Shame, shame, puppy shame

…. all the bloggers should know your name!

So some shameless, plagiarising chick called Sags (I hope she does!) has lifted Kiran’s post in entirety and not credited it to her. Which is fine if you don’t understand attributing and giving credit. But then she’s had the gall to go on and accept compliments on the damn thing too instead of saying that it’s not her own original creation. Kiran has written about it and I suggest we all go and bombard the copy cat with comments till she takes it down and apologises to Kiran.

Of course its hard to expect much from a person who puts up a disclaimer meant to give offence. 2 write or not 2 write she asks in her url. I think she should put herself as well as the rest of us out of misery by not writing – since she seems unable to string together a grammatically correct sentence and has to resort to plagiarising so shamelessly.

If anything, I regret the number of hits she’s going to get from Kiran and my combined traffic.

Edited to add: And because that wasn’t enough she’s been caught copying more!  She picked up a post from Nids and bunged it in, word for word and of course it has gone now since she deleted her entire blog. But here’s the cache – scroll down to the March 17th post to read it. Or wait – you could just read the original on Nids’ blog. Argh.


62 thoughts on “Shame, shame, puppy shame

  1. I did my bit!

    I even passed the message to a blogger who seems to be commenting regularly on her posts! Lets see if she takes off the post now.

  2. aparently this isnt the first time she’s copied a post… I’ve posted the links at Kiran’s. But heck, I’m sure one thing has got that SAG lady pretty kicked – is all the HITS she’s got today with all of us checking out her blog!!! Damn!
    Can we ask wordpress to block her or blacklist her or something?

  3. sheesh! i left a comment! but dunno if she is deleting em ‘coz there are no other comments saying she has copied the bleddy post!

    thats just horrid!

  4. After reading Kiran, I went to check and couldn’t believe that not only she copied verbatim, she is also thanking people. 😐

    This is sad.

  5. This is what I said in her comments. I’m sure it will be taken down soon. What a tool!

    “Hmmm…really nice. Except I liked it better the first time I read it on the actual blogger’s page. Plagiarism sucks…and if you were really the rebel you pretend to be you would publish at least one person (out of the many) who have commented on this post, outing you for the thief you are.

    Shame on you!”

  6. This is utter nonsense. Obviously she will not update our comments on her site so nobody gets to know about it. The shameful lady is even thanking people and accepting Budding Blogger award and raving about how she has got so many hits in just a few months of blogging. B*****

  7. What a disclaimer…she very clearly states that the opinions are of no individual, including her own. So I’m now wondering does that entitle her to plagiarise. Anyway left a pretty scathing remark on her post. The guy who has given her some award says he has taken appropriate measures against her.

  8. Ugh…disgusting. Wonder if she’ll give in to the pressure? I wrote, “A better way to use that magic eraser would be to use it to rub out this copied post, and then to rub out the shamlessness from your soul. Write your own words.”

    How does she call herself SAG if she’s LIFTing original posts?!!

  9. would you consider twitter?

    Me: The OA might divorce me 😀 he thinks I spend too much time online anyway.

  10. Wow, this is really heights. I read Kiran’s post, and it was such a personal one. To copy that and accept comments from readers without flinching is really height of shamelessness. And on top of that, she’s accepting an award for that same post!

  11. Going by her disclaimer i think every post is plagiarised. Looks like she is deleting all comments which state that this post is plagiarised. And to top it..A Budding blogger award!!!!!!!!!! God! not an ounce of shame left in her…

  12. now I remember how someone went to town claiming plagiarism from you of that phrase, which was totally ridiculous!
    She went crazy about that…I wonder what she would do if someone did a SAG on her! :O

  13. I just realized what you meant by the *I hope she does* comment in brackets..Ha ha,can’t stop laughing.You seem to be really pissed off!!!

    Me: LOL! well i live by my words and I’d hate it if someone did that to me… soo….

  14. Hi,

    I have reading your blog for quite some time, but this is the first time i am commenting. The latest I see the link is not working, may be she has taken that off.

    On the other hand, I really love reading your blogs. Great thoughts.


  15. Just tried going back to her blog and here is what i get to see “The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.”

    So all the messages did work!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jeez!! The blog’s been taken off. I wanted to write all sorts of nasty things and she simply deletes the blog!

  17. She has deleted her blog….. good for her… but am afraid she might continue stealing using some other blog maybe……

  18. when i click the links, all i see is
    ”The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.”

    ha! you shamed her into leaving altogether!!

  19. I didn’t get to be part of the fun, the blog has been deleted 😦 Just when I got myself all riled up in righteous anger!

    Me: there, there *kisses the cook to cheer her up*

  20. lol@preeti, who’s simply enjoying all the puns in this and manasi’s righteous anger.
    like intern said “all hail the angry mob!”

    Me: *chants* blood, blood blood…

    quick aside – isnt it terrifying how mobs work?

  21. good one MM, thats the way such creeps should be treated. she has deleted her blog now 🙂 hope she doesnt come back with some diff name and start doing it all over again.

  22. I’m with Manasi – why oh why can I never get there while the party is still going on?

    The irony of it though – doing such a disgraceful, lowdown thing to a post of such elegance and grace.

    In the absence of WP blacklisting her, hope she SAGS! (yeah, I’m not so full on gracious!)

  23. I was in ahurry this morning when I first read about this. Just managed to read the post and was shocked…a verbatim lift! How stupid is she!!

    Came back all worked up and ready to leave a real nasty something for her on her blog but look’s like the cow has taken the coward’s route.


    That I have all these strong words and angry vibes and nothing to do with them.

    *goes off shaking…her head in self-pity*

  24. To think of it MM, it happens everywhere you know.. A colleague picked up a document of mine and passed it on as his creation in a meeting and got all the accolades for it.. Poor thing.. he didn’t know that I was present in the con cal.. Just to see his reaction I gave my 2 cents about some unrelated stuff.. 😀 And then you had to see his reaction, the next time someone praised about the document, he was all ‘gracious’ to inform people that it was my work..

    I wish I could shame him into oblivion as Ms. Sags has been..

    Good Work MM..

  25. As this sad/sag person’s deleted her blog,not much to add tho’ I did have a laff and two over some of the comments!
    And I must say Kiran’s post was lovely…

  26. Your I hope she does comment is hilarious. She has deleted her blog (but will probably start in another name and lift other people’s work.Well, when some of us can’t think of anything to write, we either do tags or we DONT post anything! Shame on her!!

  27. What the hell! I thought of a really nice nasty comment and then discovered she had deleted the whole blog by then. By the way, in the cache link that you posted, did you notice that almost every one of her posts was lifted from somewhere? I guess she posted the source for the chindi ones and accepted praise for the ones that were popular (obviously, because those were written by bloggers who are intelligent, articulate and sticklers for originality). Guess she didn’t expect the barrage of comments from the blog vigilantes (blogalantes?). 😀

  28. From Original blog- “There is one colleague who matches lipstick colors with her dresses. You may so whats wrong with it. Yup.”

    And now the copied one-” There is someone known to me who matches lipstick colors with her dresses. You may say,so whats wrong with it. Yup”

    Copy-Edit or Edit-Copy???

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  30. This is why I love you all….what a drama and what an ending! Was late to catch on, but wouldn’t have missed it for the world!!

    Me: Heya 🙂 we’ ve missed you too…

  31. I came late to this one 😦 (always but always miss all the excitement)
    started reading and got all furious and clicked on the link..she has deleted it!
    good for Kiran!

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