Never say goodbye

It’s been a packed last two months. I’ve taken on more responsibilities at work. I have started the kids off at a summer camp that they enjoy and I am reading boooks like nobody’s business. The OA and I also socialise a lot at night because the days are too hot. And since we do it after the kids go to bed we’re left sleep deprived and exhausted through the week. Burning ourselves from both ends is right.

09062009 015

But I believe every encounter, every event, plays some role in shaping your life and at yet another party a few days ago I met someone who has recently quit her well paying job to start practicing EFT.

I was limping around and since I was in a short skirt it was rather easy to see that I didn’t have any obvious injuries and so she asked me what was wrong. I told her that my knee pain refused to go away and so she asked me if I was willing to be open-minded.

At this point I am willing to do anything for a cure or even hope and I listened with an open mind as she told me all about it. Some of the things she came up with made a lot of sense. The OA sitting on the steps in the dimly lit garden, playing with the host’s dogs looked up and then with a deep breath began a litany of complaints about how I don’t know when to stop and how to take a break. I am not known to lie down and rest. I’m either with the kids, or working, or in the garden and it’s not always a good thing to be so busy.

Anyhow – she asked me to start the therapy and the first step is to free up mind space. So no over-thinking, no debating, no being on the internet at odd hours and chatting, no mailing google groups and pals. Nothing. Just a lot more space, free time and doing nothing. In fact her suggestion was to take a long break from work too – which is not possible. The rest however is. This sounds alien to me and my nature and its going to be a huge effort. But I plan to give it a good shot because the discomfort and pain are now taking over my life.

I will also start strengthening the muscles around the knee which are now weaker because I don’t put any pressure on it and avoid walking around too much. So here’s the deal – I’ve picked up a pair of good walking shoes and am going to start with long walks every evening. I also have appointments with two more very good doctors and hopefully phsyiotherapy or something should make a difference.

09062009 017

The Brat and the Bean finish with even summer school on the 12th and I should free up more time to spend with them. Most importantly we’re probably pulling the Brat out of his big school (I’d tell you why, but its gone to court and been in the papers and I don’t need the link here! Edited to add: No! WE have NOT sued the school – some other people have but we’re totally in agreement and we think he needs to be pulled out.) and putting him back in his old school. So lots more running around, lots more chaos and TWO sets of admissions this year end, for him as well as the Bean. We’re rather stressed out right now and very, very scared. Bad luck and some circumstances have created a lot of trouble but the poor child is so goodnatured that he’s willing to go back to the old school.

I’m also attending a wedding in Chennai and taking a bit of a holiday  – it’s an early evening wedding and I’m torn between what I should wear because it goes on to dinner and reception. So here are some of my choices – it’s going to be hot, humid and maybe even raining –  and I can’t be swanning around in a silk saree – so it’s a good thing the bride has set the tone with a dress! You can vote and help me choose. And while all of them fit me fine, I’d like them to be a little less snug so a little more emphasis on my walking plan. 


09062009 003

Ohh.. I see a link at HHC in which Deepika is wearing a similar dress to this chocolate one. Except that mind falls freely at the bottom and has a satin belt.

09062009 010

09062009 007

It has white cutwork laid out over the grey lining…

09062009 009

09062009 004

All of this to tell you that I will be taking a blog break starting 12th – which is when my babies wrap up school and probably only coming back to blog by the end of July (yes, there’s a lovely holiday thrown in between). I might sneak in a post if no one’s looking but on the whole I am hoping to be disciplined and it will only hurt me if I try to fool myself.

I need to handle all the extra stuff that life is throwing at me with a little more grace and dignity so something’s gotta give. So this isn’t good bye. It’s just au revoir.


154 thoughts on “Never say goodbye

  1. choosing the dress part-so interesting =))
    the first one, the first one 😀
    and about the goodbye part..well-o-well
    sad but then you gotta do what u gotta do so..have fun vacationing :))

  2. So you forgot to photoshop beanie’s face in you *removed* post?
    If yes, then it’s good. It makes me uncomfortable when I see their pics… with so many weirdos lurking arounnd…

    And no, I am not Taliban, but when it comes to kids, I just do not want to take chances.

    Me: nahi yaar. Just posted it on the wrong day! that was meant for tomorrow.

  3. Did you try Crocs?
    I don’t know whether they are available in India. They are very popular in the US, especially with kids. A year ago I was having a lot of knee problem. I guess it was due to me trying to pack in 1000 things in my day. Somebody asked me to try Crocs. I bought one pair with lot of misgivings since they are expensive and are basically look like plastic slip ons. My knees stopped aching within a week. I went ahead and bought 2 more pairs. I wear them all the time, including work, even though they are extremely ugly.

    Me: oops. I did a lot of croc bashing on a post 2 years ago. will serve me right if I have to eat humble pie and buy them!!!

