The Emperor’s new clothes

Brat and Mama are battling each other. He is the hero and Mama naturally is the evil forces (probably of nutrition and hygiene!). They scream ‘en garde’, they pant, they lunge, they parry, they thrust, they collapse. They roll over, get up and strike a pose again.

The Bean watches, wide-eyed. Wanting to join in. But it’s really hard for three people to fence you know, so the Brat tells her to wait her turn. ‘Wait Beanie. We only have two swords and I want to fight with Mama.’

Bean chews upon this bit of info for a couple of minutes and then replies, ‘Thissi not a sword. Thissisa bat!’

Err…. yes. Thank you for bursting our little battlefield bubble.

The Brat and I sadly looked down at our plastic bats and lost the will to fight.


22 thoughts on “The Emperor’s new clothes

  1. Wonder where she got the straight-talk habit from. Her mother’s the epitome of diplomacy. :mrgreen:

  2. I read this post for like a dozen times and smiled a silly smile at Beanies statement every single time πŸ˜€

    She is one big bubble buster, isn’t she? πŸ˜‰

  3. Soooooooooooooooooooo cuteeee..your daughter reminds me of this little girl on youtube in the future look up “lucky’s funeral” its adorable

  4. Aaaahhhh! Now you know that that can only be remedied by one thing and one thing only…a tickle fight! Attack the ‘little offender’ and when she’s squealed enough, smother her with kissies! Muwah!!

  5. Trust the Bean to keep you grounded. Heh!

    And trust us–your readers to place you high up there among the likes of Erma Bombeck. Not that you wish to be compared, but that was supposed to be a compliment.

  6. just came across your blog somehow and i cant stop reading it…what a way of writing you have… it jus makes reading so much interesting… what a cute family… nazar na lag jaaye…

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