The weak knee solution

So I’m being a good girl and actually working on a solution to my knee problem. My no-painkiller stance makes it very hard to function normally but I’m limping along.  I’ve lined up a whole lot of doctors and have been getting opinions and tests done.

A few days ago I had to go see one of them who sits at a government hospital. I walked in there and suddenly realised how money keeps you insulated. I haven’t been to one in ages and as I walked in, (wearing a damn skirt because I had been told to wear something that would easily expose the knee!) I realised how far away from this world I lived.

I was literally stepping over sick people lying on the floor. The old, the weak, the injured sagged against walls and pillars. The place was noisy. Stretchers littered the way, the sick lying exposed, no thought to their dignity, bored staff cleaned their nails and chewed paan. Every cliche wriggling its way in.

I found the corridor and door I was looking for and waited patiently in queue (?) only to have people push past me and go in. I wondered if there was another door out because no one seemed to come out. A man sitting at the door nodded brusquely and told me that I was a fool for waiting and that the doctor took in a number of patients at a time. I nervously pushed in and saw him sitting surrounded by a bunch of junior doctors who were looking at the papers and examining patients. He looked up at me, figured I was worthy of his attention and I was waved past everyone else to him. He asked me a couple of questions and then told me to get an x-ray.

I’ve seen most of the the best doctors in the city including the award winning doctor who treats the ex-PM’s knees. And all of them had told me an x-ray was pointless because I had no symptoms that called for an x-ray. This was good. He wanted an x-ray. Something new. Clutching on to that ray of hope I went to the private hospital close to my house that I usually visit. Such a change from the government hospital and I was so much more appreciative of the shiny reception, the polite staff, the fresh smell, the comfortable waiting lounge, the smiling x-ray technicians. A better salary makes such a difference to the way people treat their job.

X-rays taken I went to collect them and ask the technician if they show anything wrong. No, he shook his head. They seem perfectly fine. I went back to the doctor, the hope slipping away. Another day, another doctor, and still no diagnosis. The OA was in town and he joined me for the consultation.

Again, the woman in the chiffon skirt and tee is noticed among the milling crowds and called up ahead. He looks at the xray and I wait for the now familiar ‘I don’t see anything wrong madam…’ And then he holds the xray up in the light and proceeds to tell me what is wrong. A low grade infection in the bone. And now that it has been located in the xray he knows exactly what to do and presses a point in my knee. I almost fall off the stool in pain. All the other doctors have flexed my foot, poked, prodded and come up with nothing. I’ve not even flinched. They haven’t found the right spot. But he has and he shows the OA and thereafter like all good doctors used to treating a certain section of society, ignores me and talks to the OA asking him questions that I answer. Not quite annoyed with it yet because I am so grateful for a diagnosis finally.

TB and a couple of other options are ruled out. Medicines are prescribed and I’m told to return in a month. I am still grinning at him and he probably wonders what kind of person grins when told they have a bone infection. Well – the kind of person who has suffered for 9 months in excruciating pain, seen dozens of doctors and suffered the indignity of being told in just about so many words that it is all in her head. I ask you, how can a nagging pain in my knee, be all in my head?!

So anyway – medication has started and I loved the doctor for prescribing a painkiller and telling me not to use it. Told me it’s better to stay aware of the intensity of the pain and to only use it on vacation.

So thats it folks. Am off to visit more doctors, rest some more, play with the Bean whose latest idea of fun is to blow air on me with a straw and wait for me to shriek in horror and the Brat who is now climbing up the OA’s back and balancing on his shoulders like a little gymnast. If we run short of money (the medicines he’s prescribed for me are INSANELY expensive) we plan to set up a travelling circus. Exhibit one being the grey haired man cycling around with a child standing on his shoulders, the crazy little toddler doing somersaults around the room nonstop and the mad woman who will wear a top hat and run the show.

22062009 019

PS: Apologies – the camera went off too fast and I couldn’t catch him standing  – but I assure it looks very cute. Not so much for the OA who now has a 4-year old climbing up his back as he eats, sleeps, works, (fortunately he gets to err.. crap in peace), watches TV, puts on his socks and shoes… basically, there’s not a safe moment.


