Badges of honour?

The physical scars from pregnancy are double-edged. At times I wonder whether I’d be happier without them. At others I look down at my belly in wonder and can’t believe each of my kids lived in there for 9 months. It’s not just a belly that needs to be flat and look good – it has served another purpose and done a bloody good job of it.

Despite having lost the weight and having a decently flat stomach now, I don’t really show it off because the marks still remain. A far cry from my skinny days when low slung sarees were mandatory!


I don’t wear short stuff for many reasons – I think only teeny boppers really need to be in navel baring tops and the rest of us can get by with the odd flash when we raise our arms, but to be in a top that ends above my navel, is not my idea of being fashionable.  The saree on the other hand, is meant to be worn with a bit of your waist left exposed.

I always knew I’d lose the baby weight. I didn’t think I’d get stretchmarks. I guess when you go from 24 inches to 48 in a matter of weeks and then back, it’s bound to happen. What no one told me is that they went from an angry purple to red, to now silvery marks, with the skin around them still darker than the rest of my skin tone. It took me days to get over the horror of what my belly looked like, just like most accident and trauma victims can’t get over scars and marks that tell a tale. They’re not ugly or embarassing. They say you’ve survived. That you experienced something and have a memento to show from it.

As my mom often tells me, stretchmarks are not a bad thing and it’s alright if they show because then people know that it’s more than just a slim waist, it’s a waist that produced kids and still got back in to shape – it’s commendable. She says women in her generation didn’t shy away from them, so why does our generation look to hide them? Fair point. A lot more emancipated then you’d imagine.

Which is all very well as far as pep talks go  – but I just missed my old smooth belly after I had the Brat.

And then over the last two years since I had the Bean I’ve gone back to wearing chiffon sarees for cocktails and stuff and I am no longer so particular to keep my stomach covered because the odd flash of stretchmarked waist doesn’t embarass me. I was just learning to be proud of my body as it is…


And then I see this post where a fantastically fit Malaika is flaunting a belly that seems to be untouched by a scalpel, and showing off  her stretchmarks.. and there are a bunch of unreal people commenting – Oh look stretchmarks. Why can’t she cover them up?

And all I can think is Dude!! Some perspective. You’d be hardpressed to find young college girls in as good shape as Malaika. Hell – most days I realise I’m in better shape than the other non-mothers I know – and Malaika is miles ahead in the way she’s kept her figure. I love that she is showing off both her amazing body as well as motherhood with such pride and confidence…

The shocking part is that the comments seem to come from young girls  – I am only assuming since I found them on a fashion site, that they aren’t men. While I don’t expect all of them to be mothers, I suppose a percentage of them definitely will be. What makes stretchmarks such a terrible thing? Why do we need to cover them up? Who sets these standards of perfection? Why do all scars need to be disguised and covered up?

I’ve already posted my views on plastic surgery. And botox. So it’s sad and scary to read comments that require a woman to look perfect after having a baby. To have people behave like motherhood and pregnancy are meant to be dirty little secrets. To note that younger women (well they might be older than me too!) are unable to appreciate the natural and those who actually slog to look their best. That we expect every little scar to be concealed. That our idea of beauty is plastic perfection.

We’re okay with an old Big B and his grey beard, but not with a Malaika and her stretchmarks. No wonder it’s so hard for older actresses to come back in roles of substance. I know atleast four models who scheduled tummy tucks with their cesareans and then had boob jobs and came back after their babies looking spotless – which is so damn sad. Why can’t we accept what age and experiences do to our bodies? Why do models and actresses need to do it, and worse, why do us normal women need to look unscarred?

And what makes it alright or polite to say that they should be covered? Would it be acceptable in polite company to tell a person who bears a scar from an accident or other surgery to cover it up? Or to tell them that their scars are grossing you out? If that is the case, I’ll happily move to the jungles.

