Oh horror! The domestic horror tag

I’m sure when Maid in Malaysia tagged me she said hah! Lets see if MM can find anything horrible to write about. I took it up with much glee because I was sure I’d find something. I’ve racked my brain and am most disappointed to come up with zilch. And then, just before I regretfully gave up  – I remembered that my beloved husband has given me enough opportunity and more – although this particular incident was a long time ago.

It was 2004 December and I was heavily pregnant and very sickly. The OA had to go to London for a 2 month project and it just wasn’t safe for me to live on alone so I was to be packed off to my parents until he returned. I left a day or two before him because that is the day the train ran and I, knowing my husband well enough, shut down the entire house before I left. Locking cupboards, disconnecting geysers and washing machine, locking windows, putting out dust sheets and putting away knick knacks that might collect dust. The last thing I did was to empty out the entire refrigerator, give the vegetables and fruit and food away to the cook and leave only two eggs there, telling her to fry them for the next two mornings for the OA for breakfast. I told him then, to get her to wipe it down, switch it off and leave it ajar when he left.  And then I left, convinced that even the OA couldn’t screw up something so simple.

Four weeks after the OA left I got a call from the landlady. Apparently her man Friday had entered our house (why he broke in is a story for another day!) and the overwhelming stink had left him swooning. The fridge smelled like it’s innards had been yanked out and left to rot in a puddle of shit.

Knowing no one much in the city I frantically called a friend to go over and check it out. Sure enough, the OA had left the eggs in the fridge because with me gone, he wasn’t waking up early enough to grab breakfast. And then he’d left the fridge as is, and left.

The refrigerator sales guys had to be called and even they tried to beg off. The house was stinking so badly that they didn’t want to enter. Eventually it was decided that the fridge had to be taken away to the service centre to be cleaned – because when they opened it they saw green, grey, yellow goop, worms, fungus and more stuff that I can’t remember being described.

Our friend just cursed. And cursed. And cursed. But did his duty as a friend and got the fridge lugged back and forth and cleaned up.

When we got back we stepped into the house gingerly. Our noses wrinkling up although the house had been aired out. We walked into the kitchen and dared each other to open the fridge door. It wasn’t too bad on the whole but the insides were pemanently stained. It was just too gross to put food into it once we knew what it had gone through. Fortunately or unfortunately ( depending on how you look at it) the OA got his transfer order before we could decide so we dumped it and picked up a new fridge. That one gave us more trouble and I’d written an open letter to Godrej on my blog two years ago! But as of now – MiM – that was our biggest domestic horror!


21 thoughts on “Oh horror! The domestic horror tag

  1. Amazing! I would have been so frightened to enter the kitchen hehhehe lucky you had a good friend to take care of it!

  2. I laughed out so loud that people from the next room walked in to see if I had been possessed..

    A similar thing happened with me when I forgot a lunch box in my office drawer before leaving for the US for three months. You can guess the rest.

  3. Just 2 eggs caused this mess?

    Me: Good Lord you present a new angle. I know that is all I left. I cant imagine him having brough back some leftovers and forgetting. anyway we didnt get to see the mess thanks to that good friend!

  4. That happens to eggs when they are a month old? I need to keep that in mind…

    Dipali had tagged me for this one, but I couldn’t come up with anything interesting enough!

    Me: when they are a month old and in a fridge switched off!

  5. THAT is your horror situation?! Humph, its called every other weekend in our household. The stink becomes overpowering and then turns into a scavenger hunt for the hidden sweaty sock or the forgotten half eaten apple 🙂
    But what a fun tag, can I take it up too? Such a great time to wrtie about my bedbug situation.

  6. My dad managed to leave his uneaten tiffin in his briefcase, at office for two months. Can you imagine what it looked and smelled like when it was finally opened?

  7. He’d obviously remembered to switch it off, unfortunately!
    I’m wasteful that way- I leave the fridge running even when we travel. Its only switched off when we have to shift residence, as there’s always so much stuff stored in the freezer, simpler to leave as it is. Your was of course a much younger household.

    Me: no no 😦 we do it now too. The day before we leave I give what is left, to the cook to take home – and clean and switch it off. That is if the house is going to be absolutely empty.

  8. Was it the same friend who took care of you recently?

    Me: nope. this is another nut job. We always have some good friends around to bail us out of messes.

  9. Your description of the refrigerator’s innards had me reeling! Yuck!

    But still, this gross-out notwithstanding, the OA’s still a good egg and all that!

    (Hyok! Hyok! You didn’t think I was gonna let that opportunity pass me by now, did you?)

  10. LOL, that’s gross. Not to minimize your anguish, but you must be a regular Bree Van de Kamp if that’s your worst. 😉

    My horror stories include plasma fireworks inside the microwave, flooded kitchen, male psycho and a female murderer. All in one apartment. I know, I win.

  11. just read your other post….awww am so sad…selfishly ofcourse….not getting to read a post everyday is going to leave a big gap…hoping to see you back soon…rested and repaired 😛 and raring to go….have a great holiday 🙂

  12. And I thought you said you were taking a break – I’m glad you did one more post 🙂

    Me: I am 🙂 I said from the 12th!

  13. hehe! thats really lame horror btw MM!! 😉

    Me: I tried yaar!

    and yeah! like Dipali, our freeezer is toow ell stocked. so the fridge is the only one thats kept on even when we are traveling!

    this ofcos reminds me of M trying to boil an egg in microwave!!! it burst and the mess and stink took forever to clean!!! i must do a tag on HIS horrors now that i am done with owning up mine!

    thanks for the idea! :p


  14. Eggsotically eggciting eggsperience, huh?

    Just like Manasi, this is regular and normal in my fridge and household! Especially with a kid who hates eating and goes hiding leftover cutlets behind the basin and banana slices under her bed. And no friend to bail us out 😦

    Are you doing a last post tomorrow? *wistful look*

  15. the incident has its merit. but you had no direct contribution.

    so cant give you the cap and the feather duster and the rock-hard vadas that the more meritorious tag takers got as a prize.


    you’ll have to tell us about the stray cobweb that you sighted in your house in 2005 or something.

    Me: I’m sorry, I brushed that incident under the carpet (and oh horror… sighted some dust there!) so you’re not going to hear about it. I guess I’ll just have to do without 😦

    Ps: there’s just no pleasing you, woman! even after revealing this horrific incident to the entire www!

  16. MiM: I agree! Shameless MM, trying to pin the OA and walking away with laurels.

    This wasn’t *your* horrific incident to report. Now go stew some eggs in a fridge while you’re gone and then get back to us.

    And as a part of EFT, you might just have to overlook some cobwebs:-)

    Me: *looks horrified at the suggestion*
    I’d rather be dead. i’d rather sharpen melon seeds and poke my eyes out. I’d rather drill a hole through my tooth and come out of my brain.

  17. wow that much stink by two eggs. just out of curiousity are the gooey greenish wormy stuff visible to the eye.

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