Thank you, I won

So I won. Got my congratulatory email as well as a phone call from PhoenixRitu! I am rather pleased. It’s the first time I’ve won anything after college! And to think I won it on Mother’s Day!

Now that it’s over, I must thank you all for voting. I did feel that it was more of a networking contest than a test of one’s writing skill, but then I also realise that to be a popular blogger, you have to be a good writer. The only reason you get all those hits is because you have something to say that holds people and you say it in a way they like. I’ve always shrugged off that compliment, but I’d be ungrateful to do it at this stage. I think nothing of my own writing, but I love Tharini and Mystic Margarita’s writing as far as mothers that blog go.

So while there were 48 other contestants, it was Tara and me going neck and neck until the end. Both of us unconcerned as to which one of us won – just so long as it was one of us! That’s the beautiful thing about friendship. There’s as  much joy in your friend winning as yourself.

Anyway, now that I’ve won I must tell you what I plan to do with the prize money. I plan to buy the OA an LCD TV. No, the money is not enough! But it’s just right for a down payment. At least it doesn’t feel like hard earned money going for luxuries during recessionary times.

I started work in October and the OA and I realised that my leaving home was really throwing our day into chaos. I work until 2 pm from office and then come home to juggle the kids and the job. Being a full day’s work, I often end up working until the early hours of the morning if I take a little time off to be with the kids. We tried it for two months and in December he shifted jobs to an even slower track and is probably the only investment banker who takes his kids swimming, attends PTA meetings, works from the dining table while pandemonium rules around him – dinky cars whizzing under his feet, milk spilling on the table.

Which means that while both of us have lovely jobs, in the areas that we want them, we don’t make all that much money. Well we’d be ungrateful to say we make no money – but none of the big bonuses to take you on foreign trips right now. Or to buy a house.

And so – all your precious votes have given me the money to buy the OA something for himself. For, hold your  breath – the first time in six years of marriage, I plan to give him something gadgety for his birthday.

You see, I was delivering the Brat around our second anniversary and thanks to his 3rd promotion on what was a very hectic job, had quit my own job. So I had no money of my own. Savings, you say? What might those be?!

And so.. er… I don’t know if I’ve written this before (this is the problem with closing down the old blog and refusing to go hunt in it)  – I toodled into a jewellery store and sold my gold earrings to buy him a watch. It seems like a silly thing to do today (I get the feeling I did write about this!) but I hated to be so dependent on him for money (I am fiercely independent) and it was the first time. So I did it.

My family was in shock. They did everything they could dissuade me, but I’m a hard hand for anyone to be dealt with and they gave up. The saddest was my brother’s face. ‘What? she’s selling her earrings? Doesn’t he give her any money after making her shift jobs so many times?’

I had to laughingly explain that I had plenty of money but I didn’t want to buy him a gift with his own earnings. And I had none of my own in the last almost 4 months.

Why don’t you take some from me, my brother cajoled and coaxed. That way you’re not using his money to buy him a gift.

No, I said stubbornly. It needs to be my own. 

Well then borrow some from me, said my brother. You can return it when you get a job.

But there was no stopping me and I sold my earrings and picked up a lovely watch from Titan for him – they’d brought out a special steel and gold collection at that time. Now of course he cribs because it has links that rip the hair off his arms and keeps threatening to throw it away. I wonder if he remembers that I ate my pride and walked into a shop to sell jewellery to buy it for him. I didn’t tell him about it – but my entire family was so het up about it that he eventually heard about it and was hopping mad.

Life gives you so many experiences and I think that moment of swallowing my pride and selling  the earrings made me a stronger person. Jewellers have a way of looking at you when you walk in to sell jewellery, that can make you feel like a cockroach.

