And this time it’s final!

Well, the second phase of polling has begun and you guys kept me at the top with 700 votes! Almost 200Β  more than the closest competitor. I’m going to beg you guys to go here and vote for me again.

This time they’ve ironed out all bugs and we hope for the voting process to be clean and fair.

So once again – all of you – do go and vote for me. If I win, I get to buy the OA something decent for his birthday coming up next month. With both of us on slow track careers, holidays are local and gifts are home made. For once I’d like to get the man something gadgety. So go go go – anyone who wants the OA to get something good for his birthday – this would be the time to show it. Again – I appeal, beseech, promise you bijli, paani, sadak and promise not to disappear until the next general elections but stay on here and keep blogging for you!!

And oh – I’ll also ensure that there are no pictures of people flipping the bird that annoy you people so much πŸ™‚ So go on. If you are one of those who reads me only off the reader, or hates me, or loves me, or only mails me because you hate leaving yourΒ name here – whatever – please vote for me!!


39 thoughts on “And this time it’s final!

  1. All done! By the way, what largesse will come your way, dear, if you win?:-)

    And you will.

    Me: Money *grins and rubs her hands together* us jhola wala journalists get so little of it that this is nice πŸ˜€

  2. Done.
    But am confused, Ur link shows 12% and Tikuli’s Spinning a Yarn of Life shows 37%??
    What is that percentage?

    Me: That is the percentage of votes each of us holds. Although I’d much prefer to see the exact numbers.

  3. I voted.

    *shows middle finger*


    Achha – there is someone called Tikuli ahead of you. What do we do about her?

    *gives menacing looks*

    Me: πŸ˜€ the best I can say is dont flip her the bird! Anyone flipping the vote bird – does it for me!

  4. voted.
    I can complain even after that. right?
    not getting your full feeds…

    Me: LOl! yes – complaints go in the register on the desk!

  5. I voted!! I voted!!!
    I’ve been a silent fan of urs for so long! Love reading your posts. Its the first thing I read when I switch on my laptop each morning – even b4 I read my mails πŸ™‚
    So I’ve done my 2 bit to say thank you for that smile each morning. I voted πŸ™‚
    Go girl, get the OA a funky new gadget!

    Me; πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  6. DESPO!!! know what, I’ve always admired your blog as well as you as a person..but with this post, all gone. Not that you’d care or something, but thought you should know. I can only wonder why that contest is such a big deal.
    On a side note, love your blog(minus this post, ofcourse). Hope you’d get back.

    Me: Neha – the day you stop caring about something – is the day you stop giving it your best. I give this blog my best… and I love it – and like any person who is standing for elections – from Obama to Mayawati to the Indian and American Idols – I will campaign and I will hope to win!

    Its not illegal and there’s less to be ashamed of it than there is in your comment to someone whose blog you claim to love… even while leaving rude all caps comments!

    And to imagine I thought those who loved my blog would like to see me win something for it and give back something to me with their vote – considering you read it and get some pleasure everyday. I’m rather sad for you … Also – is this the only thing that drew you to comment on a blog you read daily? Criticism?

    And on a different note – What? you are disappointed? oh my God – I’m devastated. Please take your comment back and help me pick up the pieces of my broken heart. ROFL

  7. Im confused…

    I voted for you last week and I need to vote again? So every phase starts on a clean slate?

    If u win, promise to do more picture posts πŸ™‚

  8. No bijli, paani sadak required dear. Just an evening of tea and snacks for me and my boys if I ever do manage to make it to Delhi! πŸ™‚

    Just kidding. I’ve voted for you. Again. And again. And again.

  9. Heehee, I was about to say “You’re beating the rest hollow, what’choo campaigning for?”
    Then saw Neha’s comment and wondered whether or not to say it. Then said it anyway. πŸ˜€

  10. Hey…don’t be mean 😦 :P..I still love your blog!! And no offense intended. Seriously.
    Oh and I voted for you- more than a couple of times actually so…..
    Man!! Sarcasm hurts….

    Me: No offence? I’m sorry – maybe you didn’t read your comment to me! Thank you for the vote – but why would you call a person campaigning for something ‘despo’? Every other candidate is campaigning. Its part of the fun, the run up to any voting. Havent you participated in Univ elections or something? And I’m sorry I was sarcastic – but its really hard to deal with someone telling you they love your blog but yet, unwilling to go out there and cast a vote to show you that they love it!
    Yenny-way – peace!

  11. Hey I actually think its cool that you are canvassing so hard for this thing. I think it shows focus and ambition, NOT desperation. So go ahead, do the canvassing.


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