Damn. Broken!

Hah! well that lasted all of 3 days. Short post though. When you’re sitting at a restaurant with your spouse, both of you chatting animatedly, sudden spells of comfortable silence as you look out the window, singing loudly to the same song as the DJ changes it and in general feeling happy… you know you didn’t go very far wrong 7 years ago.

What’s nice is the manager looking surprised when you tell him you last visited 6 years ago when you were engaged and he looks at you and mumbles.. ‘Oh but you don’t look like you’ve been married very long… ‘

Thank you Mr Manager 🙂 We hope never to look that way!

Yeah okay this doesn’t count. It’s a  mini-post. I’m going back into hibernation.


45 thoughts on “Damn. Broken!

  1. Awww MM, i do so miss you man! I keep checking for new posts compulsively…everyday….and am thrilled that you are no where close to ‘that’ hibernation!! Im not complaining…

    Miss ya miss ya….


    *sighing happily at the new post from MM*

  2. You lasted all of 3 days..!!! disappointed with you woman!! 🙂

    But ya, we knew this would happen.. why else do you think we keep checking for new blog posts everyday after midnight 😛

    Now that you have given up… can we have a bean/brat post.. plz. 🙂

    Me: damn. you guys know me too well. will try harder now!

  3. You’re obviously leaving good reviews for the place, huh! 🙂 It’s a very nice place to be in – you’ve obviously done somthing right to deserve this. Have fun.

    I don’t even know you and I’m checking for updates – just figured you are a blogomaniac.

  4. Maybe the bloggers within us should change places. I haven’t blogged in three weeks and here you are, blogging despite being on ‘vacation’.

    And to quote my landlady “Six years and still in love? May that never ever change!”

  5. not fair..not fair…i checked for ur blogs the three days that u didnt write…this one day i dont check it on time and there u are… 🙂

    btw…very sweet post..

    Happy Blog Hibernation MM…keep coming back though… 🙂

  6. wow MM 🙂 I have a lot of questions which, I think, I should not be posting here! would love to meet you, if at all I visit Delhi sometime..someday..some year! 🙂

    Me: mail me then! 🙂

  7. What do people who have been married for a very long time look like??!!

    Me: I wonder too. do the wrinkles and the jowls and the rolls of fat on us not prove we’re much married and not interested in looking hot and on the circuit? 😀

    actually i think we were too interested in each other, instead of bored. period.

  8. Okay, Where can I get one of these?

    ….these lovey dovey, can’t get enough of one another, still in love after 10 years kinda relationship?! Cos’ everyone around me seems to have one of these EXCEPT yours truly!

    So seriously, is there a place where I can get them? If yes, pliss to be directing me there. Thank you very the much.

    PS: No matrimonial sites please. The Mother is already torturing me (and herself) with that!

    Me: hello – I kissed a LOT of frogs before i found him. 🙂 and oh – when we fight – the neighbours clear the decks.

  9. Sigh, it seems like ALL I’m doing is kissing frogs! One frog after another.

    My kisses are going to such a waste I tell ya!

    Oh and HELLO MM! 😀
    Hope your…umm…*ahem*…so called “vacation” is going well! 😉

    Me: okay fine then. since no one loves me i am off. now dont come looking or calling because i shall not come back. humph 😀

  10. *Cheers* To many more such evenings together.

    And to more mini posts during hibernation. We do not mind little glimpses too MM 🙂

  11. No no no no no.

    Come back come back!!

    If only you could somehow see me, here in Australia, all the way from Delhi…you would see a rather a distressed girl, sulking and pleading and almost ALMOST welling up…

    Yes. Aami khoob dramatic.

    Me Ami O khoob dramatic. but i shall let you win this round 🙂 australia? so *shoves mike in medha’s face* what do you have to say abt the attacks there? 😀

  12. *directs the cameraman* Yes could you please stay on my left and focus on my left profile? It’ll look better on screen. Haan bhaiyya, can you focus the light here at this angle please.

