The moral police strikes again

Brat: Hey! Hey! What’re you doing? Get off!

Mama: What? What’s wrong?

Brat: Why’re you sitting in Dada’s lap and kissing him?

(Bean is too busy eating bits of fuzz off a cushion to stop and intervene.)

Mama: So? I kiss him all the time. I kiss you and Bean too, don’t I?

Brat: Yes.. but why’re you sitting in his lap?

Mama decides to toss the ball back in his court -‘Why not?’

Brat rather nonplussed, thinks about it and comes back with  – ‘Because you’re a big girl now and too heavy…’

How do you argue that?


46 thoughts on “The moral police strikes again

  1. Go Brattie!! Keep mouthing such gems so that mamma gets blog-fodder & we get entertainment.

    And as long as you don’t join the Ram Sene & suchlike, all’s forgiven


  2. did the big girl fall off dada’s lap?

    As someone wisely said, “Why would you need birth control when you have kids?” 😀

  3. hah! you corrupter of young morals! But more importantly – He said “you’re too heavy” and you let him live????? 🙂


  4. Just too sweet argument. Brat is indeed a big boy now.

    I can totally see it coming from my daughter in a year or so. For now she is all into family hugs and kisses. Also she is still thinks that lil baby brother drinks milk from Mommy’s tummy. Oh yeah extended tummy 🙂

  5. MM is it the big girl part or the heavy part that is more disturbing ??? hmmm …. both together …. deadly !!

  6. Ha ha.. How do u ladies handle such questions from kids?? I think I would be too shy to do something like this in front of my kids when i have them 🙂

    On similar lines one of my colleague was telling that one day when she was coming to work in a skirt, her 4 yr old son told her that you are supposed to wear stockings when u wear skirts. She was floored.

  7. You wait till he grows up and gets a gf. Then it’ll be all “My mamma is so beautiful, she dresses so well and she looks so young even at her age! And she hasn’t put on any weight you know?”

    And of course, the quintessential “My mamma’s cooking is THE best!”

  8. LOLLLL, this will keep playing in his mind, and soon he will have a well thought of reason and you will be the one speechless!

  9. lol my little one closes my open button these days and if i am wearing a shirt with neck design he tries to put them together to close

    sigh what are we raising 😉

  10. maybe he got a bit botherd seeing his lap-throne occupied by ‘big girls’! 😀

    and btw better shed a few kilos before he blurts that out ( the truth?? 😉 ) in public!!

  11. …and my parents want to know why we are not trying for another baby. We’ve nick named Sonny as ‘Pramod Muthalik'(of the infamous Rama Sena). We’ve to hide behind doors or duck under tables to catch a romantic moment…

  12. when i was about three, my mum took her saree over her bra and asked me, should i go out? and i said, no! not like that.

    this is one joke i haven’t yet pulled with my son. if he was a girl, well…

  13. My computer has been conked for some time, and so I am reading all these posts at one go.

    Therefore, here’s wishing you and OA a very happy married life. Also, lots of love to the Brat for his fourth birthday. May this big boy have a phataphati year ahead!:D

    Here I am raising a toast of Pepsi because you do not drink and the brat is…(almost) a big boy!


    Also, did you vote? Did you vote? How was the experience?

  14. ROFL! Big Dadaji policing parents. We used to do it too – but the opposite. We once put archie stickers on the parents’ door – the ones where archie and betty/veronica are smooching! LOL

  15. Turn a deaf ear and a blind eye, if you give in now the ‘haddi’ is going to get bigger…there used to be a time when my brat girl used to say…”now you can hold hands” but after I rebelled there are no tweets from her now! They have decided that this is better thn when the two adults in the house are fighting with each other!

  16. One of the six-year-olds at the camp I was doing asked me why my shorts were so less. Hmph.

    They were decently knee length might I add.

    Me: we believe you … *chokes on her lies*

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