  4. you need the break, MM you really do – take it, connect with your life! and have a blast.
    and my vote is for the last sunburst dress. something so cheerful abt it.
    but then again, i’m not exactly known for my fashion sense, so don’t listen to me 🙂

  5. My first choice is the red dress with diamond accessories.
    – big bold earrings
    – thin bracelet
    – high heels
    – no necklace (I beleive square necklines dont go well with chains)
    – and a shawl! (can be used as a cover up in case it gets chilly)

    2nd choice is the v-shaped brown dress (2nd on display) with golden accessories.
    – a v-shaped chain with a big pendant
    – tiny ear rings (hoops might look good)
    – thin, mutiple golden bangles
    -high heels

    Enjoy your vacation!

    Me: those are awesome suggestions. however I only wear gold because other metals give me an allergy – so will have to dig and see if any of my rather indian looking jewellery will go with it. thanks girl!

  6. The first or the third one..dress I mean! 🙂
    Eh btw, you could SO wear a kebaya too! Looking from the dresses I can tell that you have quite a nice figure. You will so easily and nicely fit into a kebaya! Want me to send you one from Singapore? 😉

    I too have a knee problem! I went to my doc and he told me its mild artheritis. Mild artheritis at 24! I was about to shoot myself actually. 😛 Plus, it runs in the family. So my mom has warned me that I need to do something about it now so as to avoid it from getting very serious in the future. A LOT of exercising is helping. A lot running and gymming. Also, eating healthy.

    BTW, untill the end of July?!?!! 😦
    Ok ok, I shall not sulk and whine. You have a fabulous vacation! 🙂

  7. Wow – a lot going on! Hope everything pans out – shall I bring you some crocs? In lovely colors like lime green and purple?
    Dresses, in order: the last one (red sunburst), the third one and the first one.


  8. definitely not the second one, the first or third.
    Have fun on your breaking old bad habits and starting new good ones trip. I hope things work out in your favour and I wish you lived next to me so some of your ‘cant sit still’ would rub off on me.
    Y’know that thing your friend said about the internet taking up so much of your time and affecting you one way or the other is so true…not that i havent heard it before but something about the way you put it.
    I think I have to give it a shot too.

  9. Enjoy the break and come back with more stories 🙂

    I lurvee the first and the last one …

    Do post a pic… with the face blurred ofcourse 😀

    You will be missed ..

  10. I love the red/orange one with the radiating stripes, but the brown v-neck will keep your shoulder covered, in case it gets chilly.

    Heels not a good idea with your knee, no? Maybe flats with those wind around your leg straps? Gold jewelry would go with the brown one too.

    Being a girl is so much fun!!! 🙂 I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be a guy. 🙂

    Me; no 😦 no. heels not a good idea. but those gladiators dont suit me either. because i have very muscular, worked out, sports person legs. dont like them at all. i build muscle far too easily 😦

  11. Red one!.

    @ Sri – Nice suggestions with accessories n all. I am very bad at even co-ordinating colors that go with each other 😦

    Have a wonderful break MM.

  12. Oh..will miss you MM 😦
    But, tou take your time..and be back feeling all fine and rejuvenated, ok?

    Have a gala time at the wedding ( yay! for the last red one) and at the vacation.

    Hugs to you and love to the babies..

  13. the 1st one pleasseee. And take that break, you deserve it after all this while. I can only tell you that the only one break of this kind i took in my life had me return with visibly better skin and a calmer disposition overall. Can’t do anyone any harm, can it?

  14. how do you spell that word? phasson? ok – lame joke – but, that,s (the apostrophe key is not working) how far apart i am from fashion. but go with the red – definitely. it is so “sunny” and cheery :). else the third one – the one with the embroidered bodice. for no reason but that they appealed to me. i could NEVER wear any of those.\

    Hey! i have a better suggestion – how about you model them for us? then we choose? 😀

    sad about missing your blogging – but glad that you,re doing it for your health. do take care. and get better soon.


  15. 3rd. 3rd. 3rd. may be 1st, no the third. I totally understand the need to unclutter. these days on my commute home, I don’t even turn on the ipod/radio. I just drive an hour in utter silence.

  16. My vote goes for the first one, the halter neck brown one. And go have a blast MM :). Oh and btw, I love your shoes, they’ll serve you well too!

    Au revoir!

  17. Umm…so many M’s have already commented.

    I love the Red one and the first one with Halter neck. On second thoughts, Red would sizzle more…and would be hotter than Chennai heat 🙂

    Hey take a break, I know I will miss the blog…but will be starting back at work next week. So won’t have the luxury to read blogs on daily basis.

    About the knee pain, strengthening the knee works well. I do have problem with my right knee, nothing turned up in X-rays and other tests. Only change I did my life is I started walking a lot on the trail, on the treadmill and also trained for a half-marathon. The knee pain has gone.