Of course that was not sustainable. I stayed home for 4 years after that and I learnt to be gracious about being dependent on him for money. Somehow I hadn’t imagined I’d ever take a rupee from anyone after my parents. But in situations such as ours, a lot of graciousness and tact is necessary on both sides. Recently housewives in Kerala demanded salaries and I suddenly felt for them. I know I stayed home four years out of love for my family and would do it again in a heartbeat. But in a world where you are judged on what you earn, it’s hard to be the non-earning member and still hold your head high. But I did begin to freelance and that ensured that while the OA ran this household and kept us in absolute comfort, at least I never took a rupee from him for gifts and frills.

And now that I am back at work, I enjoy the money coming into my account at the end of each month. It’s not very much. But it’s my own and it’s a forgotten pleasure. It’s also necessary since the OA has downsized and moved into a more easy going role. With the Bean starting school our expenses have gone up and we feel rather guilty spending on flat TVs and other things when we should be putting away money for a college fund.

When I mailed a couple of friends who know I blog and told them to vote for me because I wanted to buy a bigger fridge, they laughed and figured it was a noble cause. But somewhere along the last two weeks I noticed the OA looking at the LCD screens with a certain longing.

It’s all he does in terms of indulging himself – watch TV. He’s a good man. While other men indulge in their hobbies – gaming, fancy cameras, iPhones, iPods, and much more – his life revolves around spending time and money on the kids and I. And all we’ve had to give back to him until today has been open adoration, boisterous hugs and sticky kisses. I know love is what matters most but sometimes, just sometimes, it’s nice to be able to give back something more concrete.

And so this year for his birthday – which is about two weeks away – he gets an LCD TV!! Even as I think the thought, a dozen thoughts float through my head about saving in a recessionary environment. But hell, if I lose my job, there’s even less chance of being able to buy him a TV so I may as well do it right now and get it out of the way. That way, I might be unemployed but hell, at least we’ll be able to eat chana and watch movies on a nice, big TV!

Again – thanks all of you who voted for me. All 427 of you. For the rest of the 4000 who give my blog hits everyday but didn’t think it was worth taking 10 seconds of your time out to hit the vote button … pffbbtbt!!!!


106 thoughts on “Thank you, I won

  1. First time leaving a comment here..Hearty congratulations to you. Always enjoyed reading all your motherhood & not-related to motherhood stories….Hey, The “I’m not alone” feeling that your blog offers to moms like me is beyond what words can describe! Your stories rock, Madmomma! Keep writing!

  2. Congrats MM,

    An LCD TV sounds like a great idea. Much better than a fridge. Fridge to aa hi jayega. Its easier to spend on luxuries through windfalls.
    And if everyone started spending like normal times, we might actually be able to come out of the recession sooner, so don’t feel guilty 🙂

  3. Just a quick query before I even read the whole post but are the foreign holidays and big ticket luxury goods even necessary to lead a contented, joyful life? I mean do they in your personal opinion bring much ever lasting happiness? Jus’ asking because recently we begun downsizing majorly- on groceries, eating out(didn’t do much of it to begin with but…), clothes, even expectations in general and I suddenly experienced a joyful freedom and nope the happiness didn’t plummet in any way whatsoever. So am just wondering isn’t what you and the OA have done The Thing to do in our times(or any times for that matter)?


    Good on ya, gurrl!

    Now go eat loads of popcorn, see flatscreen worthy films and make out:-)

    Me: and thats why we buy a new TV? to make out in front of? what happened to good old fashioned mirrored ceilings and huge round velvet beds and stuff? geez. kids these days 😀

  5. Congratulations MM. I love your and Tara’s blog a lot and voted for both of you 🙂

    I totally relate to your feeling of having your own money. I am the same way. I did start working PT but don’t make much but still it makes me feel good.

    Have fun watching your favorite shows on your big TV. You both deserve it!!

  6. You know what I forgot to say? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! All of us love reading your blog….this award so had your name on it!!!

  7. this is such a heartfelt post….i know how you feel…i’d put off going to get a pedicure till my feet looked like i was walking barefooted on rocks, cos i couldnt get over spending K’s money on myself… 2 years, tonnes of home made chocolate classes later, i went back to working…and i love the steady stream of salary, even tho it isnt much….so to hell with the recession and everything else the naysayers will warn you off… live in the moment babe!! and i hope OA enjoys the gift.