61 thoughts on “The weak knee solution

  1. That’s the kind of circus we would all love to go and see! Laughing at The Mad House would be lotsa FUN, no? 😛

    By the way, take care of the knee woman!

  2. Hi MM, I saw your earlier post about taking a break (!) and not blogging for a while – and then noticed that you have behaving like a bad girl and blogging anyways and have been meaning to scold you about it..
    Anyways looks like this knee thingy has been giving you hell but you have not lost your sense of humour yet. Hope it gets better soon!:)


  3. Oh, I’m so glad you’ve go a diagnosis at least! I hope it works and you’re fine soon. Take rest and come back hopping mad again! 😉

  4. The circus sounds fun, can I book my tickets in advance?…and now that your knee pain is diagnosed, you don’t get to just stand around and run the show…u somersault right along baby! I do hope this is the end of your ‘in the head’ knee pain.

  5. Ha ha ha! You painted a nice picture there, of the home-circus 🙂

    I am impressed by this doctor! My opinion of him went higher when I read he told you not to take painkillers 🙂

  6. The doctor at the government hospital probably sees more variety of patients/illnesses?

    Anyhow, I’m glad you now have a diagnosis. Take good rest and get well soon girl!

  7. I have always believed the govt hospital doctors have way more experience in dealing with all sorts of illnesses..hence they are good! More often than not the patients are poor and walk in mostly at the last moment so these docs get to see some very challenging cases…not to mention the mere traffic they handle as comapared to the private ones!

    Good for you MM. Im sure you will feel better soon. Enjoy the circus…the exit strategy seems sound to me!


  8. u know, as they say, you get some of the best doctors in town only in places like these…but isnt that a good sign..that these poor ppl who are not being offered the best of infrastructure atleast get good doctors and proper diagnosis are being done…good that u r feeling better …..and amazing that we get to read a long post after quite some time…take you..

  9. That’s great…I can understand the grin at finally having a possible diagnosis. and cure. Whew! Just started exploring my options for my knee myself…thanks for the tip…will explore it if MY insanely expensive glucosamine supplements don’t have an effect!

    Felt the same way you did when we went to St. Johns’ a couple of years ago for hubby’s thumbnail infection…money does insulate us in our ivory tower hospitals. And lines some hospital wallets too. It was eye-opening to read about the govt doc’s sharp diagnosis. So much for all our illusions about pvt docs!

  10. hi, Try meet Dr Jatin Chowdary, 9811286852, Hakikat nagar, Kingsway camp. He does acupressure & is supposedly excellent, though i have not met him. Though many a friend has been cured by his touch. Or if you do not believe in alternate therapies & you want to meet a good mainstream doc, then then best ortho in Delhi is Dr.Oberoi, he sits in a clinic in Panchsheel in the evenings u can fix appoinment, call him at 9810125498, i have met him & he is a really, really good ortho, plus no airs, no nonsense type….

  11. I know you are not going to heed my advice, but I will give it anyway.
    First thing in the morning, before you brush your teeth, put a spoon of til oil (or refined sunflower oil) in your mouth, sit in a chair with your chin titled up, and swish the oil in your mouth for about fifteen minutes. Then spit it out, brush your teeth, and drink two full glasses of water.

    This is called oil pulling, it is an ancient ayurvedic technique that cures a lot of diseases, including arthritis, aches and pains . More details here:

  12. sometimes we get solutions where we least expect it.hopefully you get cured this time. i am having minor trouble with my pregnancy, i visited the big hospital next door instead of going to the gynae coz my hubby thought she might not be good. 15 days there was no relief and so i finally went back to her and wow, relief within 3 days. no fancy reception, no big hospital stuff, just plain knowledgeable doc.

  13. It’s not the salary that makes the difference. Govt. staffs are definitely paid, even if they don’t do their work, whereas, with private hospitals, the staffs will be thrown out if they don’t do their job. That’s what makes the difference 🙂
    But good, atleast someone found out what the problem is. That’s what matters. Hope you recover soon 🙂
    LOL about the circus idea!