    Before walking do warm up well. Try walking on tippy-toes for 5 mins and on your heels for 5 mins. This stretches the calf and shin. Also do some free kick in the air with one leg at a time.

    Enjoy walking and spending time with kids.

  18. I do like the first and the third but maybe the first might be a better choice if you don’t want it to be too snug 🙂

    Just a quick suggestion regarding your gym shoes. I had some knee problems and was told by a personal trainer that shoes make a big difference to your workout. She told me to get new shoes, which should feel snug in my foot, not loose not tight. I am size 5 but for gym shoes I wear size 6. My feet are narrow so wide size shoes are not good for me. Once I changed my shoe my knee pain during workout went away. It’s true that if you start building your knee muscles it will help with the knee pain. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

    Will miss you during your break!! Come back soon!!

  19. i love the 3rd one or the 2nd brown v-neck drapery style dress.

    Enjoy your break. Hopefully your knee feels a little better.

  20. The first one…I am a sucker for halter neck. Have a great vacation, see you in July 🙂

    btw, somebody suggested crocs. they are truly awesome. I sent a pair to my mom who has knee trouble and she loves it. sure you need to eat your own words, but it is so worth it 🙂

  21. as for the dress, the first one is my choice. For a more casual look maybe the last one. Hope your knee get well during the break, Enjoy your time off and look forward to seeing you back in July. And of course enjoy Chennai 🙂

  22. the first or the third worn with ballet flats or open kitten heels ( that wont be too bad on the knees)
    Both can go with simple diamonds or even no jewellery..

    Enjoy your time off with the kids.. But do put up soem pics on and off..

  23. Like the red one it seems more festive and appropriate for a wedding. The break sounds like a very good idea. Though all your readers will miss you. I’m having withdrawal symptoms already 🙂

  24. Definitely the first dress – it’s just so breathtakingly pretty!

    And hey, have you tried using Fitflops? ( They’re supposed to be really good for your feet, and am assuming for the knees as well….

  25. Oh the red striped one..with your coloring and build it will look awesome.
    I was leaning towards the black as well but this last one won my vote.

    Enjoy the break MM!


  26. Ma’am,

    I can’t believe you’re actually trying a non-allopathic remedy. The worst thing is, it’ll probably work, due to some placebo effect. Bah.

    Slyly slipped in some huge news about Bratinder there, I see!

    The sunburst dress makes most sense but will divert too much attention from bridey. Second-last is fine but a little too mallu aunty-type in its sleevelessness. First looks like it’ll make you a walking pyramid. Second is best.

    And btw, you should always take the advice of the opposite sex over the same.

    Me: ROFL. You’re right. A young man should know much more than a bunch of us old hens na?! So now I owe you TWO dinners!

    And dont you KNOW I go for non-allopathic all the time? besides I’ve tried all allopathy now and come up blank. the physio is the last resort.

  27. #1 or #4 get my vote. Enjoy your break. Take good care of yourself. Those Reeboks alone should be inspiration enough to walk everyday 🙂 You know that end of July will go on my calendar, no?

  28. Wowww…sounds great…and love the dresses too..
    And you so deserve the break..
    Have fun,relax and take a chill-pill..And when you are back,just holler..:D we’ll be right here.Love to those babies.

  29. The first one, the first one.
    If not then the red sunburst.
    And keep your word about the break and enjoy your vacay.
    Will miss you in the meanwhile.

  30. The 1st one ..classy !

    Crocs : do not wear them n go on the escalators : something abt their mould and the escalators steps have caused a lot of accidents :very gruesome ones. so, again, DO NOT!

    Hope u have a grand time 🙂

  31. Whats with knee pain striking young people? I have a young husband with the same problem. Lifestyle I guess. Hate to give a personal opinion on a personal issue but then u asked ;)…Not a big fan of dresses esp. on Indian women and for occassions like weddings, but if u must the third one is fits the bill.

    Me: I’m an old person now 🙂 as for Indian women and dresse – very right. to begin with, you barely get any good stuff here. But its a Christian wedding and one of the members is firang and the dress code is western formals. otherwise i’d stick to good old chiffon or something.

  32. The red sunburst – definitely !!! 😀

    And yes – you do need a break – so slow down 🙂

    On that note, let me stuff another quote down your throat 😀

    Eddie Cantor once said

    Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you’re going and why.

  33. Awww…sinking feeling here…will miss you 🙂

    My vote is for the orange sunburst…HOT baby!

    Take care of yourself, and enjoy the break…and give us some tips on the knee when you improve, my knee is bumming out too, has been bumming out since my teens…gotta go read Louise Hay and figure out what needs healing!

    Good luck with the school problem…I know how scary it can be going up against schools…eeeps.