I attended a wedding a few days ago – glad to be back in the chiffon saree and teeny blouse that I fitted into long ago! Only to have some friends tell me rather rudely that I look like a mother. I didn’t take offence to the whole ‘looking like a mother’ bit. I took offence to the fact that it was said rather critically. Why is it bad to look like a mother? I want my kids to remember me as a mother and not as an elder sister. I’m fine with you aspiring to look young. I don’t. I am quite happy looking my age and my role. And I don’t chase youth. I might aspire to be as zen as Tara or Dot – but ‘looking young’ is not on my list of ‘Things I want to grow up to be.’

 Yes, I look like a mother. I am one. I’m proud of my kids, and the fact that I am back in rather decent shape.  I love being thirty. I love being a mother. I love my body. I love that time is moving on and taking me with it.

As for the stretch marks and the cheesy reference to them as badges of honour.  No thank you. And there’s no point calling them that. It seems like such a farce in the face of such reactions. They’re neither honourable nor dishonourable. They’re just a fact of life. One I accept with grace and embrace.


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  1. You know, I read somewhere once “What is natural can never be vulgar”. So true. Women have bodies that undergo more changes than a man’s. And each of these changes is almost like a milestone or a testimony to what it experienced. Why hide it?

    Flaunt your chiffon saree waist lady!

  2. I didnt even see that stretch mark. Whats wrong with people. I never wear sleeveless outfits because I have the most horrible stretch marks on my upper arms and lets not talk abt my tummy..

    Me: well lets make a start. you start wearing sleeveless and to hell with the marks. Its a battle you won against weight na? so flaunt it.

  3. You make a very good point. I used to notice stretch marks on my mom’s belly when she wore sarees and I used to want them (yes, I was 8 and naive). But back then I don’t remember being bombarded all day long with perfect looking women, or with advertising that promoted the so called magical products to take care of flaws. You mention stretch marks, this country is obsessed with Cellulite. I didn’t even know what it meant until a couple of years ago. People are so constantly looking for ways to improve the way they look or criticize the way others look, they forget where to draw the line. And this culture is bleeding in to India as well…there’s little one can do about it!

  4. Dude, I have bye-bye arms and don’t give two hoots before wearing a tank on summer days. But I see what you write about all around me. The obsession to look young. Sometimes it just plain sad when someone nearing 40 dresses like a teen, in ripped jeans and above navel tee.

    rotlfing at your comment about me: you obviously have not been talking to BigGeek 🙂

    Me: gah. what do men know about their wives? the most zen of women can lose it if they have to live with men!

  5. Wowwwwwww!!! That’s all I can say about this post. I am a mother and I can relate to every word you’ve written.

  6. hmmm i m very soon going to agree with each word that u said….
    i m pregnant n the stretch marks are beginning to appear..
    each morning is a perpetual struggle to fit into old clothes
    yeah sign to shop…n may be my hesitation will go away but these days all i wonder about is how big is my tummy appearing. whta if i dont lose the weight that i put on n ofcourse the stretch marks…
    but u definitely encourage n inspire me…

    Me: It doesnt matter if you dont lose all of it priya. atleast it didnt matter to me. so many more issues.. bigger things than your body, take over your life. the kids are just part of it. i dont mean to say being a mother makes you lose the desire to look good. i feel just as sexy – maybe even sexier than i ever did. but i feel it all stems from being a lot more experienced in every way – in knowing what i want, what make up suits me, what looks good on me, knowing more and being able to hold a conversation… my body sort of fades into nothingness at such times 🙂

  7. Completely agree with you. In both my pregnancies I had gained 40+ pounds. By the time the kids were about 2 years I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight.
    But the tummy never looked the same. But I feel and look better than how I looked before accg to my darling husband!!!

    Me: and who could be a better authority on your body than him? 😉

  8. Oh! Forgot to write about Malaika. Not a big fan of her dressing and choice of clothes. But its amazing the way she has maintained her self.
    Same goes to Karishma Kapoor and Sridevi. They never looked this good at the peak of there careers!!!

