So full of hot air…

… are we Indians sometimes, that we could be hot air balloons. I just read a post over at HHC that carries this image.


The Bachchans flipping the bird. To show that they’ve voted. There’s bloodshed in the comments section of course because it’s oh so rude to do that while you carry the sacred voting mark on your middle finger.

I don’t get it. Why do we choose form over content every single eff-ing time? You can look at it either way. One- they’re stars and they used their mass appeal and pull to draw people in to vote. They’ve posed for the camera, given their star appeal for free, to encourage people to vote. They’ve done their duty and they have every right to fool around a little after it’s done.

Two  – they’re citizens of this country. And they belong to a city that was recently held hostage by terrorists. People took to the streets in protest and much heat and fury filled the newspapers and the airwaves. And yet, it didn’t show up in the voting.  In fact, less people voted this year than the last time. This family took the time to get out in the heat (yes, some people cited heat as the reason they didn’t step out to vote – maybe elections should only be held in winter so as to suit such gentle souls) and vote. I realise these are the hallowed Bachchans and not allowed regular moments like us commoners but come on, we put them up on a pedestal. It’s time to take them off and give them a break, and a little room to stop being superstars who must always be models of perfection.

The hypocrisy gets to me at such times. Touch feet of elders and then curse them behind their backs, worship your account books and then fudge them, refuse to step out of your house to vote, but make a hue and cry over anyone else who has done their duty and is cracking a little joke after it’s done. Does it nullify their vote? Does it take away from the fact that they’ve participated in their democracy? Is voting or the middle finger, or the little ink mark so sacred that this falls into the category of blasphemy?

When will we grow up and start focusing on what is essential? When will we get a sense of humour? First Akshay, now this.

BTW – I’m glad Baby B has put a shed the stubble and the weight. He’s finally back in my good books!


28 thoughts on “So full of hot air…

  1. I completely agree with your post… fact it was sad to see the way Mumbai voted this time….for the first time did I see a newspaper headline saying- 57% didn’t vote….. it was indeed powerful line but a telling comment on our democracy……people curse every govt but when it comes to voting they all become pappus….

    Thankfully, I am not…..believe me I go to Dehradun every election just to caste my vote….and I am gonna do it this time too……and it is a pure play voting trip unlike that of SRK who mixed his quite well with that 3 Crore worth marriage thing. I have no complaints!

  2. I have been reading similar comments on some discussion forums and it is only Bachchans who are most hated. John Abraham doing the same gesture got away with a cutie remark.

    Most celebs were just fooling around after voting. As you said, at least these people are better than the ones who stayed home and forgot to vote.

  3. yeah Baby B is looking better! This photo was all over all the papers the next day right next to 43% voting percentage numbers. I would also rather be upset at the latter than former! (though rest of celeb populace did manage to tell us they have voted without flipping the middle f. whatever. their call).

    Me: But if you follow the HHC link you’ll see that plenty of other celebs did that. only the bachchans got stoned …

  4. unfortunately am miffed! coz these same folks are well travelled and know what it means! and the fact that they are amused (look at their faces) with this gesture is what gets my goat!

    honestly,i dont care! just coz this Ash is here…am miffed ;)))) and so this comment !LOL!

    Me: LOL! now that I can understand 😉 but seriously. Its only the well travelled who will get it. and we should be able to laugh. the aam junta wont get it – they will just see that the bachchans have voted and will be influenced. and that is what really matters.

  5. Are they being influential? Are they sending a message? Not sure, but they sure as heck look like freakin retards!

    Me: Sure – they are – They are people who get crores for endorsements. So if they endorse voting – millions of aam junta will follow (one hopes! or else advertisers have wasted their money!). Are they allowed to joke around once the right thing is done – you bet. Were any of the other stars who did it, criticised? No. Are they constantly crucified for being successful? Sadly, yes.

    Will you get the politically correct police chasing you for the use of the word ‘retard’? Unlikely – they save that for me! Damn – I suddenly feel for the Bachchans!!!

  6. Sigh…it almost seems like a genetic defect we have…of taking offense against anything and everything. Ugh, how boring! Someone’s having fun and they don’t like it.

  7. The birdie is funny. I think the picture is worth a caption contest. I tried writing something in my blog..

    What I was curious was the choice of which finger to get inked on? Is middle finger the ink’ing finger by default or by choice?

    I remember voting a few years back and I thought it was the index finger that you got inked on.

    Me: yes – it used to be the index … but i think this year by default it was the middle. hardly the voters’ fault! and it was funny – I can imagine i’d be rather tempted to do the same.

  8. Yes! I really think we need to laugh at ourselves more. I thought they were really cool, caught them on TV. And Jaya, for once looked happy and shy.