  34. It doesn’t even get mildly chilly in chennai, that too in July. Don’t worry about catching cold. I liked the first one, I think it will look good on you.

    Now you are talking like a good girl. Please rest and come back with new energy.

  35. first one – brown silk, with lovely indian gold jewellery and gold gladiator sandals. or some sexy chappals.
    if you need a cover up, a red or olive jamewar shawl.

    but are you are ‘brown’ person? (I’m not – always look muddy and like a large pile of shit in it).

    otherwise would do the red – harder to think of jewellery and shoes with it though. and agree with the commenter about it being hard to do necklaces with square necklines. a nice dangly set of earrnigns maybe?

    good luck with the walking.


    Me: I have recently started wearing brown because i’ve realised certain shades suit me. otherwise i dont touch brown or yellow. the OA said it looked good when i picked it up. the only reason i fell for it is the big waistband. highlights the only part of me I really like!

  36. I visit your blog first thing in the morning and what i hear is you are taking a break? 😦 But, of course you need it if the pain is affecting you so much… we all know you would not have buckled down to anything less 🙂

    So, make good use of the break. Hope you come back feeling better and more fit.

    I didnt understand much about the Brat’s school issues, but i wish everything works out well in the end. Hugs to the Brat and Beanie! Am going to miss you guys…

  37. all the best, madmomma. take care of yourself. i will miss visitng here.

    i like the fourth dress the best. the blue one. you can bend over and pick up the bean without a problem 🙂

    Me: the babies arent going with us 😉 they go to nani-gpa.

  38. YAY, she’s actually planned to do it!
    Now SHOO, and don’t you dare return until knee pain has gone down, and you aren’t constantly boasting of being dead tired.

    May our comments remain unpublished!

  39. all the dresses are lovely. I would pick 1. enjoy!

    Me: hey! I havent seen you in ages. was wondering about you…

  40. The break will do you a lot of good…I’m positive..enjoy!

    I would go with either 1 or 4, with the image I have drawn of you in my head. I am sure you’d look stunning in either of them 🙂

    p.s: I have always wondered how you manage to sit up at 1.00 am and reply to your comments in spite of kids, family, job and other things you do. Needs a lot of dedication. Catch up on all the sleep missy 🙂

  41. have a great break, nicely mended knees and happy school-hunt outcome.

    and just wanted to add this after a year of r2i – forget just crocs, EVERYTHING is available in india now, incl. stephen hawking’s latest kiddie book (called ‘george’s cosmic treasure hunt)

  42. I love the orange dress – so cheerful for a wedding. hope you have a lovely break. I’m on vacation from work starting next week so maybe we can catch up for a playdate?

  43. Have a nice break, MM. You deserves, nay, need one. You’ve been pushing yourself too hard and something’s gonna give until you take better care of your health. Hope the knee gets better soon.

    I love all the dresses. If you’re looking for a more formal look, I’d go for #1. For a casual, fun look, I’d go with #4 or #3 – both are lovely. Enjoy the wedding.

  44. Hey M,

    Lovely collection!!
    My vote goes for the most elegant dress in blue/grey. The lovely one with the patchwork bodice.
    Would look just breezy in the evening, and team it up with a stole and you could rock the night!
    Not sure what footwear would go with it, but i guess a dainty pair of peep-toes would do the trick.

    As for the vacation, go ahead and have fun!!
    you deserve it…..
    Me, I’ll just sit here and sob my heart out till you return!! (am soooo addicted to your blog….how will I possibly get through the day!! Help me God!)

    Cheers to all in the mad-house,

  45. The red dress or the first one – copper. The first one *might* be worn with flat copper sandals, but the red one will most likely need heels, which may not be such a good thing.

    and do try EFT. I have used it myself and it works rather well. I tried it as far back as 2001, and then went back to the basic manual last year. (the basic manual is available for free, and can be downloaded. i have used only the basic manual and even that has helped a lot)

    EFT does not per se need a quiet mind, so it shld fit u well. Reiki is another option for that knee..

  46. Will miss your posts when you’re on a break.
    But you definitely need it and hope you make good use of it. And do try the 8 hour sleep. You might actually get used to it :).

    The dresses – #1.
    Have a great time.

  47. Hey! First have a great holiday! Second all the best with school problem and third wear the black with cut work one!

    Besides, about the knee, I am sure my husband can help you. check

    Though the rest of the website is about something he ‘also’ does, his fundamentals of the primary practice as a MD Med and physio expert are listed on this page. I have seen him being a maverick and cure impossible patients and avoid numerous surgical processes. He indeed is extremely good at his craft. Write in on the mail id i have entered above in case you wish to contact him and I shall mail you his number.

    Sorry if this sounded pompous but just wanted to really help and what the hell, I am so proud of him!!