  8. COngatulations! Yes, you do write rather well, and even your long posts are very readable. I am among the ppl who voted, so guess i m not in the pffbtt category 😉

    Since we did not get a chance to read the other posts (the interface was slow at best and exasperating.) , i have no idea whether this became a contest of networking or good writing.

  9. Congrats MM! I am so thrilled for you and I really, REALLY wanted you to win!

    Yes, I loved Tarini’s post as well and I voted for Parul too, so truthfully speaking, I would have been happy about any of you guys winning. But I am happy for you!

    And OA, I hope you know what a wonderful, loving wife you have! You are such a lucky man!

  10. how can men be so similar….while we are changing house and i feel i need a chimney/other household stuff more…my husband’s eyes are on a LCD and am sure he wud love it ….but he is not being able to say it openly..i guess i need to give him a surprise…

  11. MM,
    I’ve been reading your posts for quite sometime now. But never worked up the courage to post a comment.. I must say you rock! 🙂
    Congratulations… I voted for you as many times as I could. Rock On !!

    B u b b l e s

  12. conrats mad momma.
    maybe some of those 4000 hits are from the other moms who were competing with you:)
    wish you lots of big tvs, fridges and game boys and play stations…

  13. Congrats MM…. so now when we come visiting to your place , will we be able to watch the channel of our choice? 😛 we are also equally a part of it, you see…… 😛
    Just joking….!!!!
    hugs to the BRAT and BEAN….

  14. You are a good woman. Really. The OA is lucky to have you and I am sure he appreciates you as much as you appreciate him. Congrats on the win.

  15. Congratulations!

    The best LCD in a recent ranking which I saw are Samsung 🙂

    I completely agree when you say that the love is all good, but at times something concrete always in front of you feels great too.

  16. Best wishes MM. I can understand that fiercly independent thing. though i have not gone to sell any, but i can see how it feels. Congratulations on your win and also may you get the the best gift the way you like it.

  17. Hey MM,

    Yayyyyyyyyy, am so pleased for you. True it seemed like a networking contest, but I will have you know, I am a genuine admirer of yuor blog. Not so much the way you write but absolutely ”what” you write…it has inspired me in ways you cant even begin to so thrilled that I know a person like you, albiet virtually. So I truly believe that you 100% deserved it, you do you do, you do!So enjoy it all. You give many of us so much reading pleasure in our baby filled-sometimes-tiring and mundane lives, I say more power to you woman!


    ps- I voted twice for you!!

  18. I voted from 10 different place… and all you say is Thanks hmmmmmph 🙂
    Its ok.. Am happy…… Happy Mother’s Day to you…..


  19. congrats!!! 🙂

    and the money is being spend for an excellent reason! 🙂

    reminds me of the time my salary was 4.5k and i bought M the Nokia 3310 that cost 5k! somehow it was important! 🙂

    so i totally understand!


  20. MM, I voted for you twice!

    Now this is a post that I can completely relate to – the gift of the Magi like part too. I have done something like that myself!
    The need to give someone we love a gift with money we have earned – sometimes I don’t understand where this comes from. I’m sure it’s not just some romantic idea about independence.
    Do tell me if you can figure that out.

    Congratulations to you, and the OA!

  21. Congratulations! It was fun talking to you and you sound just as I imagined you would :D. Agree with the look on them faces when you go to hock jewelery! LCD is a good investment, so don’t agonize about it.

  22. the part about staying at home and not earning the regular salary and being dependent on husband for money – struck a chord definitely.
    I’m still figuring out how to deal with that feeling.. but then, what the heck? Life’s like how you want it to be, i’m happy not earning the big bucks for now.

  23. am glad i am part of the statistical immortality that led you your win ( just to let you know that am not the part of the pbfffttt waalas 😛 )
    i know the feeling about having one’s own money. i once wrote some copy for someone for some one thousand bucks – so that i could buy him the pair of woodland shoes he liked.
    of course – given his attitude and the relationship he had switched off from – getting anything out of him was well nigh impossible. even for jia.

    very happy for you and your blessings.