  9. I concur. We should lighten up.
    The middel finger is apt, lets look at it this way, only voters can show the middle finger to the powers that be, non voters should not even complain, EVERabout lack of governance etc

  10. i think they should make photo-ops out of the people who didnt vote. then maybe ppl will start coming out to vote out of fear of being humiliated in public.

    are the bachchans voting for the first time? from the glee and excitement on their faces certainly seems so… 😉

  11. i thought it was funny and very cool! people had problem with that?! its just crazy the crap we pay attention to!


  12. I, for one, LOVE this picture! Totally love it!

    And why is there such a BIG problem with the ‘F’ word ANYWAYS? First of all, the word is ‘fuck’. And I refuse to believe that most have NOT used the word in our moments of frustrations….or whatever. So where’s the problem really?! I am soooo tired of people cringing at the mere mention of the ‘F’ word. Gawd. And just cos’ its the bachchans, people have to create such a racket about it. I read this entire article a few days back where this fellow went on and on about how wrong it was for the celebs to pose like that. WHY! Aren’t they human too? Don’t they have a sense of humour? Thank God that they do cos’ some of us really don’t have one!

    If I was famous and people cared to take my pic, I would have given the exact same pose! And if you ask me, it sends across the RIGHT message…and that is- “Don’t just sit there and look at my finger..GO AND VOTE!!!”

    It’s all a matter or perception I tell ya!

  13. the bachchans are always so politically correct and conscious and their words are always so carefully weighed and measured bwfore coming out of their mouths.. that this pic seems very deliberate.
    I guess this must have been one of those rare occasions where they actually got to finally show the finger to everyone.. esp the media.. and not be apologetic abt it.

    Btw, i agree with your concluding comment on Baby b 🙂

  14. actually, if it was any other celebrity, i’d really have appreciated the humour. point is i dislike the bacchans. i feel they are saying fo to me. they have this air of superiority that genuinely irritates me.

  15. Speaking of hot air, Jaya looks like she has a bad attack of gas!

    I thought the whole flippin’ the bird was genius! As far as many-layered messaging goes, they couldn’t have done it better.

    Prolly because the B family is not the most liked to begin with, that there’s so much brouhaha? I’d hate to think of us Indians as lacking a funny bone.

  16. So true MM. I read Mr B’s blog almost everyday, I like his writing. He says that the raising of the fingure was not a deliberate act and he has given pictures in the news papers which show other stars and even govt servants doing the same inadvertently because the mark was on that particular finger- there is also some reason for putting the mark there but I did not look it up because I was very sick of the topic by then! Why does everyone insinuate such things of him and his family, could it be that they are too famous for their own good? I cannot understand why they cannot be left alone….

    Regarding the little b’s looks, yes I like his lighter and close cropped look, if he looked like this in Delhi 6 then the film would have done much better!

  17. the middle finger was apparently because there was a municipal election a few months back and ppl got their index fingers inked then, which is still showing. So this bad attitude of taking offence to anything is just that – a bad attitude 🙂

  18. FYI,
    Everyone in Maharashtra got inked on the middle finger as there have been various other elections held recently where the index finger would have been inked.

    Personally i think they were just highlighting hey had voted… it is upto us to build offense into it or not…

    Me: exactly …. all in the head. why not see the positive?

  19. I agree with what you say Mad Momma, content over form always I feel. I had exactly the same reaction when the press went ballistic over Obama’s “I screwed up” a few months back. It’s normal parlance for one of us, but Obama commits sacrilege when he says it in a fit of desperation & so it makes headlines.
    I don’t think the “full of hot air” applies only to Indians, similar reactions would’ve poured in with any other demi-God like celebrity anywhere else.

    That said, I do agree with ‘Sines’ above – that they look like a bunch of freaks 😀 What bothers me about this pic is not the middle finger, but the Bachchans’ glaring hypocrisy. They’re hardly ideal citizens – they demand traffic to be frozen on busiest of roads when Abhi-Ash got married, grab farmers’ land, have been evading taxes for about a decade now & what not. And then they turn up, cast their votes & smirk for a picture like this which projects them as the ‘ohh-so-responsible-citizens’ – that got my goat.

  20. Sad, we give so much importance to such trivial matters … as if there aren’t any big issues which require attention.
    MM says “I suddenly feel for the Bachchans” … *thinking is it the common native reason for such feelings* … hmmm … 🙂

  21. Really? Really? The world is up in arms because the Bachchans flipped the bird? Aren’t there more issues to worry about like..say…the low turn out for voting AGAIN?

    ME: I have a feeling that if we met in real life we’d be completing each other’s sentences…

  22. If heat is the reason some people do not go out to vote then it is a pity…sad state of affairs. I feel bad about the low turn out for voting. But then somehow I do not agree with you about the Bachans flipping out the bird…

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