Spools of ribbon

… entangled with laptop cords. Shiny sewing needles propped up against data cards.


A flexitime worker’s day is never done; a deadline to meet, a bit of copy to edit. And a mother’s work is never done; there’s always a button to be tacked on, a hem to be taken in.

Mother and journalist meet on a little munshiji table. A hot cup of tea ties it all together.


28 thoughts on “Spools of ribbon

  1. how on earth do you manage to keep the bugs away from banging your laptop? i can never imagine to work while my monster is awake. he screams and bangs and finally shuts down the laptop. and with paint brushes and needles, okey they are his as long as he is awake. share the trick.

    Me: I scream right back at them 😀

  2. Damn it woman. You have no right to be so good. With words, with pictures, and tying all that up together.
    Gah! Stomps off (virtually) to do her boring work.

  3. And that table. Sigh! If you ever let me into your house, MM, you’ll a find a lot of stuff missing after I’m gone. You’ve been warned.
    (It’s another thing that I won’t know what to do with all the loot :P)

    me: 🙂 its very useful and available at fabindia. i let the kids work at it – and i use it. and its great for the family if they’re in bed and sick….

  4. …ladies and gentlemen….reporting to you live from the weird combos capital of the world…he he ha ha…this really looks like something out of those lifestyle magazines. I dunno how you manage, my rooms are so much messier.

  5. You have 2 24 hour jobs MM, pure miracle that you survive with a sense of humour too…there must be a guardian angel looking over you! Keep up the good work!

  6. Only you can put a smile on my face when am down in the dumps. Aww, MM. You have no idea how many lives you touch each day, with the blog, and your writing. sniff. sniff. Can you please consider yourself hugged? I love ya!

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  8. What I meant, MM, was that even though I had the loot, I couldn’t put it in the right, lovely places and weave the whole ambience together like you do. Sob! You’re so cool!

    me: 🙂 you’re too kind.

  9. Ah, MM you do fathers an injustice when you say “a MOTHERS work is never done”. When I see my spouse come home from work, carry the baby, play with her, change and feed her, burp her, give her her medicine, put her to bed, wake up in the middle of the night to change-feed-burp her and worry about whether she’s getting enough milk/is constipated/is well or not/is putting on weight, I have to say in all justice ” a PARENTS work is never done”.


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