Just over a year ago

… I found a little beady-eyed bug under my Easter Lilies.


A year later they’re both bigger … and brighter…

 06062009 019

Well people – tonight’s the night. I will keep blogging but it’s mostly going to be links to interesting stuff if at all. Other than that I am testing my self control. Also taking time to organise my life so that I am less anal retentive about the hosuekeeping. Work started in October and I’ve been crazily trying to run the house as perfectly as I did over the last 4 years. I think the time has come to let go – except that being me, it will have to be in a more structured manner. So see you on the other side of July and perhaps in between when I miss you unbearably. Be good!


40 thoughts on “Just over a year ago

  1. Awwwwwww Beanie looks so adorable. Will miss your writing. But you need a break too. So have a good break and will see you back soon.
    Leaving for B’lore on Saturday. So will be in touch with you from Bharat 🙂

  2. Are you sure you want to go away/take a break?

    Whenever in doubt, listen to this:

    🙂 🙂

    Me: LOL! Arun – I shall most definitely miss you and your cartoon-iyat!

  3. She’s so much taller now.
    Take some rest woman. Shoo! Go away!!
    When you come back tell us which dress you chose for the wedding.

  4. OMG what a tall long-limbed girl!! And at 2!
    Do you still get the ‘how is she so small?’ jazz ? I’ll be mighty surprised if you do 🙂

  5. you know i havent commented earlier thinking my little comment is going to get lost in the deluge of other comments, but this post i had to comment on. so its officially a beak from blogging? i wud have said “welcome to the club!!!” but that doesnt really fit.. i mean i am not a break and you might be posting on and off while on ur break… just for the record i’m doing pretty ok on the restricted blogging schedule..self control is not easy but im trying not to give in to temptation.
    i think a break would be nice… blogging does end up taking too much of our time..lesser blogging wud mean more time to devote to other things!:)

    Me: How could I miss your comment Mandira? 🙂 And you’re my inspiration. I decided a month or two ago when I saw your post, that I was going to learn from you and stick to my resoultion. I owe you! Thanks.

  6. Much love and kissies to the very grown-up beady-eyed buggy Bean :).

    Do take bloggy break – I think total abstinence is often better than than “I will post occasionally”. Same law as all addictions ;). My month-long hiatus has also helped… in fact, I think it’s time for another. We’ll see.

    In the meantime, YOU be good!

    Me: ?? Can I be anything but good? 😀

  7. MM, will miss you lots – that’s ok, will have 2 cups of coffee in the morning instead 😉
    Enjoy your break and hope to see you back with a bounce in your steps! 🙂
    and big hug to the brat and bean!

  8. The first one is my fav pic of the Bean! I hope you have enlarged it and framed it. Enjoy your break and come back healthy and with lots of stories! I wanted to tell you…there is an ayurvedic oil you get in Mangalore stores called Cinth. I use it for everything from burns and cuts to rashes. You can use it for the eczema too if Bean is still suffering from it. I dont know what exactly is wrong with your knee but you could try it and see if it works. I usually get it from Bombay so incase you go there you could try it.

  9. Reading yr blog was the first thing i did every morning….what do i do now?? 😦 😦 ..may be re read your old posts for the nth time…that wud be great actually….take care..i know u truly deserved this break…come back hale and hearty….healthy enuff to write two posts in a day….he he just joking…love you…

  10. hey! i miss tiny baby bean! the first pic is one of my all time favourite! take good rest and be back healthier and happier!

  11. Hey have good fun! and hugs to both your little babies.

    Any plans of coming to Hyderabad on way to Chennai?

  12. Happy vacationing and relaxing, MM. Kissies to the big Beanie and high-five to Brattie.
    (Hope OA does not cause the fridge accident yet again :P)

  13. wow…the easter lilly plant is simply gorgeous. sorry – but i’m weird that way. a plant will catch my eye before anything else. i had to go back and check out beanie’s long legs after seeing all the comments. she looks very cute :).

    hmm..the 12th is here and you’re off for your rest. so waiting to read posts and a reply from you in July 😛 .

  14. Ah so the good byes had started this far back, and still continuing!! MM it will be difficult to keep you away from your blog! Have a wonderful holiday!!

  15. *hyperventilating in a bag*
    OMG OMG Did you leave already??? I want the name of those lilies…I love the way they smell!!
    Enjoy vacationing and miss us so you’ll come back soon 😉
    Take care…look after that knee 🙂

  16. Bigger and Brighter! Hugs to Beanie. Does she still say “Chatapi”. Somehow glued to that word.

    You have a wonderful vacation MM and please come back soon.

  17. MM, you being you, I believe that it wouldn’t be too hard to keep away, once you set your mind on it 🙂
    May be li’l Beanie should have a scrapbook photo series with her alongside the pretty Easter lilies every year!
    Take care and so long!

  18. Have a fantabulous vacation. Warning: The time away from us people will be relaxing no doubt, but maybe get boring 😉

    Don’t forget to regale us with interesting (am sure!) tales on returning. We will be desperately waiting…..

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