  48. Good to see you take a break..but we are going to miss you! Enjoy the new therapy of taking things easy for a while. Hope you enjoy the wedding and your break time and we’ll wait for you to be back..take care.

  49. MM, the brown one looks gorgeous..a pair of gold sandals should be good enough to have people turn their attention away from the bride 😉
    Have always wondered how you have managed to be so prompt with your posts, approving comments and replying to them at all odd hours. With 2 kids and a full time job i am already falling apart. Now i know where this has gotten you. I think it’s a very well deserved break, though i will miss reading your blog in the mornings..
    I hope you come back charged..take care 🙂

  50. Go ahead and do what you need to do MM, we’ll be right here, waiting for you to come back.

    I really hope the therapy works for you.

    As for the wedding, I choose number 1. Even though I love the red number, I think no. 1 is more appropriate for a wedding-plus-reception.

  51. Hmmm….I’m thinking dress #1 with kitten heels (since stilettoes are out of the question for a while!) or gold strappy flats…and if you managed to get the flats in white/silver, they’d look pretty good with the red dress (which is gorgeous!i want!)
    We’re going to miss you during your break! Have a great time though, take care and stock up loads to write about!

  52. I am assuming all of them fit u pretty nice. Right? Right then.

    I like the first one best for an evening do, but till the sun sets it may look too much. For that time the red one looks to be a stunner.

    Can u change? Wear the red one during the wedding and then change into the first one for dinner?

    The third one looks like it can be worn during the entire time, but the cut is more sweet, than stunning.

    This is fun!

  53. All’re going to be in Chennai? Don’t you dare cop out this time!

    Cant access my emails right now would have emailed otherwise…but do please let me know when you’re here..

    Me: no cop outs. am leaving that for jodi picoult! will mail and tell you – it a long time away…

  54. #3 and the red one gets my vote. Both would look good with dainty pearls or diamonds and white shoes/sandals. Chennai is always hot as you might be already knowing. I hate dressing up there cos of the damn heat…I know cos i got married there!

    Bummed up knees? Tried swimming? That too might help with minimal strain on the knees…helped a friend of mine who has bad arthiritis…

    yenjoy your holiday maa’m! After the recent drama, you need it all the more! LOL. Will miss you loads n loads…


  55. my mind is nice and de-cluttered.

    only if my house would follow suit.*sigh*

    and if i were under the spotlight like you are i’d take my break very seriously … i wouldnt come back till july 2019.

  56. Have a good break!

    Dress 2… if it is the same one you wore for the anniversary, then i remember it looked great on you!

  57. take care MM! it will be weird not having your posts here! but hey a woman gotta do what she gotta do!

    hope brat nad bean’;s school gets sorted out! i am all worked up about Cubby’s already! grrrr!

    and me likey the first one and red one equally! tho for a shaadi first one seems nicer! but then me no fashionista!! :p


  58. Funny how those who like the first, generally like the third and those that like the last one, also like the second. I’m in the last/second group.

  59. Hey!! Me likes the first or the second one.. Preferably the first one. Do let us all know which one you picked finally(with a pic):)The last red one is great too, but not sure if it suits the occasion..
    Enjoy the break and be back with a bang!!
    Hope things work out for Brat..

  60. The first or the third… 🙂 I think the first will look very nice with simple gold jewelery!

    The red one would require just bangles and ear rings … so that should also work!

    I am in love with your dresses..

    Happy vacationing! You shall be missed 🙂

  61. Hello MM,

    I have ben reading your posts daily for so long and wanted to comment more than once in the past few weeks. No excuses for not doing so, my bad.
    Enjoy you break, being “UN-connected” is the one thing that is better than it sounds. We do look forward to you coming back…
    Au revior!


  62. You’ll be sorely missed, MM, you will ! Hope your break revives you like nothing else & you are back with a bang 🙂 Take care!

    As for the clothes, I heart # 3. Cutwork + lace + black = class 😀

    Also, have you tried Dr. Scholl’s? It’s simple no-nonsense footwear (mostly slip-ons) enhanced with acupuncture points on the surface which provide pain relief. No personal experience, but I know someone who used them & was quite happy with the result.

  63. I havent read the comments yet, but my vote its the grey one. More conservative (that’s me) and you wont end up overshadowing the bride.

    And Chennai? What about Bangalore?

  64. love the first dress.but have a feeling that the third one’s fit will look best on you…have fun on your chhutti

  65. i like all the dresses
    but i think the red one would be gorgeous on you

    btw chennai blog meet there on your agenda or not??

    Me: well not a blog meet for sure. i would however like to meet up with my friends 🙂 you on ?

  66. i liked the one with the white cut work. would go very well with some pearl accessories. just not sure if it would too hot considering the climate, if so, red is a better choice (fabric looks a bit more cooler in the pic atleast)

  67. Aargh… torn between the first and the third. The first one is gorgeous by the way. Will surely miss your posts but you deserve the break. Have a very good time and tell us all about it later!

