And the student becomes the teacher

We’re lying in bed playing and the Brat points to the fan and says ‘Look  mama – it’s just like a helicopter…’

And eager to teach him I rush in and say helpfully, ‘Yeah – do you know what it’s called? It’s called a..a… *damn…racking my brains*..a propellor..’

To which he looks at me scornfully and says, ‘No it’s not. It’s called a rotor. Helicopters have rotors, planes have wings and rockets have..nothing!’

Alright my son … I see now why you spend hours flying imaginary planes around the house. Nothing is ever a waste of time, is it?

And why then, do I feel a little sad at my not-yet 4 year old knowing this? Is it because he’s growing up too fast?


14 thoughts on “And the student becomes the teacher

  1. MM, the little one is soon not goign to be so little anymore and will grow up and become a big boy. This is the first sign 🙂

  2. And I thought young-ones these days are not so well-informed about things in general.

    And when did I come across rotors and propellors?
    Maybe 8th-9th std. Usse pehle helicopter ka pankha hi tha
    *hides under a table in shame*

  3. Now that’s what exposure does to kids!

    Today’s kids cannot even imagine a life without all the gizmos.. …I mean just try and tell a kid that we have lived better part of our respective lives without Mobile Phones, Satellite TV, AC’s etc…..and just see their reaction… if we are from stone age!

  4. Where do these kids learn these things! I have never heard of ‘rotors’ always thought it was propellor! They grow up too fast…sigh….

  5. @Diya:
    I am pretty sure that OA would have told Brat about ‘rotors’ during their one-to-one interactions. My son is so much facinated by the lawn-mowers, snow-blowers, vaccums… that now, during the summer, the ladies of the house go shopping and me and my son take care of the lawn/ house etc.

  6. As the mom of a sciency, “deep-into-specifics” and “scornful-of-I-don’t-knows” kinda boy…

    you have my sympathies.. but you’re screwed:-)

    Me: geez – regular little ray of sunshine you are! :p

  7. Engineer! Engineer! Engineer! 😀 😀

    But all the boys I know were fascinated by the workings of the most boring of machines from early infanthood – at least the Brat isn’t making your ears fall off with a detailed comparison of the different kinds of trucks there are!


    Me: *Glares balefully at the gleeful M* Well for that there’d have to be someone in this house telling him all that stuff. We’re a hardcore artsy house so this is bad enough 🙂

  8. I am like white phoenix. As I was reading I even provided you with the word that you were looking for “Fan MM, both helicopters and ceilings have similar looking things and they are called fans” 🙂

  9. Both me and my sister always knew way more about gadgets and gizmos than our parents. But knowing about rotors at 4 is seriosuly freaky!

  10. Wow!! how do kids not even 4 know this??I think I learnt about propellors n 8th or 9th and gloated around telling whoever would care to listen!
    BTW,isnt the brat’s birthday coming up?What plans?

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