    So MM, ummmmm what was your question again?

    Okok, on a serious note, before coming to Australia itself I had heard a lot about racism exisiting in the eastern coast of the country. Ofcourse whatever happened was really sad and most definitely outrageous; just that my personal experience in Australia has been pretty good so far. I’m in the western coast and there’re no such issue here. Everyone is friendly, everyone is nice. Though yes, a sikh friend of mine had experienced certain acts of racism (according to him)…for eg. some aussie guys threw eggs at him while driving by when he was walking back to hostel one evening.

    Though I will say this, it is NOT safe to go out alone in the evenings! After 7pm the streets are deserted. Forget about even stepping out of your house at night. Yes girls especially, but even if you’re a guy its not that safe.

    Me: *looks on in horror as her joke takes a serious turn*
    wha…? really? okay.

  13. Yeah I know :S That’s why i started with a joke.

    I should’ve added though- that I do go out at 3 am (!) to the nearest gas station just to buy sausage rolls!

    My trick to avoid any trouble? I dress up in loose pajamas and a HUGE sweat-shirt, have my hair all disheveled, and stare as if my eyeballs were bulging out of their scokets. I look like a floating ghost. SO if anyone wants to make me their victim, they’ll take one look at me and run the opposite direction! 😛

  14. damn! wish you’d edited out my typo! 😛

    Me: you have to sign and send me a letter in triplicate, authorising me to do the same 🙂

  15. It’s good to have you back.

    Dump the vacation I say and come back. Short breaks are far more rejuvenating than long ones, don’tcha know?

    Me: you want to talk to my family about that? I get grief for every line I write!

  16. i realize i seem like a toddler and rather out of place as i comment on something like this, but ive been with a certain someone for over a year, and it always seems to feel like we might end up there, atleast i hope it does.

    and for gods sake, stop commenting on the reasons for breaking your hiatus. its perfectly allright

  17. You couldnt stay away? 😀

    as for the you don’t look married since 7 years?

    gimme whatever you are having…
    the frog’s here 😉 now I just have to drink the potion ..and ensure that we do the same a decade down the line 😀

    Me: well so long as you have the frog you want, its a piece of cake!

  18. ok so i was away and i came back to this whole other drama happening here!! 🙂

    are you seriously not blogging? i am not totally up to speed with the 500 comments thingy ad not, but surely we can picket infront of your house and get you back, even though for me that means first getting the visa!

  19. what does it take to build a married life like that which atleast lasts 6 years 😉

    Me: oh you’re almost there yourself. I think it takes elopement, one court wedding, one arya samaj wedding and any one other ceremony, atleast one set of parents behaving abominably, near poverty, long distance relationship, much tension, lots of love . *ticks them off on her fingers* oh wait – you have all that – congratulations – you have what it takes 😉

  20. Three days, and you fell off the no-blog wagon… and why are we not surprised?? 🙂

    Me: oh ye of little faith! :p someday i shall vanish forever and you shall eat your words 😉

  21. Just come back chup-chaap. All this hibernation is not good for health (says the girl who’s been AWOL more than a month.)

  22. Hmmm:

    @ MM: It feels even better when they say that after you’ve been married 17 years 🙂

    @ everyone who’s kissing frogs… marry the goddam frog! Isn’t it obvious that his grumpy, frog-like manner is due to the frustration that results from all that kissing and no further… erm… action??

    Me: and the mystery is solved!

  23. MM, as you know – I can tick off for 1)(Very)Long distance relationship, one set of parents behaving abominably, near poverty, much tension, lots of love *sigh* When will the rest happen? 😦 I miss being with him.

  24. Oi, you jobless mini/semi-poster you.

    Have tagged you. Pliss to oblige in between cavorting in eateries with delish husband.

    Why oh why must you be on a blogging break with all thats going on with Iran and Shiney Ahuja? (equal importance, no?)

    Where are you when I long for acrimony?

    Me: oh i’m glad to be not-blogging (!) during this Shiney thing. The drama!

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