  68. so do you get to wear just one dress?? cant you wear all? perhaps there will be multiple events/ ceremonies? no? yeesh!

    okay my favourite ( if its an evening reception with cocktails and stuff) is the black deep V with Silk/Satin Sash belt ( it loooks like an Obi belt which if you’ve follow Milan and Paris, are very big this season!) I would wear it with a slinky clutch and elegant heels ( peeptoes with a slingback ideally and black patent). pearls on your ears, no necklace but possibly a pearl bracelet or bangle. Or you could go glam with burnished gold hoops in your ears and burnished gold heels. keep the clutch black though. and wear loads of burnished gold bangles( really skinny, not chunky ones) on one wrist.

    the third dress, one with the white flowers on the bodice would be very pretty for a day wedding. Pin a red silk corsage on your black/ grey clutch for a splash of colour and keep shoes in shades of grey/ charcoal or Black.

    my tuppence love! but you’ll look lovely no matter what you wear!!

    Me: thunkoo and all that. And no – I cant wear dresses anymore than once. One event is Indian wear, the other is by the pool 😀 junta will turn up in shorts and tees but I doubt i will do that. any ideas?

  69. and MM, bum knee or no knee! Come the fuck on! Don’t you dare disappoint me by not wearing heels!
    HelloWW! whats the point of sexing up if you arent going to walk with a wiggle!!
    ( Pardon the french darling, heels/flats – that conversation always gets me excited!!)

    Me: honey – I am going to do my best to ensure I dont disppoint you. heels it shall be unless I am having a bad knee day . damn – not only do i factor in bad hair days – now i have to think of the knees too!

  70. Rock the floor with Red MM… Au Revoir.

    Will miss your Blog terribly. If in case you would like to catch up with trolls like me, gimme a buzz… would luv to see the Mad Family.

  71. The first one. Elegant and perfect for a wedding. Is it eggplant or brown? I can’t really tell. Either way, monotones just photograph so much better.

    Enjoy the holiday!

  72. This is wisest thing you could do. You should jsut shoo straight away:-)

    Sorry to hear about the Brat’s school: Hope that works out soon! As for dress – def. the 1st. It’ll make you skin shine:-)

    Plus from assorted body parts you show, you have narrow shoulders and waist but broader hips. This will be the perfect dress! Great colour for gold jewelry too! I totally agree with Perakath about Mallu maami dress:-)

    Now BOO! Go get healthy:-)

  73. So that means I will have to do w/o my favourite read for a very long while….but its all for the best. listen whatever this girl says makes a lot of sense…ever heard of pshychosomatic illnesses. Apparently peoplewho get a lot of colds, aches and pains, even those who tend to topple over slightly more than usual have a lot on their minds according to doctors. As in one reason could be that their stress etc gets physicallyn manifested in the above problems, so taking it easy should helpyou
    Also,a good exercise for the knee — sit on the edge of the bed with both your legs resting on the floor, then straighten out the legs and lift them as high as problems, you can add weight as the muscles strengtehn, very good

  74. Ok I thought u were 30 or something and my young husband is 34 (looks24) so consider yourself young. Waise age is something not worth obsessing over right? Christian wedding, totally get it. Have a blast!

    Me: I *am* 30 🙂

  75. The red is choice one followed by the black… Have fun in Chennai– it’s my hood !!P.S- Hope your knee gets better soon.

  76. for poolside do. please show up in a vintage kaftan ( Pucciesque will be fab- raid mum’s cupboard if she has seventies stuff, else find retro fabric, head to tailor)
    strappy gold heels and straw clutch as accessoires- i found a gorgeous one in Kimaya by Monisha Jaisingh. I think i told you!. chunky bracelet and gigantic sunnies perched atop forehead.
    ma cherie you shall belle du jour!

  77. dont wear ankle length kaftan though, skimming the knee is the right length for us petite desi chicks. leave the ankle lengths to the amazons of the world, ”five foot nine in my socks” and all that jazz

  78. i,m the ONLY ONE who wanted her to model them for us before selecting??? i know the face will be PShopped out – but what a treat all the same… (hmmm don,t mean to sound like a pervy voyeur. am not. but this girl is hot and i,d love a preview.)

    Me: you shall see pics after the wedding then!