  24. Hearty congragulations..:) This is the first time i am posting a comment even though i am a daily reader of your blog 🙂 I voted 2 times for you 😉

  25. Congratulations ! I thought I was the only slimball who voted twice 🙂

    Me: People could try to vote many times – it registered only once. I appreciate all of you for trying!!! But if it took in more votes I’d have won by a larger margin and others would have got more votes in themselves. oh well 🙂

  26. MM you won….yeahhhhhh


    And congrats on the LCD. Now OA can watch his IPL matches on a biig LCD.

    And for that part of spending your own money – oh gawd. The only thing I can think about when I quit work (whenever we have chhildren I plan to take a sabbatical from work for a couple of years) is that I’l have to take money from Arjun.

    Me: Its not that bad. He’s a great guy. Its the chauvinistic ones you cant give that advantage to. Our husbands would never play that card. The rest is just dealing with your own insecurities. And I’m glad to say that over time, I learnt how to do it …

  27. Yaya! Congrats!

    And a big loud “AYE” for the LCD TV. Being a gadget freak myself it, it has to be that and then when you win another contesnt, buy him a Wii.

    (And I wouldn’t mind at all if you wanna invite me to play 😛 )

    Me: no wii. no chance. over my dead body.

  28. Congratulations from a non pfffbt!
    Now is the time when i ge my annoying self and give unasked for advice. With a high traffic site, why not get your own domain name and put up ads? I know of people with lesser hits who are full time bloggers. Sounds like a pain, but its quite easy: you get a domain name and improt wordpress, so you carry on your business as usual.

    Me: I had a domain name. some mercenary selfish bastard bought it out the day it expired. and is selling it back for some $25,000!! that apart – i just couldnt figure out how to work it! besides i dont want it to make money and put ads – it just seemed like something nice to do!

  29. Hey MM! I’m just sitting in the office and feeling very very happy that I was one of those 427 who have made the OA’s B’day special. So what if I share it with 426 others 🙂
    Cheers gurl! Way to go! Congrats!

  30. oi!! winner, you’re inittowintit!!
    am glad you won, first time i’ve ever voted for anything/ anyone’s thats won so am on a happy trip of me own!
    and LCD Telly, more mojo to you for wanting to buy the OA that, boys and their toys! but a nice flat screen telly does actually make movie watching a lot more fun so go spend!
    you’re a darling for wanting to buy a telly instead of a handbag!! here’s wishing many more wins to you my star, no superstar blogger MM!!

  31. win it, not wintit! you’re in no need of winning tits.

    Me: ROFL. Yes – two is more than enough, thank you!

  32. Yay!!! Congratulations!!! I voted for you BTW.

    I have been through tough times financially, my mother had to sell a pair of her earrings once, but not to buy a gift for my dad. I know what living on a tight budget feels like. I was very young then, still in school, but somehow, these are things I have never been able to forget.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Me: oh we shouldnt forget them. they mould us. i’ve often written about staying up all night embroidering for my mom’s boutique and much more… I dont know why people hide the past they struggled with. its so much more commendable to have risen….

  33. Congrats MM! This was fun wasn’t it!! We shud do it again sometime! 😀

    I am so glad the OA is getting that LCD! What fun he will have with the boys watching cricket matches on it! 😛

    Me: yes Tara – my worst nightmare come true. boys watching cricket (shudder) in my house. but it was a blast 🙂 you were a totally worthy opponent and soooo damn close! hugs – and lets virtually shake hands on it!

  34. Dear MM,

    I too voted for you as many times as I could & all I want to say is Heartiest Congratulations!!!!! I love reading your heartfelt blog & your detailed description of any event – small or big – that happens in the Mad household.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  35. Congratulations woman! Well deserved, although you are right- Tharini is one heck of a writer as well.
    OA will appreciate your thoughtfulness- he is one lucky man.
    Enjoy watching movies on your new flatscreen over tubs of buttery popcorn! And guess what, with a big screen at home, now you dont have to deal with irresponsible parents with crying babies in theatres.