    Me: pssst… I’ll get sued if I gossip here so we should discuss the way they look and how they look that good by email 😉

  9. You should’nt be complaining SuperModel. You have got a killer body and killer looks to match.

    Me: you dont know that yet 😉 I might look like a cow these days…!!

  10. Somebody’s being very humble and modest here 🙂
    You can change your name from Madmomma to Hotmomma 🙂

    Me: you mean fatmomma. either way – keep an eye out for my maid and burger post in the next couple of days to see why i’m being modest!!

  11. What’s up with the picture changing. Absolutely LOVE the purple saree. Gorgeous.

    Looking at the picture made me nostalgic and miss my old self. Motherhood does bring about lot of changes in us physically.
    But right now I am looking at both my kids, my 8 year old son and 6 year old daughter jumping, playing, giggling, fighting and I feel no big deal. So what if I don’t have the flat tummy i had before i have these wonderful creations who think I am the best MOM in the world.

    Me: oh! thats just me cropping and changing and trying to ensure I keep my face out! As for saree – never wore it again I think. it was my graduation dinner saree…. and you bet – to your last line!

  12. Oh! I was really wondering and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the picture with your face partially showing. So I am the few lucky ones who could see how pretty you are!!!
    I am sure at 1.30 in the night most of India is sleeping. Its only your readers in USA like me who might have seen you. But am glad I got to put a face to the person who writes so beautifully.

    All you unlucky readers who missed a chance better luck next time.
    Psst…. Little secret from me. Don’t tell Madmomma. She is very pretty and attractive and don’t believe her the next time she says anything about her looks.

  13. I think the comments abt Malaika were the whole celebrities-are-held-to-a-greater-std syndrome…I love the HHC site myself, but honestly, I don’t see why anyone is not entitled to dress as casually or boringly as they like – but then, as celebrities, they’re expected to show a perfect, different, changed-up image all the time!

    Me: yes – but even male celebrities like Rahul Dev or john A are not expected to lose the pimple marks. scars are scars are scars. and yes – everyone is entitled to dress as they please – but its a criminal waste of opportunity and money if celebs dress like duds!

    You should have asked the friends to clarify just what “looking like a mother” means…frumpy (as implied?) or content?


  14. Hmpf! You show-off! 😦 I know that you put that pic up just so you can give me a complex. Grrrrrr.

    Oh wait, I read the post first as soon as you published it and that pic was not there at that time. And now you’ve added it?!!!! OMG!!!! You edit YOUR posts!!!!! *gasps* Gosh! I NEVER expected this out of you 😛

    Ahem 😉 so will I get the troll status now?

    Me: I’m sorry. Its not that easy. Kindly go to the next window and apply for troll status – fill up the form in triplicate and bring proof of being scum of the earth.

  15. I am due in July and the first piece of advice I heard from a well meaning relative was..Massage with a lot of Almond oil or some such thing everyday otherwise you will get stretch marks which is not nice. I understood the sentiment. I mean there have been times when I looked wistfully at this nice snug tee or some old photo and sigh, but a kick and a little roll inside reminds me about what a great laugh I will have with my kid someday about that funny colored dress or hand down one of my favorite T shirts. I mean how dull would life be if I had everything my way or if I only did what I think will please me the most. Lovely Post. 🙂

    Me: You’re expecting? YOU’RE EXPECTING????????? No one told you were expecting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Priya’s having a baby!!!! Yayyy!!! Congratulations! I guess some of these posts will suddenly make a lot of sense to you!

  16. Okay I might be getting this totally wrong but wasn’t there some talk about Malaika going back to her old size far too soon after delivering? As in, isn’t that bad for you?

    Me: It *IS* bad for you – but then these celebs have nutritionists monitoring their diets etc. Not like us. I looked like a cow even after delivering!