  79. OK..doubt clarified, u r not a superwoman 🙂
    Enjoy your break and u will be missed.

    Me: damn. *hurries off to pull underwear on over her pants*
    I am , I am… stop… dont go away. i’m superwomannnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  80. Hey MM,

    I’m not a big commenter on your blog, but I do visit it everyday. Feel guilty whenever I read about your comments on folks not commenting, but I am not much of a talker and some of the comments speak my voice – so feel like it would just be a repetition. I will miss your blog, but I also think this is good for you – you need the break. I can’t imagine how you pack so much into a day – one of my other friends does it and I keep telling her to take a break – so good you are doing the same. I will certainly miss reading your blog during lunch and pumping (arrgh.. let’s not even go there). So, I’ll mark your return on my calendar 🙂

    As with regards to the dress, I get the feeling that you’re leaning towards dress 3 – the one with the white cutwork and the grey lining – a selling job with 2 pics 😉 or am I just reading too much into nothing. If I were to pick – it would be #1 or #3. Not very fond of frilly dresses (#2) and agree with Perakath on dress #4. Of course, I”m not much of a dresser – I’m wearing dark brown pants with a red top right now , so you can imagine!

    Have a good vacation getting your health back into shape and enjoy the wedding.

    Hope things work out for brat soon – too many changes too soon, can be painful on you and the kid.

    Take care…

  81. Dresses- 1 or 2. I agree with Perakath on 3! And 4 seems a little brunchy…
    Just go minimalistic chic with diamond/ white stone chandelier earrings, a bracelet (optional)and some good make up and a nice clutch. You’d be set!
    On another note– I noticed ‘Time Travellers Wife’ on your bookshelf; I have been meaning to read it.Is it nice? Is it like Benjamin Button?

  82. Yayy…I liked the red one and the brown one, but then I was thinking what do I know, my choise of clothes is so bad anyways, I always shabbily dressed, but sooo many people suggested brown and the red one. I feel so much more confident.
    So yes they are my choice too. Dont wear the black one too plane for a wedding. 😛 Look at me suggesting so confidently.

  83. CROCS is the absolute thing for any discomfort babe. I am so happy so many people recommend it, coz in my friend circle i have only been made fun of with it. hehe!! i have worn nothing but crocs in the last two years, walked around all day without hurting my feet..especially all through my pregnancy and felt super comfy.Also got boo’d at regularly coz they look like rain chappals that bai’s wear… hahah… but they work wonders n i wear them with everything i wear..shorts, jeans, harem’s,pajama’s… even salwaar’s. They are now available in India too.All over bby atleast. It’s completely worth its cost. Only one thing i want to add… i found that the oldest, basic design of crocs works better than the better looking, latest designs they have come up with. I had got too excited with crocs and ended up picking one more.. but the first design is the BEST.

    As for your dress.. its either the 1st or the 3rd one. Preferably the 1st one. Its v nice and classy.

    And i completely agree about you taking time off to do absolutely nothing. You went for yoga lessons rgt? If you know of Nishpandabhava, Shavasana and pranayam’s etc you can practice for good effects over all.

    Have a grt vacation 😉

    Me: listen hot momma. you can carry off crocs with everything. no one looks away from your face. can you imagine me clumping around in them?!

  84. Have fun on your break, you will be missed. All the thought provoking posts and the kids. But enjoy, we all need to spend some time with the family

  85. you will be missed! we need a season finale post!! with beanie and brattie as stars, please please pretty please.

    I loved the red one, go for it.

    have a great vacation!

    Me: but of course babe. I did promise to keep blogging till the 12th. and i will slip in the odd post – just want to sort of distance myself mentally so that i can force the exercise and rest in…

  86. MM,
    I like the first dress. You ought to try turquoise blue or lime green sometime — will look great on your complexion. ROFL when people said it might get chilly in the evening, it never gets chilly in Chennai!
    Enjoy your blog break. We’ll miss you.

    Me: ooh. lovely colours. i like the ideas. must try.

  87. Hey MM,

    You already have over a hundred comments/ suggestions for what to wear! I’d put my vote in for the Red dress as well, since it is so cheerful for a nice warm evening wedding in Chennai (I still like to call it Madras though :). Also, you’ll be missed by all of us here, commenters, lurkers, de-lurkers and trolls alike.. But will be looking forward to your posts once you return with a renewed energy and a better knee (Fingers crossed!) Hugs to the Brat and Beanie, and good wishes your and OA’s way.

    Me: LOL! yes – am sure the trolls will miss livening up my evenings. and i prefer to call it madras too!

  88. first of all my compliments to you for the good taste that u have in clothes..very classy very elegant.idint know that u wear dresses as well
    now the voting part

    definitely the first one -well cut , flowy, summary n u can wear flat slip-ons or sandals with it as well..
    enjoy the break…

    Me: Oh i didnt wear them till i got married. my grandmother hated them and gave me her love of sarees which i wore since I was fourteen. but then the OA loves to see me in western wear and i now feel confident enough to slip out of jeans and into dresses. i just hate the waxing :/

  89. cutwork lace and all.
    us bangloreans are conservative that way (he he @poppins mom).
    when you comin to blore? all the time goin to hot humid chennai.
    (have to comment at least once a year no? if you go off on holiday and all then there’ll be black mark on my record.)