  14. Ohhh…..You must be so relieved to finally get a proper diagnosis after months of unnecessary pain and running around.
    Hope your knee’s going to be as good as new after the treatment.

  15. Awwww MM you and your phamily….!! Best wishes for a speedy recovery now that the problem has been identified, which is half the solution! Lots of positive thoughts and prayers are being sent your way.. Get well soon lady!!

  16. Hey MM, Glad that one doc zeroed in on what is causing your knee pain. Even more was in a govt hospital which most of us tend to stay away from. Yes ! indeed the salary makes a lot of difference. It’s sad to see the poor suffer in these govt. hospitals. I have even seen cases where the staff openly ask for bribe even to give the dead body away!!!!!!!

    Anyway enjoy your vacation.

  17. Wow. I tell you these Govt. Hospital doctors are Good. they’ve seen a whole lot more cases than private folks have. For my second delivery I picked a Dr who had been at a Govt Teaching hospital until she joined private practice, damn was she good or what.

    Good luck on the knee pain, glad that you finally have a diagnosis. That’s half the problem solved.

  18. bone infection! sounds very strange. Glad the doc nailed it down and hope to see you hopping around with ease and fun ..take care 🙂

  19. My cousin practises in a govt hospital and always claims about his rich experience. Damn sure they are good,only if the crew gets better salary and keep the hospitals neat and tidy, it would be good. Sure enough atleast you know what is wrong now instead of swallowing pain killers. Take care and keep us updated mm.

  20. I’m so glad the doc has come up with something…take his advice,rest the knee as much as possible and you should be all good to perform in the circus!:))
    Hugs to the B & B.

  21. Yeahhh so you finally got the correct diagnosis. Now get the corerct treatment and you’l be fit and fine soon 🙂

    How was the wedding btw?

    Me: ooh – wedding hasnt happened yet. Been spending lots of time and money buying makeup and ignoring knee! 😉

  22. TB was the first thing my mother said when I told her of the bone infection. She was also stunned that you’ve had undiagnosed knee pain for 9 months (?) and no doctor asked you for an x-ray. (“Whom has she been seeing??”)

    Me: 😦 rub it in you awful brat. I did offer to get x-rays and they all said i showed no symptoms.

  23. MM, that’s the way it is unfortunately. I teach in a government college and can proudly say that we have an excellent faculty. But the administration – or the lack of it – and the fact that it’s actually run by the “government” (political party) where mediocrity is rewarded, makes life depressing.
    But now, be a brave little girl, don’t take the painkillers PLEASE … and all will be well. Did you ask him how you could have contracted an infection there?

    Me: he shooed me out before i could get more out of him 😦

  24. 1. What some people above have pointed out is true – a couple of doctor friends of mine insisted on working at government-run hospitals purely for the wide range of cases they would get to see. Brave decision, compared to working with high-profile clients, but worked out in the end.

    Moral of the story –
    We need to give more money/equipment to such hospitals. In fact, wasn’t there some post of yours where we already had this discussion?

    Me: Good lord – that was centuries ago. Were you reading me? Yes, it was a post on how more young doctors should have a bond to serve govt hospitals. i think all of us should do some public service work. like israel. without the option of escaping to manali and getting stoned and setting up bakeries.

    2. I refrained from saying anything about the EFT or whatever course you were going to do. Because this was so obviously NOT a psychosomatic issue, but a serious physical problem.

    Me: thank you. the OA hasnt heard the end of it. he can talk to my lawyers.

    Not that it might not help you to destress and calm down a bit 😉

    Me:if i calm down, who will you calm down?

    3. Go back to all your other doctors and tell them they got shown up by somebody working at public clinic.

    Me: you have no idea how badly i am itching to do that. all bleddy fancy doctors who will charge me the earth and give me an appt after 3 months just to say that!

    4. Yay for you.

  25. You’re right about Govt hospital conditions – they define what it means to be poor in our country. Glad you had the problem diagnosed. Do take care!

  26. glad you’ve got to the problem…as poppy says, that’s half the problem solved.and now i’m off to google bone infection and learn more about it, never hear of it before!