    Stretch-marks are just another of those things people choose to focus on when they feel the need to criticise someone… just like being too fat, too thin, not having the right kind of eyes, skin colour, car, house, schooling… what have you.

    It’s mostly a fear of the unknown. It’s easy to simply dismiss something or criticise it rather than make an effort to get the full picture.

  17. I am soooo jealous of you! You have such a gorgeous figure…and you’ve managed to go back to this after having 2 kids. Forget the cynics who look down upon the stretchmarks MM….kill them with your curves 😉 The pic reminds me of Shilpa Shetty’s waist 🙂 I have always admired Malaika Arora’s dressing style. She is always so impeccably dressed!

    me: no yaar – nowhere close to that thin. but i have a natural tendency to lose weight around the waist easily so i’m more shapely that i should be considering i sit on my fat ass in front of a computer and get no exercise!

  18. with you all the way…I had people in hospital querying whether for “lifestyle reasons” I might choose to formula feed and for the life of me I couldnt get it…than a ‘frenemy’ asked me whether I wanted to continue even if my boobs wont look the same any more…and I was like as if!! (I have to confess that I was not really into project maintenance before bub as well…but to give up b/feeding because of what it will do to my body?)
    P.S: Waisey MM, I feel the whole raison détre behind the post was to put up the smokin’ pic of yours.. ANY EXCUSE WILL DO, eh.

    Me: Damn you know me too well! Achcha I dont know if I’ll sound like an idiot, but I have to confess that I didn’t know b/f would screw up my body… but then like you, I’m not into maintenance. If the body comes back, well and good – but dont expect me to go waxing and polishing!

  19. Before you ask, MM, yes, it’s me. New ID.

    Can’t help saying it, but this post sounds like a bit of self-affirmation to me ;). And just to help things along – YOU ROCK, HAWT MAMA!

    Me: I know its new id dodo – didnt you ask someone to add it to the group? and dude – this entire blog is an exercise in self affirmation! :p

    Seriously – first people hate kids, now they hate moms. We humans seem to be on self-destructive autopilot. Why don’t these kid-haters not have kids so that people like you and I can have a dozen little cherubs and still keep population under control? (Ahem, income levels permitting)

    Me: Why not indeed?!

  20. You know I have come a long way from a tummy curving the other way to the nebulous lump it is right now. But apparently I still dont look like a mother, whatever that might mean. I suppose people think I am gloating but seriously I hate it when people think I am younger than I am. I am happy to be how old I am and what I have done or not done in that time, and though I definitely would like my tummy to be less dough-like, it is not particularly for the sake of appearance (I figure it will improve my running; not having to carry that pouch around). I do feel jealous of all you mommies with flat tummies though…

    Me: LOL! well this mommy with a flattish tummy is jealous of how young you look (seriously dude, have some shame, try to LOOK old enough to have a child!) – so we’re even 😀

  21. Men who work out (and those who don’t!) also have to deal with stretchmarks around their upper arms/chest. Mine aren’t very bad, but I do get comments from friends who find them gross. After a point you just think: ‘Whatever– there’s nothing I can do about them anyway.’

    I wouldn’t even have noticed the marks on Malaika’s body– try not to look too closely at such areas on women! Eyes up, there’s a good lad. No, further up.

  22. MM… whenever i click on a link in your post, my browser closes. I dunno if my browser has a problem( highly likely) but just wanted to find out if there are others for whom this is happening.

    I am going to send some of the men I know who insist of tweaked eyebrows and smooth legs to you. And stand by and watch 😀

    Me: send them on – i’ll suggest they get a brazilian wax before they talk to me. that usually shuts up the most anal of men. annoying hairy creeps who think women need to be waxed and polished at all times apart from running homes and holding down jobs. gah.

  23. Malaika, i just love the women because she has been able to do a good job of her career and is always so beautifully presentable. now who doesn’t wants to be a mommy like that? atleast i want.

