Just incase you think I’ve achieved nothing much

…… you know, other than procreating, raising them and holding down a job and blogging, I thought I’d show you what I made last week.

20052009 005

Yes, a terrarium! Inspired by this. Now don’t jump to call it crappy. They’ve just been planted and will take a while to flourish.


49 thoughts on “Just incase you think I’ve achieved nothing much

  1. nice! for waterering this u can just use a spray bottle so that u dont add more than required water ever

    Me: I do need a spray can you know. i keep forgetting to pick it up. thanks!

  2. woman!!! How on earth do you manage to do sooo much!?!?

    God only knows why I keep visiting this blog every morning! you keep giving me a complex! (a real long *wish i were more like that* sigh )

    It looks so lovely. The shades in the background and the lighting enhance it.

    Any chance you can make one for me too??
    Wait.. maybe I should wait till kiddo is 2 yrs old. Right now, he just paws everything…

  3. Terrific idea & easy to implement also I guess!

    I’m sure you’ve heard this 78,234 times, but have you seriously considered a career in interior art? If & when I do buy a house of my own, I would want someone like you to do it up.

    Me: If you live in Delhi I will take up the offer seriously 🙂

  4. Well, I live in Mumbai right now (hence the biig ‘IF’ before buying the house!), but for that one offer – here I come Delhi, lock, stock & barrel !


  5. Wow…me want to make one too. Maybe next month when the courts will be closed and I’l have some time 🙂

    And our coffee too 🙂

    Me: You’re on 🙂

  6. Wow…just Wow!!! Looks beautiful. I didnt even know you could make something like this at home. I can see the leopard inside 🙂 MM what plants have you planted inside?

    Me: that belongs to the Bean. arre – good question. its crap around the house. let me figure out what it is and tell you!

  7. You beat me to that too 😦 its been on hubby and my to do list for quite sometime now …

    but the good point is i can come to u for suggestions when i get to it

  8. I have the same question as homecooked… me gonna to straight to google more on terraniums and how to make one.
    I have 3 diff kind of plants growing in a small water jar but dunno if that qualifies for being called one.

    Glad I read about it on your blog. Lovely idea & beautifully done.
    I think you must be having a house done in a highly creative manner there in Delhi… i like when you write or post pics of your house.

  9. I always look forward to your house pictures.. I love the decor and am so amazed how you get these ideas.

    PS: I think I have told you this before 🙂

  10. as a rule dont all pots have a small outlet at the bottom to let out extra water
    does the glass vase have a hole too??

    Me: not this. its a gold fish bowl. and no – the terrariums are meant to stay moist. you have to ensure you dont over water them.

  11. I likes!! very creative and it’s going to look even more stunning when it’s flourishing with the Beans’leopard prowling inside…wow!Is that Nani’s pic in the background??

    Me: nope. its nani ki beti 🙂

  12. For someone who can’t really use much of your parenting and house decor tips ,reading your blog is like learning a new word a day 🙂

    I generally am not a big fan of portmanteau words

  13. Would have loved to do this, but with the little pups in my house now, I’m only making sure the current pots and plants survive.
    I LOVE this!

  14. me a not-so-frequent commenter in case you are wondering….wanted to see all your lovely garden pics….guess they are in an old blog…which is private by now…:(

  15. I like it. I might copy it one day. 🙂
    Another thing I did with small empty glass bottles was use them as picture frames. Wash and dry bottles, place photographs in it, put it mouth side down and you have created something nice. Works great with tinted bottles or any odd shaped bottles too.

  16. Hey..beautiful!! I always comment when you have a plant related post!!
    I can safely say I have a green thumb! I am definitely doing this!! this is absolutely marvelous!! Thanks you so much!

  17. Lovely!

    I finally started my own container garden in the patio and the plants seem to be doing well (though its been only 2 weeks). Now I shall try this terranium too.

    I love your garden related posts.

  18. Old woman, isn’t a terrarium a habitat for fauna, not flora? That’s just a fancy flower pot. Pooh.

    #22– ‘terrarium’ isn’t a portmanteau word, is it?

    Me: *contemplates bashing perakath over the head with the TERRARIUM and then decides not to waste it on a mere man*

  19. For raising two happy, content, responsible(I am sure that they will when they grow up) and aware and sensitive individuals, plz don’t ever say that ‘I may not have achieved much’. That’s all there is to achieve I think ultimately, that we may be able bring happy individuals in this cynical world. On top of it.. you Blog.. such lovelies, AND you work… what more qualifies for achievements in your dictionary???? To my mind u are an overachiever.

    I love the plants.. they are beautiful.

  20. Beautiful! Honest question: How do you handle the kids from tearing down your beautiful house? [The answer to which shall really be used to manage my own when the time comes. Friends are already telling me to keep stuff out of his reach but I’m wondering if that’s the only way.]

    PS: Have been reading for a while. Thank you for the wonderful and frequent posts.

  21. I would totally have asked for guidelines, but for the fact that I am the kiss of Death for the world of green. Even my succulents suffer.

    (right, that last sentence has wierd connotations. So NO. THOSE succulents *never* suffer. ok?)

    Me: A succulent here, a squeeze there. you’d be fun to have around in real life MGM 🙂 never mind that you just threated to beat me up.

  22. The terrarium is beautiful. I have purple thumbs however when it comes to greenery.

    On an aside, procreating doesn’t count. That was two years ago.

    Unless you have a third one that is.

    Me: well.. err.. I did achieve it na? 😦
    no third one. OA says no. I can get in an external expert to do his job i suppose!

  23. You’d better. The Bean is growing up too soon. We need a baby to read about.

    Me: For that I’d need to stop blogging and look for a suitable candidate. I’m sure I’ll hear some cribbing about that too. Geez, no pleasing this child.

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