    *using the stern voice that is usually reserved from Bonbon* now you be a good girl and follow doc’s advice…all of it, ok??

    btw, watcha gonna name the circus…since you won’t be blogging all that much, i might as well get some more mad momma in the comments *grin*

    Me: I see the thought of moving back to India has you all chirpy!

  27. Oh thank the lord! Am so happy u finally found out what has been bugging that poor knee of yours. I can understand how excrutiating that can be..coz I have been suffering froma torn (!) ligament at the knee for the past two weeks and came to know what that was today. Sigh

    And oh I like the way u made yourself Mr. Galliano!

    Me: 😀 did you read that too?! I LOVED it!!! I mean what option do I have but to wear the top hat when I can barely stand up?!

  28. Am so glad to hear this!lets hope this is the end of your suffering! Crossin’ everything thats available.

    My family a choc-a-bloc with doctors in government service – out of choice because of the education it is to work there and see such a plethora of cases. And also the fact that some government hospitals also have excellent medical colleges. Good to hear we shouldn’t write off the Gor-ment:-)

    Also, no X-ray? WTF? What kinda orthos do you have in Delhi?

    Me: apparently the kind that hate me 😦

  29. Its something a lot of us have experienced … Govt doctors are indeed good because of the vast exposure they get … so glad you were able to find a good doctor. Good luck !!

  30. Good that you found the root of the problem with your knee. Now concentrate on getting better.
    A lot of doctors who work in govt. hospitals are the very best in the field.

    And make it a touring Cirque du Mad Family.

  31. glad to hear there is a diagnosis. and i have always admired doctors @ a govt hospital. they are truly brilliant, i think.
    now take care of that knee.

  32. There’s this African tribe where the fathers carry their sons on their shoulders when they go hunting and they believe that a child has the best view of the world from his father’s shoulder. The picture reminds me of that.:P
    I like the circus idea. Will save me a lot of money(I wished to see Cirque du Soleil someday)

    And all the best with your knee-treatment.:)

  33. Don’t forget to buy some sexy footwear too. Have you seen the new flats from catwalk which have these gold bangles around the ankles. Sexxxxyyyyyyyyy ones. We just bought a car or I would have been buying those sandals. Right now I’m paying off my Cal trip 😛

    Me: no but kiran told me abt them too. i should go get them. Where do we have Catwalk in Delhi? South Ex?

  34. glad you now know what’s wrong. at least now you know what to treat… and those docs who told you its in your head(!?) need their degrees examined!
    Get that knee dancing fit soon, MM :-), and then you can be the star attraction of the circus 😀

  35. Glad you’re going to get better soon. Govt. hospitals are the best!!! I shall stop with saying that as it is one of my pet hobby horses to ride.

    As for the filth etc…take the BEST pvt. hospital and ask them to handle the depth, diversity and sheer load of traffic that the Govt. hospitals handle and lets see how they fare. I’m not excusing all the clichés (the blooming spell check insisted on the accent) of bored, disinterested and bad staff but they still get through all those patients and ensure they get good treatment. I know, having had a lot to do with them over many years… i said i’d not start…but i seem to have launched into a small canter – so i shall sign off before it becomes a full blown gallop (baah @ all the mixed metaphors)

  36. Congrats on the diagnosis. Hope its correct and you feel better soon. Bummed Knee is no joke.

    About ‘best’ Docs, my wife suffered from this obscure pain in lower back extending to her thighs. She spent hoards of money both in India and US visiting Orthos, getting chiropracted/physical therapied, hearing Sciatica, Disc Problems and god knows what else and all for nothing.

    About a few weeks back, she visited a doc here, who looked at an MRI and suggested to do one exercise for 15 minutes a day. Voila, two days later, she is free of pain. I mean, zilch, nada, no pain. No freakin medicines, nothing. Just 2 weeks prior to this doctor’s visit, she enrolled in yoga. So, we are not sure if it was the yoga or the doctor, but her almost 36 months of suffering was gone in a day or two.

    Its amazing what the right ones do.

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