    Congratulations on winning MM.

  24. First, Congrats MM! I was blissfully unaware until I popped over to Winkies’ and now am thrilled to bits!

    About the figure and stretchmarks and such – you know, like you said, your mom is right; and you projected a sensible attitude in your post… interesting how society is bothered by what is natural… personally though, I have never been a bare-midriff kinda gal even in my svelte pre-mommy days so no worries about starting now 🙂


  25. for saya :

    Are you using internet explorer? I suggest you install firefox. I have seen wordpress have issues with IE for some blog templates, try mozilla.

  26. MM,
    That foto is you??? OMG how old were you then? 10 sumthng for sure… ( going green with envy) I was never so slim in my life… 😛 About stretch marks, yeah i too have it post pregnancy… but have never worn navel baring outfits prior that and now post that too… so no probs on them being there … yes, i can do with some advice on how to reduce the paunch,though…..

  27. grt post MM. u come across as someone who is utterly comfortable being who you are…and it shows 🙂

    I will need all the wisdom and sane advice in just abt 2.5 months i think. *biting nails coz of stress and unpreparedness*

  28. Very well said MM. What difference does it make, we are moms and we accept it. Glad you put that your kids have to remember you as mom and not as elder sister. It is good to slim down and have a smaller waist and keep an eye on what you are eating, because we love our body and we ought to take care of the same.

  29. Sigh.

    You *still* get surprised and upset with what people say?

    Look, here’s a simple solution – assume everyone you meet is an idiot. Biased, racist, xenophobic, uncaring, and stupid.

    Anything they then say that fits the profile should just confirm your view of them, and not surprise you.

    Anything they say to the contrary gives them bonus points towards redemption, and is a happy surprise that gives you hope.

  30. Thanks for, simply, writing about this.
    It’s a scary world, obsessed with looking young, scared of wrinkles and grey hair …
    Feel like a misfit.

  31. There’s nothing better than being comfortable in your own skin – with or without the stretch marks.

    On the other hand, Malaika may not have gone under the scalpel, but it’s not just nutritionists and diets that make you so curvy within weeks of delivering a baby. Even if you and I had experts monitoring what we eat, it may not be possible to look all that toned. I’ve worked out like crazy in the gym, controlled my diet too but don’t have a Bipasha like bod. Steroids help get you that perfect chiselled look. A month of training wouldn’t be able to get you a six-pack or an eight pack like SRK and Aamir say they got. Without steroids you cannot achieve those results in such short time spans. Ask a trainer.

    Having said that, if a woman can go on steroids to look like she hasn’t just delivered a baby, people would expect her to cover up her stretch marks too, won’t they? She is in the industry solely for her looks (can’t remember her for her acting skills ever) and therefore she is vulnerable to criticism about any marks on her body – scars from accidents or stretch marks from carrying a baby.

    I agree with everything you’ve said about how women shouldn’t feel the need to cover up their body because of stretch marks, but Malaika may not be the best example to say that.

    Me: well in this case – her stretchmarks are not on show in a film – where I assume she uses body makeup. its her baby sister’s wedding. where she has every right to look natural as well as hot!

  32. MM dont worry my hair is turning nice and white,thankfully, but also falling out in clumps, not so thankfully. Plus I have grandma glasses I wear whenever possible (though I can see well enough). & Perakath’s comment: my husband has TONS of stretch marks on his shoulder. I am very proud of it (as is he).

    Me: the OA has them on his back too but they dont really show as they do on me! and for someone who looks enviably hot you crib a lot :p

  33. MM, I think its all a matter of choice…women should be allowed to do whatever they want with the stretch marks….keep ’em and show ’em off or hide ’em or get rid of ’em any which way. I for one had never been slim in the first place so I am used to the paunch…I have a few stretch marks but couldn’t care less about hiding ’em…Iam happy with myself that is all that matters.