  36. congrats! now I wanna go out and vote again. vicarious winner here lol. I guess one of the next posts will be a pic of the LCD TV and OA and kids glued to it? better be!
    Took me years to be gracious about depending on R too. still get my fits of uncomfortableness sometimes. Did’nt happen until he proved he was’nt chauvnistic about it. It just took years because he had no idea I thought like that.
    BTW – did you call MGM a kid???? y’know she’s older than you right?? Waaaaay older. (OK MGM – dun come behind me with a axe now)…just a wee bit older….teeheehee.

  37. Congrats!

    While I can’t join in the joy over an LCD TV (seeing *close* closeups of some faces has SCARRED me for life! Now, I watch my old, CRT TV from FAR away, so all I can see is a pleasantly fuzzy picture!), if it makes you happy…:-)

    But Cricket? See, you need to rig this so the TV arrives only *after* the stupid matches are over! 🙂 🙂


  38. yay!!!
    although that 4000 clicks may be because your fans keep returning to your website.
    i know i look at madmomma.wordpress at least 3 times a day 🙂


  39. U r welcome and congrats! now i can feel a lil less guilty abt reading u and not able to give back(u dont even have ads!)

  40. cool MadMomma, hearty congratulations!! for some reason, this line -‘But somewhere along the last two weeks I noticed the OA looking at the LCD screens with a certain longing.’ brought tears in my eyes.. I had to get out of my seat to hide them from my colleagues :-!
    that also reminded of my mom, how she was, when I was a school/college going child. mm, I am doing well now and it’s high time I showed her something ‘concrete’ and something more than love!

    you rock, as always 🙂 congratulations.. and long long…g live you and your family!! 🙂
    wishes to the OA too! 🙂

    Me: 🙂 I’m sure your mom will be touched. all the best.

  41. hey who said anything about your writing? We come here for the babies

    Me: *glares at gg and is torn between chucking good shoes and getting revenge.. and keeping them along with her dignity. dignity (aka greed) wins*

  42. Congratulations and admirations!!!!

    Its been long that I commented here, but I read you every single day. And you never fail to touch my heart. Bask in the glory and enjoy endless hours of lovely movies on your LCD… Do post some pics. I really wanna see how beautifully you blend the LCD into your lovely home.

    Me: 🙂 Thank you. And of course I will! First I must await the money!

  43. Congratulations MM !!

    Me: *high fives CA*
    dude – if i got as many votes as you’ve commented here, i’d have won by a bigger margin. Thanks for being around 🙂

  44. Congrats to you and OA for winning and the TV respectively.

    Magar hamare jaiso ka kya?? na champagne mili na chai.. inaam ke saare paise milte hi khatam kar diye!!

    Neta ban-ne ke saare lakshan dikhayi de rahein hein aap mein… 😦

    Me: aage aage dekhiye. ab agle election tak dikhai bhi nahi doongi! 😉 bijli, paani, sadak ki to umeed bhi nahi rakhiyega!

  45. I would puff up like a bullfrog if my wife wrote a post like this! Lovely.

    Me: 🙂 and there’s a wife hidden somewhere? :p oooh – i can hear dozens of PYT hearts breaking!!

  46. Hey MM,
    So glad that you won. I voted for both you and Tharini, so I’m happy that you won.I was actually surprised to see you 25th on the list the first time. And thats such a good thought to spend on a LCD TV. We got one in the December sale after living with a 14 inch TV for 4.5 years and we really love our new one. A wonderful gift indeed. Enjoy shopping for one.

  47. Oh MM! TVs must be inaugurated with the appropriate amount of necking. tch tch. All that remains for you to learn, child. Chhod do, yeh mirrored ceilings! As Nat pointed out,I’m as old as the hills and barely breathing, so I win.

