A man’s job

… is to open up the AC and scrub the net.

20052009 004

A woman’s job is to look on and make sure it’s done well. And maybe click a couple of pictures.


44 thoughts on “A man’s job

  1. Yeah, I can see that the Bean’s doing her job well. 😉

    And she’s got her hair nicely tied back!

  2. oh my god!! 🙂 Bean looks so cute in that frock and her hair! I like how she is leaning on her dad’s shoulder 🙂

  3. 🙂 I love what shes wearing. And the way shes wearing her hair too. Oh, I love her totally!

  4. very nice! I love how Beanie has one hand on his shoulder and is inspecting!! Inspector Beanie! Brat looks like he’s lending a helping hand, learning the ropes soon in life 😉

  5. They look like curious puppies with their Dad. BTW that message on the T-shirt ‘Freakin Morning Person’ is funny. I can never be one in life….!!

  6. AC service wallahs??? Must show the spouse this picture. Fellow outsources everything except eating.

  7. Oh come on, a woman’s job doesnt end at that. Part of her job is to search for all the tools required and then clean up the mess. I know coz my dad always makes my mom run around when he is fixing anything 🙂

    Me: hah! that was my dad. I knew better than to marry a man like that as well!

  8. Awwwww…. Such a cuuuuuute pic !! And Beanie is looking super-cute with that dress…

    A tight hug from me to the Bean 🙂

  9. I hope the brat watched his head when he got up. Couldn’t help noticing that deadly wash basin corner right above his head! Sorry I am a worrywart. 😦

  10. hey…krithika’s got the very same dress bean is wearing…isn’t it adorable? those who don’t have daughters are missing out on something, aren’t they?!!

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