  34. oh well! i just wants my boobs to be comfy 36Cs! :p its just too much effort now!

    otha than that i was neva hot or skinny, so not much has changed!

    but yeah, its scary just how much we care about our looks all the time!

    yesterday my mom saw my pics with temp straightened hair and told me, “but i like you all natural! just the way you are” and i remembered all the times she made me feel smart and confident while people told me i was plain and unattractive! 🙂 god bless moms! 😀

    so stretch marks are such a non issue!


  35. Didn’t see this pic you’re talking about, but the stretch marks were on very bad display in the item song she did for Welcome.

    Me: Its linked up in my post. Havent seen Welcome. And I wouldnt use the phrase ‘bad display’ either because I really dont see why we’re so particular .Its like the obsession of being size zero. soon we’ll all have identical faces and bodies and no character or personality left! 🙂 And I guess I’ll never see it your way or their way – because now that I am a mother – i can only respect how she carries herself and them, holding her head high and STILL getting work!

  36. Why are you so obsessed about skinny figures and flat stomaches?

    Me: why are you so obsessed with my blog when you have nothing good to say? This is the last warning. Here onwards I delete. Go whine to someone who cares.

    And I’m guessing you dont understand English – hence, your question. The entire point of the post is to stop holding up impossible images of what a mother should look like – celeb or otherwise.
    Geez – who teaches these people to read and write English while teaching them no comprehension skills whatsoever?

  37. I think you totally missed my point. But I wouldn’t have any that you would understand, because you’re a mother and I’m not.

    As far as character and personality go, I respect that in a person irrespective of the scars or stretch marks they carry.

    Me: So go ahead and explain. I am all ears/eyes!! I see you mean that a person who lives by their body should be in perfect shape. I on the other hand feel that she looks good – period. Why nitpick over marks that every childbearing woman has?

    The marks dont detract from her in anyway. Just like they dont detract from the pitted and scarred faces of some male actors. So why should she cover them? If anything – isnt she working towards creating acceptance for all of us? And isnt that a good thing?

    And its not a mother, non-mother thing. I am sure there are plenty of young girls who agree with me while plenty of mothers dont. My point merely is that motherhood made me look at them differently. It may not do that to other mothers. Do tell me where I misunderstood you.

  38. seetiyaan……thats a gorgeous pic.

    who cares what people think-you have it, flaunt it. there’s nothing more beautiful than showing off your motherhood bumps and scars! you are proud of being one, it should show in the way you dress as well.

  39. My point was that if celebs like Malaika aren’t so bothered with achieving the impossible, why do they resort to things like steroids. In my first comment, I explained why I would expect a person who is so desperate to look perfect that she/he would use steroids, to also think about visible scars and marks, caused by any anything. Mother or not. Male or female.

    Me: ah! well from my filmi connections i can tell you that she’s one of the few who DOESNT use steroids. which is why she doesnt have the muscled look a bipasha has. she just works at it. if she used steroids, it would be a matter of minutes to get the marks cosmetically removed! She was interviewed by a friend of a mine and was very upfront about how hard she worked and how it annoyed her that people assumed she’d had work done – and how she kept her scars simply because those were a part of her personal life. Part of her motherhood process and she didnt want to lose them. i respected that.

    You misunderstood me because you spoke of character and personality and appearances, whereas I was only talking about appearances. As I said, I respect character and personality in anyone, mother or not, man or woman, scarred or pitted.

    Me: I didnt – I said scars give you character. I think they do. It says something about your character when you dont cover up a flaw but carry it with dignity. Its all part of your personality … no?

    And since you said you you’ll never see it my way or their way because you’re a mother did make it sound like a mother, non-mother thing. But you’re right, it isn’t.

    Truce, finally? 🙂

    Me: always 🙂

  40. Hey, I read through the comments section in HHC and most actually support your stand. Very few have left a nasty comment there. The world is good. Sab theek hai 🙂

  41. Hmm…like wearing short shorts here or swimwear…i have stretch marks on my thighs. Because I lost weight. And you are in way better shape than I am in, without babies.
    Hello. Long time too.