    @Nat: consider yourself deaded, BFF;-)

    Me: excellent. So we dont stop thinking about having sex err…. watching TV just because we’re growing old, right? thats heartening!

    off i go to err.. bid the old TV good bye in an appropriate manner then!

  48. “It’s all he does in terms of indulging himself – watch TV. He’s a good man. While other men indulge in their hobbies – gaming, fancy cameras, iPhones, iPods, and much more – his life revolves around spending time and money on the kids and I.”

    That made me smile. Yes, we’ve indulged in all that and more. I wonder how kids would change that.

    Congratulations. 🙂

    Me: 🙂 I must write a post on that someday! And we had our kids before we could afford a phone. or even a couple of chairs – we had two mattresses on the living room floor and err.. we made good use of them as you can see 😉 didnt get too much time to indulge in gadgets. oh well… never too late!

    and having kids didnt change it Roop – having a little money finally has! 🙂

  49. congrats…n atleast my lil contribution helped you…
    gosh ur blogs are so nakedly honest…..thumbs up for that

  50. congrats!! but doesn’t OA read the blog? is he to know about the gift?!?

    Me: he does. and i need him to know and check out the TV and choose it himself. i know for him half the pleasure is just in doing a recce!

  51. Hearty Congratulations MM! I sadly belong to the ‘pffbbtbt’ category.. was really torn between you and Tharini, you two are my favoritest bloggers!! I am really glad both of you won. From whatever I hear of the OA from your writing he sure deserves a LCD TV and more..! Congrats!

  52. Reading this post was like déjà vu for me…this weekend I had to buy something for Pojj and I am at home for about an year now. I so so didn’t want to use the joint account card, and luckily I hadn’t exhausted all my savings from my last job. So I got him a gift out of it , he didn’t seem to understand why I would differentiate between our money. But I can so understand why you would want to sell your ear-rings 🙂

    As for LCD tv…go for Samsung 32″ ..its great.

    Also, congrats!! The vote did count…aahhh… 😛

  53. Congratulations ! I admit it was very hard for me because I like you, Tara and Parul equally.

    I cheated. I voted for all three of you from different computers ;P

  54. MM, I guess when I have to do it I will do it and get used to it but right now…the idea of taking money is tough to digest

  55. Congratulations! Always knew you would win…it is well deserved and not only successful networking…you are good because you speak from the heart…clean, simple and full of love with a measure of humour thrown in! I know the feeling of dependency only too well, but I consider my jewellery to be a part of our joint assests so even that is not mine and only mine alone…so I am hopelessly dependent on the Mr. But I have made a few savings and have funded one of our holidays. For the moment he will have to do with blind adoration and a lot of kisses!

    Me: what more could a man want? 😀

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  57. Congratulations MM on winning the first place and for the tangy Tuesday pick.I have been following your blog for some time now and absolutely adore your writing style. Came through Phoenixritu. A well deserved victory..


  58. Hey,congrats!I’m not sure if my vote was counted-tried for both you and Tharini from the same computer…anyways,enjoy your LCD-I’m sure the kiddos are going to love watching their special cartoons on it too.*hugs* to them

  59. I’m so glad you won!! for once I feel like my vote counted for something!!!

    Me: they next time you stay with us you can have our room and the LCD 😀

  60. Congratulations on winning the IndusLadies Contest! The post was worth it 🙂 . Add to that, you have also been featured as one of the ‘Tangy Tuesday Picks’. Keep dishing out such wonderful posts! 🙂

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  62. You won! You won! Does a jig. I voted for you btw.

    Also, does this mean we get invited over to watch some cricket? 😉

    Me: *Throws a bat at GW’s head* aww crap. I cant do that when you’ve just got back! Welcome back baby – missed you!

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  64. Hey Congratulations.. Dunno how i missed it. maybe it means quite a lot happened and I missed it being away from the internet world for 20 odd days.. so OA reads the blog.. great then. and now i go to read ur winning entry..
    I love your blog but am glad you won without even many (like me) having voted there. so congrats once again…

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