    Me: gah. this is why i’m not coming. because you dont love me. and poppins only fights with me 😦 ah woe is me.

  90. Hey MM

    Hope you get the much deserved rest and the knees let up!!

    I vote for the 1st dress.

    see you in august!!


  91. I vote for the red one.

    Now that am at home, really look forward to the evenings when i get a chance to read your blog. You will be missed. Will look forward to any posts you do during this time. Enjoy your break and hope all goes well for you.

  92. as you know,i am giving my mandatory monthly attendance in your comment space 😉

    I love the first one and the sun dress.. very very pretty.. please to share pics once you are back..

    Me: Will mail you Daisy. I removed the last line of your comment.

  93. I vote for the 3rd one i.e. the grey one with the embroidery – Pearl drops would look nice with them, gold might not look good with the grey..You could do Kundan(Jadtar) with it too, the ones that have the reds and whites..heavy on the ears and the hands, nothing on the neck. Black pumps with less heels might look good.

    Second choice is the red but then that looks more like a summer cocktail dress, gold accessories would look gorgeous with that..Small earrings with a large necklace and a chunky gold bangle :)Wedges would look good with this one

    That’s my two cents 😀

  94. White cut work one…extremely classy….make sure u carry a nice clutch bag with it…in white and black.

    Aaah..I am also thinking peep toes..white and black…Ohh..very haute!! 🙂 Wt say?

  95. MM, wear the red one with with gold kolhapuris for the poolside party and a few plain gold bangles or a chunky gold bracelet and the first one for the wedding with some lovely kundan jewellery. Western wear with Indian jewelery is hot these days. Wear them with gold kitten heels or gold ballet slippers 🙂

    And enjoy your vacation. I’m off to Cal this weekend for 3-4 days. And come back sooooon 🙂

    Then we shall meet up

  96. Have a great break and vacation dear MM….
    Hope your knees get better soon &
    I vote for the 2nd dress (V neck)….
    Gonna miss you!
    Take care.

  97. I’ll miss you, especially with my morning cup of tea.
    (There’s this Kabir Suman song that goes …
    Ek cup chaye ami tomakay chai …)

    Now you better get well.

  98. Sumana,

    That’s one of my favorite songs! Such beautiful lyrics.

    MM, you should check out the song if you haven’t.

  99. The first one with gold shoes, a gold statement bracelet and neckpiece and a bronzed look…if you ask me.

    And you’re coming back.

    Me: Of course! where would i go?! 🙂

  100. I love the first dress… its such a lovely rich colour and apt for a wedding as well..

    Does the trip to Chennai cover Blore as well? I am in Chennai from 23rd to 25th, would love to meet you and the kids if your in town then… take care and have a wonderful holiday…

    Me: oye! you reading my blog too?! will mail and tell you…

  101. That’s an impressive gown/dress collection! I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen (let alone worn) such sophisticated clothes outside of Hollywood movies and TV shows on the rich and famous. Add to it, I’m having a little difficulty imagining wearing this in Chennai. I’ve always been under a pretty rigid dress-code there, which doesn’t include any western wear other than jeans with loooooong kurtas.

    Me: yaas yaas. you are right. i’d never have owned them if I lived in Chennai. But then in Delhi I look like an under-dressed, tasteless slob despite owning these. Women wear lovely skirts to work, dresses for lunch and shorts to the mall. As for the wedding – its a hep designer getting married – I’ll still be the worst dressed!

  102. Have you arrived at a dress yet? So many good suggestions. 🙂

    I choose the first one. The jewellery to go with it:

    1. A long one with some Diamonds or any precious stone and a bracelet of the same set. NO neckpiece. Diamond would be best with the color.

    2. If you go with a small Diamond stud then have a thin necklace. That’s all.

    How long is your hair? Make a loose bun and have light curls on the sides.

    Me: no ya. you guys are awful 😦 just confused me further. equal number of votes for the dresses. argh. and i have shoulder length hair that is annoying me right now. dont know if i should chop short again or tie back

  103. MM, you can make a loose bun with shoulder length hair na.Better to get it set at a hair dresser…tied back hair, chandelier earrings and the first dress…..please……
    I think most people have voted for the first dress.

    Me: no no – not even shoulder length. more like just below the chin length! I like the chandelier earrings idea. They suit my face.

  104. Pingback: Cinderella has nothing on me « The Mad Momma

  105. Just catching up with ur blog MM after a long time and terrified to know u had to pull Brat out of his school after the huge torture that’s Nursery admissions. Too bad yaa! Well I wish u all the best ..I am sure God has much better things in store for u the next session.

    Great dress and really neat shoes 🙂

    BTW is there a way of subscribing to the comments section of ur blog ..I have never figured that out.

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