    Me: :)I hope you’re not going by the pic above and by what you saw of me when we last met!

  42. I’ve seen Malaika’s stretch marks in an item number in a movie last year (I think) and of course some reviewers did point them out too.
    They’re just a fact of life, I guess.
    You, my dear, are one hot mama:)

  43. Hey there…congratulations on winning…am so glad…got ur mail and voted…so pls add a little “from rave” at the bottom of the gift-wrapped LCD TV…I know what you mean about buying the tv – after years of little homemade gifts, dinners, and cards, I finally splurged and got Saha a Blackberry storm for his 30th. He had been eyeing it for ages and I finally decided to take the plunge and buy it…its totally worth it…so have fun babe…you’ll totally deserve it…and congratulations once again…luv ya!!

    Me: ah! young love :p. and what do you get from him for your 29th this year babe?

  44. @ manan, – bugger off! *she laughs pleasantly*

    we’re having a civil conversation here. if you cant keep it clean – go back to your little dingy sewer!

  45. Group? What group? (#21)

    Me: ah – the sharp eyed perakath! the old ladies group we set up to throw the huge baby shower last year. remember?!

    Can we see Manan’s comment for voyeuristic pleasure, please? (#50)

    Me: ooh look perakath. i see a cold beer beckoning. and it has your name written on it. go get it! :p

  46. OK, My firefox browser crashed! It has to be your photo 😉

    Me: yeah yeah.. make fun of an old lady wallowing in her past :p

  47. This is probably off topic … but I loved the line :
    “I want my kids to remember me as a mother and not as an elder sister”

    Ever so often Mother-daughter pairs come up to us say…. : Dont we look like sisters…”
    Mum just rolls her eyes and says.. I am very happy being her mother…. 🙂

    Me: Its always nice to get a compliment as long as its not an obsession, i agree. my mom was shooed out of the room when i was being dressed after i delivered the brat, and my MIL was being kept, because they thought she was our mother (my mom and me!). so tell me i look nice and i will smile. but i certainly am not aiming to look like an elder sister. i have other and better goals i think.. like thinking up a post for tomorrow! 😉

    And yes I dont get this obsession people have with scars of any kind.. on women of course!!

  48. Things I think are So.Not.Worth.Bothering.About.

    1. Stretch Marks
    2. Visible Panty Lines
    3. Grey hair
    4. Anal? hair – the kind that needs a Brazilian or whatever

    Feel free to add to the list.

    Every man who demands that these things are bad should be made to:
    1. Deliver a child without an epidural.
    2. Wear low quality thongs all day long.
    3. Have a Brazilian with no numbing medication.
    4. Preferably all three of the above at the same time.

    And any woman who has bad things to say about Things That Don’t Matter should be banished from the sisterhood, made an honorary male and then go through Above Procedure for Senseless Men.


    PS: Said women in question are free to do all of the above themselves for pleasure. Just don’t hold the rest of us to that standard.

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  50. Oh Boy! I only read your post today. Also understood the entire fuss today. Bit slow, eh? Am still a little clueless on how it led to a tirade of being childless et al…also very disappointed with the agreement with an anon comment. Ah well…such are the strange ways of the blog world.

    Am 32, have no kids, am very cheerful about it ( as mentioned on comment on the other blog), and yet TOTALLY got your post.

  51. Reached here following something which I barely understood. Now that I know, I refuse to comment on it and give it more limelight than it deserves.
    BUT have to say love this post and totally agree.

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  54. I remember reading a post of yours a while ago where you said you would post a pic of your stretch marked abs some day!
    You look like one hot momma MM! Rock on…And when I look at my stretch marks it makes me happy I never plan to wear a bikini but can wear almost everything else and carry it off just fine! 🙂

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