me: actually this was in the papers. so i doubt my piddly traffic makes much of a difference. frankly i know I wouldnt recognise her if i bumped into her on the road given what little is showing. would you?

  15. I cringed when I saw this. And then I got very very angry.

    Wrote about it in my blog too.

    I thought hospitals played the primary role in spreading awareness about AIDS. But this! Shameful!

  16. Given that it was already in the papers, and you also have a link indicating the same, why have the picture here at all.(I definitely have no right to comment on what your blogspace carries and what it does not, however given the readership, of which you are modest, would it not be better to not illustrate these things further with pictures).
    I may not recognize her in a crowd, but I would not want to single her out and degrade her either.
    My only point is, aren’t you adding your two penny worth to the chances of her being recognized somewhere, someday.
    Also, given that this world is still filled with hypocrites, and there are people who comment unnecessarily,on why or how she was affected just based on whatever the pic reveals, and takes the focus away from the point you are trying to make , would it not be better to not have it there…
    All said…to each his (her) own!

    Me: Yes, it’s in the papers. And no, if I thought she could be recognised, I wouldn’t have used it here. In this case I have used my judgment and discretion because I really believe this picture wont help anyone pick her out in a crowd. I certainly don’t think it singles her out for degradation.

    Instead, I feel it illustrates a point and that is why I am keeping it, for those who won’t click on the link or incase the link is no longer available.I see your concerns but I hope this dispels them.

  17. If you hadnt added those links to the newspaper articles I wouldve thought this was some internet hoax. Thats how unreal this sounds. Unbelievable.

    Me: which is why I left the picture on the post. its just unbelievable without it

  18. did I read that correctly “and they refused to treat her too” I can’t believe this. If this is happening in the capital of the country I don’t know what is happening on the rural parts. This is ridiculous

  19. The other day I read somewhere(TOI I think) that a pregnant woman wasn’t allowed inside a hosital by the nurses, and she gave birth to her child in their car… just outside the hospital…

    And now this…??? What’s with hospital staff these days…?? Don’t know what to say..

    Me: Christ! why didnt they allow her in to the hospital? do you remember?

  20. MM,

    thanks for publishing this blog. My blood is boilig after seeing her picture. Look at her eyes. Her eyes say it all. The humiliation, sadness her anguish about not able to do anything. Whoever has done this to woman that too to a pregnant woman, has to be paraded naked in public.

    And for doing such inhumane act they were asked to go on leave. Law should punish them like rapist. Yes, it is raping somebody’s soul. I could not help but cry and pray for her.

    I may not know her background about getting but I am guessing she should have got HIV thanks to her husband like other thousands of young Indian girls/woman who save their virginity for the sake of religion and community and ending up being a victim.

    This is new form of atrocity present day indian woman are facing . I shudder the thought that “could be me ” .

    I am also angry with the press for publishing her photo instead of the photos of criminals who have done this to her.

  21. A real WTHey???In which dark age do these people exist???
    Absolutely no excuse for this kinda nonsense..I’m just wondering-do they have “patient advocacy”groups there to take up this or will it just die down?

  22. Hello MM,

    I am sure you have had your fill of people telling you that you write so well ! .Inspite of knowing it , I repeat the oft repeated fact . you have a way with words .. I love the way that you write and have been reading your blogs for sometime now. Infact I started writing blogs after reading yours! . It no way matches up to your blogs :-). Please do visit when you find time.

  23. oh shit! this is just horrible! when will we be able to educate folks about sensitivity to such things? when?!

    i remembre crying buckets while watching My brother Nikhil seeing how they keep him isolated in a hospital room and he is treated like some exmaple to be given to people!

    horrible! horrible! horrible!

    and yes those guys must be shot!

  24. It’s disgusting, if you had not put this out on your blog, I might have never come to know of this.

    Why do people make a big issue of putting the photo here, when already it was in the newspaper.If she is recognized also what’s wrong??? She is still a human….

  25. This is very typical of the India majority.
    woman= no right to sex
    aids=only from sex
    hence aids woman=loose woman

    i actually heard this kind of logic from a nurse. hence my strong belief that literacy is not the same as education

  26. My Dad (a doc) read this in the morning TOI and used the F-word for the first time in living memory. I mean, I’m not even shocked anymore, having seen so much inhumanity in India.
    And they still talk about our fucking culture and morals and values and all that fucking hypocrite shit.
    Sorry for the cuss-words, MM. You can choose not to publish this comment, but I just had to vent.

  27. BTW, its kinda hard to stop and smell the flowers when the country’s reeking of intolerance and hatred in every breath we take.

    me: couldnt have put it better…

  28. Saw the news on tv and was so cheesed off!!! i was like – How dare the Hospital do this? when they are supposed to be educating people about diseases…

    Sad country we live in!! 😦

  29. On the upside, at least it is deemed worthy of reporting. If it weren’t reported, it would tell us something worse – that this is no big deal. I am glad we hear bad stuff. It tells me that good things are still the norm not the deviation.

    Me: yes – I thought so too…

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